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jaegerargh.... stupid mesa3d .footprint broke my 64-bit bootstrap again, I always forget that the first time06:37
jaegerfrinnst: are you ever going to fix that? :P06:37
frinnstjaeger: no :)07:09
frinnstI dont know, it seems pointless to create a new repo for just one port. one alternative is to put mesa3d in opt-x86_6407:10
frinnstbut that feels "wrong"07:10
jaegerI'll put one in xorg-multilib, then... I forget that footprint every time I bootstrap07:16
jaegeragreed, I wouldn't put it in opt-x86_64 either07:17
Romsteryeah it annoys me too07:18
frinnstsame here when I build iso's07:35
jaegerteK_: I'm re-running the pdb cacher, just so you know08:48
jaegerIt's repopulating, should be fixed soonish08:53
horrorSt1uckRomster: it seems openjade is optional dep of gtk-doc, any reason you have it listed as dep out of curiosity? thanks10:13
Romsterconfigure asked for it, as a warning not found.10:14
horrorSt1uckconfigure: WARNING: Could not find openjade or jade, so SGML is not supported10:14
horrorSt1uckdunno what is SGML TBH10:15
RomsterStandard Generalized Markup Language10:16
horrorSt1uckstill an optinal dep i would say10:16
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Romsterit's not that heavy10:18
Romsteras in compile time10:18
Romsterbut if you think i should make it optional i'll do that later. i'm about to head to bed.10:21
horrorStruckyou chose, it's your port :) but the less stuff i have installed the better i feel. the better i feel, the less i beat my kids. you chose.10:23
Romstereffort vs time vs compatibility vs finding why something wont work due to something missing. it's all had to juggle10:26
Romsterif you want lightweight i wouldn't touch gtk-dog or docbook stuff they are heavy tools10:31
horrorStruckah. it's choose not chose. do many ports require gtk-doc except webkit? which leads to this question: any way to check all ports depending on another?10:31
Romstergtk-doc not dog10:32
horrorStruckgtk-dog sounded awesome, i'm disappoint10:32
rmullhorrorStruck: I have a gtk-docless webkit port in the rmull repo if you want it.10:32
Romsterwebkit has it as optional now if you check i've changed that10:32
Romsterso that geoclue is optional now10:32
horrorStruckah ok nice. it fails building i thought it was beacause of that10:33
Romsterbuit in a chroot on 32 and 64bits only a few days ago10:33
horrorStruckyeah i guess i'll build it in a chroot too10:37
horrorStruckif it fails again10:37
Romsterthen it's something in the past few days that changed.10:37
horrorStruckoh maybe not, most likely an issue from my side, my machine is more a frankencrux at this moment10:39
Romsteri do test the most used ports.10:41
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jaegersepen:;a=tree;h=refs/heads/2.7-nosquashfs;hb=2.7-nosquashfs - I have not done any work yet towards replacing the packages in $ISO_PACKAGES with busybox applets yet but this tree has removed squashfs14:25
jaegeruses a rootfs.tar.xz instead14:25
jaegerthere's a redundant "yet" in that sentence but the idea is the same14:26
jaegerthe next thing I was going to test is instead of installing everything in $ISO_PACKAGES into rootfs.tar.xz, only installing pkgutils and then installing the others as needed from the media14:27
sepenhmmm, tar -xpf /.tmpfs/.media/rootfs.tar.xz -C /newroot14:39
sepenI like it14:39
sepenwhat does that? $ /bin/busybox --install -s /bin14:41
jaegerit installs symlinks for all the applets that are currently enabled14:42
jaegerso they don't have to be created in initramfs.lst14:42
jaegeralso means that if an applet is added to the busybox config I don't have to remember to ALSO add it to initramfs.lst14:49
sepenyeah I remember that was uncomfortable to me14:50
teK_jaeger: portdb-cacher?14:54
jaegeryeah, I just ran it manually because the portdb was broken this morning14:55
teK_I never had to deal with the pdb but thanks for the notice14:56
jaegerI wasn't sure if you had or not but figured I'd let you know since I think you do most of the server-related stuff, right? :)14:56
jaegerThat's some terrible english, sorry15:01
teK_can't spot an eror :P15:02
jaegerIt's not incorrect but it's messy15:03
teK_my english teacher always told me to write shorter sentences, so: no worries ;)15:07
teK_just met her today (seven years after graduation)15:08
teK_"can you use english today?" she asked. Crazy woman. :P15:09
teK_no I can't. pokerface.jpg15:09
jaegerhaha, nice15:09
jaegerMost native speakers can't either so don't sweat it.15:09
teK_I always want to improve my english15:10
jaegerFair enough, I approve.15:10
teK_especially worder order (:P) and vocab.15:10
teK_you're from he us, aren't you15:10
teK_wtf :P15:11
teK_is there a standard foreign language to learn at school?15:12
teK_spanish'd sound legit ;)15:12
jaegerSadly no. I think we should do more of that but not as far as I know. Different school do different things. I was able to take Spanish, French, German, or Chinese in school, for example, but none were required.15:13
teK_so you only took german15:13
teK_or: so you took german only  ?15:13
jaegerActually I took German, French, and Spanish for varying lengths of time. German was the one I studied the most.15:14
jaegerSadly I've not used it much at all in years and forgotten the majority.15:14
jaegeryay for obscure module symbols, need zlib_deflate for spl15:17
jaegerCONFIG_ZLIB_DEFLATE isn't selectable itself but is selected by quite a few other options15:17
teK_Also muessen wir hier mehr auf deutsch schreiben.15:21
jaegerWasn't there a channel specifically for German moonspeak? or something?15:22
teK_dunno :)15:22
jaegerSPL: Loaded module v0.6.0-rc9, using hostid 0x7c0a211115:57
jaegerZFS: Loaded module v0.6.0-rc9, ZFS pool version 28, ZFS filesystem version 515:57
jaegerslate/root ~ # crux; mount | grep -i zfs16:01
jaegerCRUX version 2.7 x86_64-multilib16:01
jaegerzmirror on /zmirror type zfs (rw,xattr)16:01
jaegernow I kinda want to build a zfs root mirror crux install just because I can, not because I NEED it16:04
frinnstI took german for 3 years16:08
frinnstand I found it really difficult for some reason16:08
teK_that's why you are so mad at life16:08
frinnsto m g16:08
frinnstall the pieces are starting to fall together!16:09
frinnstthank you!16:09
jaegerafter all these years, closure! hehe16:09
teK_you are welcome16:09
teK_and I heard german is hard to learn, yeah16:09
teK_except you're a 1 or 2 year old baby16:09
frinnstalso, I had the same teacher in both german and english. and since "I didn't know the german grammar, I didn't know the english grammar"16:10
frinnstergo crappy grades in english with that teacher16:10
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