IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2012-06-24

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Romsterdo i have access to fix a few dependencies in xorg? and a small non-intrusive patch for xorg-gccmakedep or should i pass the details to jaeger for you to do?03:57
juefrinnst: thanks for #835, good idea, this is with 4.7.1 and glibc HEAD?04:00
juewrt glibc release: planed was to have a release in the second week of June, but they are around 3 weeks in delay, so we can expect 2.16 soon04:10
Romstershould we wait for glibc 2.16.1 ?04:11
Romsteror they don't seem to do minor releases04:12
jueRomster: let see how it goes with 2.16, they are planning a 2.15.1 too04:14
Romsterah k04:20
Romsteri'd jsut be a bit skeptical with the major changes their doing.04:20
jaegerhrm... I think perhaps my old OCZ Vertex 60GB SSD is causing the VM failures I've been seeing10:49
jaegergonna take it out of the equation and see how it goes10:49
jaegerjue: any objections to me adding parted to opt in preparation for GPT/EFI support in 2.8?10:59
jaegerEFI support won't be useful in 32-bit but GPT works in both10:59
juejaeger: no, of course. Fee free to add whatever you like to opt.11:18
jaegerok :)11:27
rmullAnyone familiar with crux-contrib dev "alancio" ?11:35
rmullI can't tell if he's responsible for the lirc port or if it's some other alan11:35
rmullI was going to open a FS ticket, but since I'm not sure, I guess I'll just email the correct alan directly based on the Pkgfile11:36
juermull: that's the right alan11:43
rmulljue: Thanks11:43
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horrorStruckjue: is this relevant for CRUX?
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