IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2012-06-23

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frinnsthmm, major pain with glibc from git: stdio.h:358:1: error: 'gets' undeclared here (not in a function)08:16
frinnst <- ports that failed a rebuild if anybody is interested08:18
frinnsta few are unrelated08:18
frinnsthttpup, qt4, ghostscript, firefox-java-plugin im sure are related to other stuff08:19
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teK_gdb, qemu, xorg-server, who needs that?10:29
teK_is C11 the default10:30
teK_could anybody on 32bit try building qemu-kvm?10:32
teK_fails for me here10:32
Romsteris multilib ok to test on, hmm probably not i can try in a 32bit chroot.10:39
teK_I don't know if it's 32bit related10:39
teK_gcc just pukes10:40
Romsteroh gawd what the... this on glibc bump on toolchain?11:32
Romstermight look into it more after sleeping, i was out earlier.11:34
frinnstteK_: seems like it12:39
horrorStruckteK_: qemu-kvm builds here with 64on32 (gcc 4.6.3, binutils 2.21.1) and also on my 64on32 chroot (CRUX current)12:39
frinnstim also building qemu-kvm in a chroot12:39
frinnstbtw, a couple of those failures were just footprint missmatches12:40
frinnstxorg-server for example12:40
frinnstqemu-kvm built fine12:42
frinnstanyone mind if I create a bug to collect info on ports that have issues with a next-gen toolchain?12:51
frinnstCrux 2.7 is so boring :)12:51
horrorStruckjust re-bump libpthread-stub, that should cover 99% of the ports13:03
horrorStrucknext-gen starts at 4.6 or 4.7?13:16
frinnsti'm on gcc 4.7.113:18
frinnstglibc seems to cause most of the issues13:18
jaegernext gen would imply anything newer than the current official toolchain in my mind13:51
jaeger4.6.x, 4.7.x13:51
jaegerhrmm... I should build new updated ISOs this weekend13:52
horrorStruckok thanks, i remember i had to use few patches for 4.6.x13:53
teK_how much RAM did you have?14:59
teK_I have ~880MB14:59
teK_maybethat's the problem -_-14:59
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jaegerwhat the hell? esxi VMs are crashing, that's new19:17
jaegergetting the behavior here:
jaegerbut no changes to the VM were made at all19:17
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