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teK_I wonder why it was not built at my system01:27
teK_going to check that when I'm back home01:27
jueteK_: you get that error for a new git install, because git checks if is already installed. To test remove git prior building.01:46
jueteK_: btw, there was a sed line in the Pkgfile to prevent that foorptint error, but you've deleted it ;)01:48
teK_it did not make a difference so I did.01:56
teK_wtf wrt error.pm01:56
teK_thanks for the hin01:56
teK_I did little statistics yesterday.. we offer about 4000 unique packages01:57
teK_someone even packaged virtmanager :)01:57
teK_I don't know why but I was a little proud of all that01:58
juewow, that's a lot02:02
jueis that everything listed by our portdb?02:03
teK_the 4000 is estimated (it's ~4300 - duplicates)02:03
teK_% wget -qO- | grep -E '>[0-9][0-9]*<' - | sed -e 's/<\/*td>//g' -e 's/ *//g' | paste -sd+ | bc02:07
teK_is what I did02:07
teK_(sed skills at work D:)02:08
frinnstjaeger: at home only :)03:52
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sepenwhat about to move now opt/x11-fonts-dejavu --> xorg/xorg-font-dejavu? I'd like to add acrux's improvements from FS#79106:08
juesepen: not sure, changing the name is a must, but as every rename a bit painfully because user action is required06:13
sepenand what do you think about his last question, should be listed in the Pkgfile the runtime deps for pre/post install scripts? or the README file would be a good place where explain about that?06:13
sepenjue: for that I could add a [notify] commit or directly I can write a mail to our ML06:14
juewasn't the xorg repo meant to be reserved for everything that comes from
sepenabout the last question I talked, what about to add a comment in every pre/post install script that requires this kind of runtime deps?06:15
sepenjue: I said that the other day06:15
* sepen is looking for the backlog06:15
sepenwell I said that x11-fonts-dejavu doesn't belong to xorg, you means that?06:15
sepenoops sorry06:17
sepen10:46:09 <jaeger> to me the 'xorg' repo is CRUX's classification, not X.Org's :)06:18
sepensorry, I thought you had already spoken about that06:19
teK_I'd expect that, too06:19
juesepen: yep, you are right, I meant that06:20
sepenso finally, what about to move the port?06:20
sepentek_: does I have enough permissions for pusing to xorg?06:20
sepen$ cat /etc/group | grep xorg:06:21
jueif we follow that classification for xorg, yes ;)06:22
teK_sepen: can you change that yourself?06:23
sepenI'm not in sudoers list06:23
teK_if not you'll have to ask jue or wait for me to return back home06:23
teK_give me about 1 hour06:23
sepenteK_: there is no hurry, take your time06:23
teK_I'll have to start and make a TODO List for crux :p06:23
sepenany comment about that? -> 13:14 < sepen> and what do you think about his last question...06:24
juesepen: use a [notify], that's why we have such a feature06:24
sepenjue: yep for that, but I was talking about pre/post install scripts and runtime deps06:25
sepenATM I don't know about some rules to do that, or are there?06:25
jueI need a exmaple, do you talk about a dep to a non-core port?06:27
sepenjue: the last question in FS#79106:27
sepenfontconfig is a runtime dep for some ports, but only for postinstall script06:28
juewell, the post-install is needed, without it the font doesn't work, so I'd say yes06:29
sepenATM they're listed in the Pkgfile06:29
sepenjue: then the Pkgfile, right?06:30
sepenwell, this is one of the things I think we should append to our PackageGuidelines06:30
sepento me, PackageGuidelines is a way centralize all the info to write cool ports with the standard06:31
juehmm, for me that's not a special case, but if it help to clarify things why not06:33
sepenteK_: any idea if is possible to attach files in flyspray comments? iirc we can only for the task description06:33
jueIIRC that worked sometimes ...06:34
sepenjue: I've and updated patch for FS#37906:34
teK_I think so06:34
sepenjust wanted to attach them06:34
sepenas a comment? let me look for a bit ...06:34
juebye guys, back in some hours06:36
sepenteK_: can't find the place06:36
sepenI think I need to attach a file by editing again the task description06:37
sepenteK_: I can't create attachments, see my profile06:39
teK_i cannot edit users06:44
teK_ says you can attach files06:44
teK_I'll check that at home, too06:45
juedate got moved, so I'm back for some minutes06:51
juesepen: wrt Guidelines, I don't think that the fontconfig case is a special one06:52
teK_heading home. \o/06:53
jueif running fc-cache is a requirement for a working port, we have to list it06:54
jueit's more or less the same as with mkfontdir/mkfontscale06:55
sepen*re, sorry whas on phone06:56
sepenjue: not 'fontconfig', I mean the idea of runtime deps for pre/post script listed in Pkgfile as a deps06:58
sepenwell, runtime deps not in core06:58
sepenthen a rule would be * runtime deps (not in core) from pre/post install script should be listed in Pkgfile as # Depends on:06:59
jueas I said, I don't see any difference to other build/runtime deps06:59
sepenthats my idea, and I don't know if there is a place where this is noted06:59
sepenjue: whats your pov?06:59
jueif the pre/post steps are optional we might have a different situation06:59
sepenthey are07:00
sepenprt-get.conf have those scripts commented by default07:00
juebut than you have to run it manually?07:00
sepenwasn't that the original idea from Per?07:00
sepenin the origin we don't have prt-get in core07:01
sepenif that changed at least should be a place where it has to be noted, imho07:01
juesure, but if you don't need the steps listed in a pre/post-install to get a running package, you don't need the pre/post-install, right?07:01
sepenjue: I'm agree with that, just I was wondering about the need of some rules that I missconfussed sometimes07:02
sepenjue: do you remember what happened when crux switched with pkgadd idea to prt-get?07:03
sepenjust as curiosity07:03
juesorry, but we still use pkgadd?07:04
sepenI wanted to mean before prt-get was released at first time07:05
juewithout prt-get we don't have any dependency tools07:06
sepenwhen there wasn't a way to automatize the full installation (pkgmk+pkgadd +dep_support)07:06
sepenjue: ahhh that is :)07:06
sepenno deps no problem07:06
sepenreally DIY07:06
juebut back to our PortsGuidelines, I think it'07:06
jues complete07:07
jueat least I'm able to answer all questions in the past by looking over them07:07
sepenwhat about to append a little note about 'convention for names' at least for xorg-font-foo07:08
jueand even our current case is not a special one for me07:08
sepenhmm let me read the bible again ;D07:08
juewell, I'm really away now, later07:08
sepen--> "The name of a package should always be lowercase..."07:09
sepenjue: see ya'07:09
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jaegeryay, migrating stuff to SSD this morning08:38
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teK_pushing to xorg should work for you now09:19
teK_I "fixed" the attachmentproblem according to the wiki but it still won't work09:20
teK_can you add files on bug-creation time09:20
teK_I tested in another flyspray instance and it worked, so it's possible at all :o09:20
sepenteK_: I didn't have enough permissions in my flyspray's profile, that was all09:21
teK_I cannot upload files09:21
teK_you should be allowed to as your part of the developer's group09:21
sepenI see: Create attachments No09:21
sepenplease, edit my details09:22
teK_i cannot grant privileges on a user-basis09:23
teK_you are part of the developer's group09:23
teK_it has all rights but project management09:23
teK_it works forme now but it does not make that much sense :o09:25
sepenabout rejmerge features:
teK_the attachments folder was crux:users 757 .. changed it to 777 -> works09:26
teK_httpd runs as nobody09:26
sepenteK_: wait09:26
teK_first thing: -l is quite nice to have :-)09:26
sepenI think is not related to filesystem09:26
teK_and -e is logical, too09:26
teK_still can't attach files?09:26
sepenwow now I can09:27
teK_still it's stupid ;)09:27
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sepenjue:;a=history;f=tools/pkgutils/rejmerge-ng, my last commit explains an issue I found with directories09:53
sepenI'm gonna work on that this weekend09:54
Romsterfun update was not fun but before that i had a power outage and played starcraft2 for awhile too.09:56
Romsterjaeger, do not i repeat do not update libpthread-stubs it causes far too many problems.09:57
Romsteri'm on xorg R7.7 now09:58
jaegerthat warning is far too late but thanks for the effort10:05
jaegerI reinstalled the older xorg packages over the new ones, will play with that again later10:06
Romstereverything else is fine to bump though.10:06
Romsterseems xorg will build but then there is other ports that ook for the missing la file still.10:06
Romsteri really don't quite understand what that port for stubs really does.10:07
Romsteri'm also more on official crux repos other than xorg here.10:07
Romsteruntil R7.7 is pushed.10:07
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teK_mind trying my fixed git?13:39
teK_pushing it right now13:39
teK_please give feedback13:39
teK_brb ; football13:39
jaegerwhat was broken? :D13:39
jaegerright, will test13:39
teK_you told me?13:40
jaegersorry, built a LOT of stuff lately13:40
jaegerhard to keep track13:40
jaegerteK_: no footprint issue with this one, thanks :)13:43
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teK_jaeger: great16:15
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frinnstlooks like glibc will be usable in the near future! :)17:06
frinnst2.16 will probably be the version we should look at including in 2.817:06
jaegerlooking forward to it17:17
jaegerteK_: np :)17:17
frinnstbeen a show-stopper for a while17:19
frinnst2.16 will reintroduce rpc headers17:19
jaegerI was hoping they'd reintroduce them, continually patching them back in would get old fast17:20
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