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juejaeger: what happens to your xorg update, was that successful?10:23
jaegerIt was not successful at all. libpthread-stubs broke a LOT of things10:23
jaegerI haven't gotten a chance to try it again yet10:23
juehmm, is libpthread-stubs no longer needed or what was the problem?10:26
jaegerThe new version of it has no libs in it, just pkg-config .pc file, and lots of things on the system were linked against it... so I suppose you either leave the old version in place or recompile a big set of packages10:27
jaegerI should have made a list of the ones it affected but I didn't at the time10:27
jaegerIt made the system pretty unusable10:27
jueoops, that's not very nice10:28
jaegerfrinnst and Romster have done the upgrade as well, I believe, so between us I would guess we can figure out a nice way to do it10:29
juesound like a update via ports is not really save10:29
Romsteri've reverted libpthread-stubs10:32
Romsteri'm on R7.7 all works fine10:32
jueI'm asking because I tried to use a newer version of mesa today, but it needs a new version libxcb10:32
Romsteradd that prt-get sysup everything should work. i've done tests on it in chroots to make sure dependencies are correct10:33
Romsteroh you may probably want to exit xorg and go to the console and sysup there. then start xorg after.10:34
Romsterthat's what i did.10:34
frinnstyeah the libpthread-stubs "upgrade" will have to wait until we release a new version11:47
horrorStruckFWIW, i'm using most of Romster's ports too, without issue. oh and i also did the *big* rebuild, the day before libpthread-stubs has been reverted.11:47
frinnsteven then it will probably cause troubles for ppl running lots of ports that does not ship on the iso11:48
frinnstbut we had a similar issue once before too, related to a libxcb update iirc11:48
frinnsta version or two ago11:48
Romsterxorg works it's other ports that bitch about libpthread-stubs missing la file.11:53
Romsterin the past but i haven't seen any brken ports with R7.7 since updating.11:54
frinnstyeah it works well11:58
frinnstbut it will be a huge headache for users upgrading without thinking ahead11:59
Romsteryeah it might be best for a crux 2.8 release.12:00
Romstercrux 2.8 mega release new xorg new tool chain, some ports will need to be patched to use new tool chain mostly due to gcc update. i see that happening.12:00
frinnstmost issues i've come across is due to glibc changes and the new c-standard12:05
frinnst <- feel free to add to it12:05
Romsterthat's barely the tip of the iceberg when you count opt and contrib too.12:07
teK_llvm, lftp, gdb. yeah :>12:07
teK_I have  yet to release the port with version=3.1 as it will fail to build with  llvm <3.0 installed12:08
Romsteroh you might be able to get around that with the hack in qt412:08
RomsterLD_LIBRARY_PATH="$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:$PWD/lib" make12:09
Romsteror where it's built libs end up.12:09
teK_what does this work around?12:09
teK_it won't compile a single object using llvm 2.812:10
teK_it just fails notfinding cmath or so12:10
Romsterif port tries to link or use system libs it first looks in it's directory for the lib if it's been built already.12:10
teK_Idont know if that's related to my llvm problem12:10
Romsterso if you set the path it should use llvm in the $SRC ? maybe it tries to use system llvm than to bootstrap itself with it's own llvm. i'm only guessing at this point.12:11
teK_i only have a boost cmath.hpp12:18
Romsterdoes it ask for boost?12:19
teK_should not.12:20
teK_I will notify people and bump llvm ..12:21
Romsteradd a README to say pkgrm llvm before installing this new version?12:23
teK_and that, yeah12:24
teK_interwebs did had no solutions either..12:24
Romsteri'm about to grep sourrce12:24
Romster is not even going to load for me let alone download the newer file..12:26
teK_down here, too12:29
Romsterthere goes that idea...12:33
Romsterpinched a copy from as one of the urls in
Romsterthat patch breaks on 3.112:42
Romstertaking to long i'm heading to bed12:48
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frinnstnew tzdata seems to be working well: Clock: inserting leap second 23:59:60 UTC19:07
frinnstah, screw it. old glibc also handled it correct :)19:07
frinnstor maybe ntp is responsible for it?19:09
frinnstno matter, screw it19:09
frinnst</oral diarrhea>19:09
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horrorStruck:human centipede:22:09

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