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frinnsthorrorStruck: how do you figure? i read it as a lockdev problem?01:59
frinnstteK_: regarding btrfs scan in /etc/rc. probing for btrfs in the kernel is probably a better idea than to just blindly run "btrfs dev scan"02:02
frinnsti'll rework a patch later02:02
horrorStruckfrinnst: i just have no idea, it's a "just in case" case02:02
frinnstbetter safe than sorry02:24
teK_frinnst: how shouldthat work?03:07
frinnstnot sure, but I bet there's something in /proc when you have btrfs running03:08
frinnstthere's also a btrfs-control thingy in /dev03:08
frinnstI'll look into it once i get home03:08
teK_sure :)03:08
frinnstbtw, did a rebuild during the weekend without rebooting my box. shut it down last night and when i booted this morning /etc/rc had been overwritten03:09
frinnstfucking gave me a heartattack :D03:09
frinnst(mdev, btrfs)03:09
teK_overwritten by what03:09
teK_well :>03:09
frinnstITS ALL GONE! :D03:09
teK_you have backups, don't you03:10
teK_hint: our FS is no backup-mechanism03:10
frinnstheh, just had to edit it a bit. must have rejmerged it03:10
frinnstbtrfs: failed to read the system array on sdc03:11
frinnstbtrfs: open_ctree failed03:11
frinnstnot healty for my heart :D03:11
teK_'they' jumped on the btrfs-train really eraly03:11
teK_kernel  devs + Distros03:12
frinnstwell, it *IS* awesome03:12
frinnstzfs is for bitches!03:13
teK_do you remember the fuss about reiser4? ..03:14
frinnstnot really, never did follow reiser4 development03:14
teK_it took them ages to.. not include it03:15
teK_this musthave been around 200403:15
teK_not sure.03:15
teK_zfs? do not let jaeger hear that :P03:15
frinnstchris mason (btrfs creator) joined fusion io a few weeks or so ago. hopefully it will lead to a couple of cool features03:21
teK_so btrfs is finished? ;)03:21
frinnstheh, hardly03:22
teK_sweet, look who's twitter-account i found.03:22
teK_just saw some pitctures in an article about astrid lindgren and south-sweden03:29
teK_I like the houses, streets and nature there03:29
teK_gotta go some time03:29
frinnsti live about 50K from her home-town03:29
teK_vimmerby, yes03:29
frinnstmy home town doubles it's population during the summer months03:33
frinnstit's mostly germans :)03:33
teK_those stupid germans :p03:33
frinnstheh, but you guys have recieved competition from the dutch in the last couple of years! :)03:34
frinnstin what town did you live, again?03:34
teK_they are investigating options when the rising sea will cover their landwith water03:35
teK_be careful about those sneaky dutchmen :>03:35
frinnstas long as they bring their pot, i'll be happy :)03:36
teK_I live in Passau03:36
frinnstlooks nice, i like the old town03:38
teK_yes it's beautiful. I live in a district called Innstadt.. 5minutes to the center (by foot) but next to a little forest with lovely view on the city etc.03:40
teK_I have had some luck finding this flat03:40
frinnstlooks... tasty?03:41
teK_it is03:41
frinnstliterally translates to "liver-cheese"03:41
frinnstoh yummy............03:41
teK_you can order it in thinner slices, too03:42
teK_translation: correct03:42
teK_there's a bavarian wikipage about it, too :D03:42
teK_and. of course, there are regulations about how much liver has to beincluded if it's call this or that03:43
teK_but yes, it's tasty. Either cold and thin with slices of cucumber or a bit thicker and warm with some mustard03:44
frinnsti think i'll leave it for the natives to enjoy...03:45
teK_standard offer in schools :)03:45
teK_natives :D03:45
teK_from the woodlands03:45
teK_primitive dwellers of the bavarian outback03:45
frinnstServer Error in '/' Application.03:47
teK_sure thing03:47
frinnstteK_: matching btrfs in /proc/filesystems perhaps06:15
teK_and then adding it manually via btrfs add..?06:18
frinnstnah, just run btrfs dev scan if btrfs is in /proc/filesystems06:19
frinnstsince that file contains all supported filesystems by the kernel06:20
teK_sounds good06:21
teK_making users call the scan thing via rc.local IF they use btrfs06:21
teK_that's no sentence06:21
teK_+ what about06:22
jaegerZFS on linux *is* for bitches, I agree.... works well in solaris and freebsd, at least06:41
teK_is it still implemented as a FUSE module?06:42
jaegerThere's a native port now but it's immature06:48
teK_i'm sure that will change06:54
teK_maybe btrfs will stop that  but it's not as feature-rich as ZFS, isn't?06:55
jaegerI'm not sure, honestly, I haven't followed btrfs as much06:55
jaegereven if it isn't now at least development is active06:56
teK_it cannot do the LARC tricks, zfs can06:57
teK_or l2arc06:57
teK_did not follow  solaris fs' that much ;P06:57
frinnstno, stuff like that are lacking07:02
frinnstbut i bet that became a priority since chris joined fusion io07:02
frinnstsince that's what they sell, pretty much07:02
teK_sell as in downloadable under GPL?07:03
teK_or asin proprietary kernel module ;)07:03
frinnstits hard to download hardware :)07:03
frinnstflash storage07:04
frinnstor rather, solid state07:04
teK_ah ok07:05
teK_are they extending btrfs or not?07:05
frinnstbtrfs is still feature-incomplete07:05
jaegerWill be very interesting to see what comes out of his new position07:06
frinnst <- updated rc with btrfs07:07
jaegersuggestion: grep -q07:08
frinnstfuck, pasted the wrong entry07:08
frinnstyes, -q07:08
frinnsti dont remember my flyspray pw so cant update the ticket :(07:10
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jaegerI get a footprint mismatch with netpbm, new file /usr/bin/pamx09:53
jaegerunrelated to ports, ordered the new MB/CPU/RAM for my ESXi server at home, finally10:39
teK_but qemu+kvm is cooler10:40
jaegerI love vmware and have put a lot of time in it, no plans to switch10:41
teK_never wanted anybody to switch ;)10:41
teK_I hate vmware-converter for working in an unstable way10:42
jaegerIt was implied by your "is cooler" comment =)10:42
jaegerI've not needed to use the converter much, only once that I can recall10:42
teK_I told about my needs sometime ago. I have yet to find the software fitting them.. :|10:46
teK_but I madesomeprogress on the webmailfront. sogo is _really_ looking promising10:46
frinnstdoh, grep lives in /usr/bin10:58
frinnstforget about my patch tek10:59
teK_there's a shell implementation :D11:00
teK_i'm still fascinatedby11:00
jaegerThere's an article in the June LJ about ZFS and btrfs, interesting... haven't had a chance to read it yet11:20
jaegerSeems it's not an in-depth comparison but a high level intro to both11:26
juehorrorStruck: I agree with frinnst and read this mostly as a lockdev problem. However our /var/lock has set the sticky bit and is world-writable, same as /tmp. Not sure if we really need that.11:47
jueCurrently I see only some directories and no files in my /var/lock: lvm, masqmail and sane11:49
juefrinnst: yeah, grep is in /usr/bin. I've added a point in our TODO28 about moving it to /bin, maybe we should do that, now that we've rejected rc-ng. Or use Michal's bash-grep ;)11:51
frinnstheh. I found a simpler solution to the problem i had with btrfs: if [ -r /sys/fs/btrfs ]; then11:52
frinnstany specific reason to move it to /bin?11:53
jueok, I was on the way to suggest a sed solution11:53
jueno, only for usage in rc script and the like11:53
juethat's what I've done in an older version of start_udev ->
juefrinnst: btw, I've added the point to TODO28 a long time ago, not because of your problem11:58
teK_as part of our rc-extension.. how about a/some directories for exactly this type of matters? /etc/rc.boot/ for example where the btrfs-progs can install exactly this hookk12:29
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jaegerwow... something is VERY wrong with my VM setup now, wish I had an idea what it is14:02
jaegerI wonder if I've got bad RAM in that server14:07
jaegerrebooted the esxi server and the problem seems to have gone away for now. perhaps it's due to not using ECC RAM14:32
jaegerIf that is the case it'll be fixed soon, at least14:34
jaegerJust very odd behavior and it only started today14:35
jaegerwell, within the last few days, I guess, though I noticed it a lot today as I'm building a lot of packages14:35
jaeger x414:36
jaegershipped today :D14:39
jaegerI used a lot of supermicro motherboards at my previous job, they were pretty nice14:40
frinnstdamn, you can get pretty good deals on sandy bridge xeons and ecc motherboards14:42
frinnstthought they were more expensive than that14:42
jaegeryeah, great deals14:42
jaegerThis board is ideal for ESXi builds, too... supported sata 2 and 3 chipsets, IPMI, etc.14:43
jaegerdoing some searching it's very common in whitebox builds14:44
frinnststill fakeraid?14:44
jaeger for example14:44
teK_4  DIMM slots?14:45
jaegerI have a 3ware 9650se-4lpml at home already for RAID14:45
jaegeryeah, can support 32GB RAM which is the free license limit for ESXi anyway14:45
jaegerthough I'm only using 16 for now14:45
teK_yeah not with 4GB dimms14:45
jaeger8GB ECC RAM is a bit expensive still14:45
jaegerand the list that has been tested and approved for this motherboard is smallish14:45
frinnsthow many vms do you usually run?14:46
teK_he SATA controller on the C202 is different and entirely unsupported.14:46
teK_unsupported by?14:47
jaegervmware's HCL14:47
jaegerfrinnst: 2 24/7 and up to 8 at a time if I'm working on a bunch of crap14:47
jaegerSo it'll be a little overkill but it's a fun project14:47
jaegerIt will also make me think more about cooling and fan noise in the case, which should be interesting14:53
frinnstwhat are you using currently? seems sandy bridge runs cooler than older core2 cpus14:54
frinnsti find the disks are the main source of heat in my case14:54
jaegerCurrently it's a core i5-760, my previous desktop rig14:54
frinnsthave 8 of them stuffed in there at the moment :)14:54
jaegerIt runs well but definitely isn't server hardware14:54
jaegeryeesh, hehe14:55
jaegerI have an SSD and a platter drive in that box right now, though it'll end up being an SSD and 2 platter drives in RAID, probably14:55
jaegerI use more CPU/RAM than disk space in my VMs14:55
jaegerthe biggest VM has a 256GB disk and uses 189GB of it14:55
jaegerwith SSD prices falling so fast I might just get a 512GB SSD and call it good14:57
jaegerThe crucial M4 512GB is $404 now14:57
jaegerIf I wait for a sale, even better... it dropped to $354 last week14:58
frinnstcurrency not found?14:58
frinnstsorry, crap joke14:58
jaegerAnyway, I had that machine originally set up as a CRUX server and it was mostly underused, so I converted it to ESXi, been quite happy with it (aside from this segfault weirdness today)15:01
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teK_Romster: I did the requested grep (wrt my synaptics problem)15:35
teK_$ egrep -i 'synap|alps|etps' /proc/bus/input/devices15:35
teK_N: Name="SynPS/2 Synaptics TuchPad"15:35
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