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sepenRomster: what was the reason to patch cmake, ccache?;a=history;f=cmake06:30
Romstermostly the pkg-config bug.07:45
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Romsterbut i took the effort to look though other options and checked it over.07:45
Romstersepen, ^07:46
Romsterwhich is that patchfile for the finding pkg-config, without that a number of ports break finding pkg-config07:46
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sepenRomster: the fact is that cmake builds fine, and I just was wondering the need of these changesets08:19
sepenif you see the history for cmake you'll see that I just adopted the port and tried to keep them uptodate, thats all08:20
sepenjue: I updated mdev port again (I fixed ttyS* and fb* devices in mdev.conf)08:26
Romsterit builds fine but a bunch of ports taht built on cmake 2.8.7 do not build without that patch file on 2.8.808:27
sepenjue: I'm pretty happy so far, xorg + firefox + mplayer and /dev/shm worked fine too08:28
Romstera handful of these do not build08:28
Romsterprt-get dependent --all cmake |xargs08:28
Romstercdrkit mysql openal taglib task physfs avidemux hedgewars wesnoth-server tint2 lmms wesnoth allegro4 sakura scribus08:28
sepenRomster: ah ok, so its fine to me08:28
Romsteron the last cmake version bump.08:28
sepenRomster: with or without ccache?08:28
Romsterthe rest is optional but i need that patch08:28
sepennever noticed that and note that I'm running tint2 without problems08:29
Romsteri just thought it be nice to enable ccache support but it will build without ccache installed too08:29
Romsteryeah not all ports ask for pkg-config08:29
sepenhmm, the fact is that is should be transparent to non-ccache installatiosn08:29
sepenRomster: why/when you started to research for systemlibs?08:30
Romstercmake should be transparent but it wont build support for ccache without that option. leave it out if oyu don't feel like adding that. but it would be nice to include that --parallel=08:31
Romsteri looked at system libs when i looked at the cmake issue and i largely followed arch package while testing it myself to be sure it's right.08:31
sepenRomster: I like your patch, but you should understand that I like to ask a bit before change cmake08:32
Romsterthat patch in FS works with and without MAKEFLAGS set and ccache installed or not installed i tested all possible combinations.08:32
Romsteronly thing i made a mistake on the sed but jue corrected that and i updated that on the FS report.08:33
sepenRomster: I like to use system libs rather than included ones, but not always is possible (e.g: chromium)08:33
Romsterit'll catch '-j4' and '-j 4' out of MAKEFLAGS for --parallel=08:33
sepenyeah, thats nice08:33
Romsteryeah chromium is a bitch tough.08:33
sepenyep, and thats for what I wanted to ask you before commit anything08:34
Romstermy reasoning is arch is using system libs so must be safe for cmake.08:34
sepento be sure that cmake does things better08:34
sepenok, I'll go ahead08:34
Romsteri would not do such major changes if i didn't test them.08:35
Romsterthough i only built a handful of ports that needed cmake and those built fine after that patch and other mods.08:35
Romsteri guess i should add more details on how i tested said patch to FS next time.08:36
sepenRomster: nah, to me was enough since I can talk with you later here :D08:38
sepenRomster: are you sure you can use --enable-ccache without having it installed?08:45
Romsteri'll double check. but it worked.08:48
sepenit worked here without your patch08:51
Romsteryeah smake will build without the patch but a bunch of other ports will not see the gitweb url in top of patch08:52
Romsterhrmm now i spot a error i didn't see before.08:52
Romstermight be PEBCAK retesting.08:52
sepenread -> /usr/ports/opt/ccache/README:  export CC=/usr/bin/ccache-gcc08:55
sepenthat means we should fix the problem with export CC?08:55
sepenI think that if you enable ccache then cmake tries to use CC=/usr/bin/ccache-gcc08:56
sepenwell I need to research a bit08:56
Romsterok --enable--ccache causes ccache to be pre-pended so that wont work if ccache is not installed. omit that option. just keep the parallel one and system libs.08:58
sepenOPT_CCACHE=$(pkginfo -i | grep ccache && echo '--enable-ccache')08:58
sepenthat should work, but really I don't like the idea08:58
sepenso this is not gentoo ;D08:58
Romsternot sure how that escaped my testing i probably had cmake installed when i did a force rebuild so it didn't have to bootstrap off itself, and used the system installed cmake to rebuild itself.08:58
sepenmaybe I could write a little note to a README file08:58
Romsteryeah just omit --enable--ccache08:59
Romsterretesting if my set CXX='ccmake gcc' is enoguh in pkgmk.conf to do the same thing.08:59
Romsteroh god damn my error i did pkgmk and i forgot prt-get depinst cmake..09:00
Romstersystem deps -_-09:00
sepenRomster: anyways thanks for the report09:03
Romsteri clearly didn't test that enough sorry about that.09:04
Romster--enable-ccache really needs ccache installed09:04
Romsterthe rest looks stable09:06
Romstersepen, i'll try my hand later on a ccache patch that makes it auto detect ccache, worthwhile for all the large cmake builds. there is a few really big builds.09:07
sepenRomster: don't like auto-flags09:08
Romsternevermind then i'll keep my own port of it with ccache enabled. solves that problem.09:09
Romsterand i'll make a note of that in the ccache README09:09
sepen15:59 < sepen> maybe I could write a little note to a README file09:09
sepenplease read first09:09
Romsteri read that line.09:09
sepenwhy you need a README in ccache¿?09:10
Romsterbut you didn't elaborate on what note to which file.09:10
Romsteri'll add it to the wiki then if you prefer..09:10
Romsterstating on how to use cmake with ccache09:11
sepenRomster: cmake builds fine with pkg-config patch09:12
Romsterif you only want to apply that patch and nothing else changed to cmake i'd be happy that it un-breaks some ports that are currently not build-able.09:12
sepenI'll commit that for now, thanks09:12
Romsteryes so will other ports. that look for pkg-config09:12
sepenand I like the --system-libs flags (with deps changes too)09:13
Romsterit's hard to please every ones requirement's needs/wants09:13
Romster--parallel just builds it faster not required09:14
Romsteragreed on system libs.09:14
sepennah, just only removed --enable-ccache from your patch09:14
Romsteri must of pkgrm ccache while cmake was still installed then forced rebuild of cmake which didn't fail. so much for really testing. good to have others double check.09:17
Romstercool i'm happy with that sepen :)09:25
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jaegerfrinnst: you have a raspberry pi, right? or did I mix you up with someone else?14:25
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frinnstno, i got one15:48
jaegerDo you mind telling me what the cost ended up being with shipping? There's one advertised locally for $50 USD and I'm thinking that's not bad for what would be a $35 USD + X shipping kind of deal15:52
jaegerThough the guy hasn't responded yet so I don't know if he still has it15:52
frinnstI paid for it ages ago, dont remember. but i think I ended up paying around 350SEK16:07
frinnstit's $25 i think16:07
frinnst+ shipping16:07
jaegerThe model A is supposed to be $25 USD and the model B $35 USD but as far as I know only model B versions are available right now16:09
jaegergood to know, though, thanks16:09
frinnstPrice: £21.60 (exc VAT & delivery)16:09
frinnstah, right16:09
pitilloI payed 46e (model B) with shipping and power supply17:11
frinnstpower supply?17:31
frinnsta 230AC -> µ-usb ?17:31
jaegerhrmm, ok. thanks18:55
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jaegerodd, I think there might be a problem with the setup script on my multilib ISO, will have to play with that20:08
jaegeryep, that's weird... if I select core, opt, and xorg collections and then opt not to select packages manually, it goes to the abort dialog after checking dependencies20:11
jaegerinteresting... $MISSING_DEPS comes up with shared-mime-info20:27
jaegerwhich is required by both cdrkit and cmake20:29
jaegerbut it isn't listed in packages.opt, ah20:29
jaegerbecause it's a new dep for cmake, I see20:32
jaegerlooks like setup could use an error checking pass, heh20:34
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