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frinnstI dont have commit access from work02:11
sepenfrinnst: with the same key?02:11
frinnsti _DON'T_ have commit access :)02:12
sepenmy commit access to some git repos hosted in is through ssh so I need pubkey, iirc02:13
sepenfrinnst: I was confussed with that ^^02:13
teK_%         ssh-add ~/.ssh/crux02:13
teK_Enter passphrase for /home/tek/.ssh/crux:02:13
teK_Bad passphrase, try again for /home/tek/.ssh/crux:02:13
teK_Bad passphrase, try again for /home/tek/.ssh/crux:02:13
teK_Bad passphrase, try again for /home/tek/.ssh/crux:02:13
teK_Identity added: /home/tek/.ssh/crux (/home/tek/.ssh/crux)02:13
teK_this mirror is slooooow02:14
sepenteK_: mirrors removed the file too02:18
sepenI tried easynet and they removed 5.5.2502:18
sepenovh too, thats for what I used directly the main page02:19
sepenat least that should work02:19
teK_I used that ;)02:20
sepenwell I used ${version%.*} but anyways this is a temp commit02:21
teK_jue didn't so I did not touch that02:22
frinnstmaybe they removed it for a good reason?02:37
frinnstor is the entire mysql ftp wiped?02:37
sepenjust I tried some mirrors02:46
sepenmaybe we should do a deeper research02:47
sepenhmm 5.5.25a?
sepenMySQL 5.5.25 is superseded by MySQL 5.5.25a due to a regression bug02:48
sepencoffee time here02:49
teK_Not yet released03:03
teK_so we better switch back to .24?03:03
frinnstor revert the commit and let it point to a 40403:11
teK_which sucks03:11
teK_let's wait for 25a. Objections?03:12
frinnststill, "only" excessive disk usage. no risk for data corruption or other security issues03:12
frinnstI say leave it as it is03:12
teK_is building a defect rpdocut worse than being unable to build one at all? ;)03:12
frinnstif you use mysql i dont think you're too worried about using a defective product :)03:13
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sepenfrinnst: oracle guys ....03:27
frinnstim so glad i only have to deal with postgres here at work03:28
sepenif it were cheaper ...03:28
sepenfrinnst: me too03:28
teK_we have oracle, postgres and mssql (in three different versions) so stop wining :P03:29
teK_not sure if three versions is enough03:29
frinnsthave you had to deal with ms sbs 2011?03:30
sepenteK_: I'll filed a ticket03:30
teK_btw which application do you recommend to draw 'scientific' diagrams? I need to show a software, the underlying OS-Network-Stack and fancy symbols03:30
teK_frinnst: nope :>03:30
teK_fancy? -_-03:31
frinnstteK_: then you don't know pain! :)03:31
teK_haha :P03:31
sepenteK_: I recommend you to use pencil and paper :D03:32
teK_I did03:32
teK_now how do I get this into my tex-file?03:32
teK_take a picture? :P03:32
sepenwith your phone03:32
teK_I have a Siemens ME4503:33
teK_google it.03:33
frinnstbut you have wap atleast!03:34
teK_dia can't do vertical text?03:35
teK_I'll use visio @work :[03:35
teK_no, dia drives me crazy03:41
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sepenbackwards to mysql, what about to re-do the commit you did and use [notify] to email people about the problem?03:44
sepenwe could wait for 25a but imho now we should at least do something more03:44
sepenI just filed FS#83903:45
teK_writing latex with german keyboardlayout.. this should have meant /404:02
teK_(i.e. switch to window 4...)04:02
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horrorStruckfrinnst: for your gcc/glibc tracker, are you interested in contrib ports as well?07:17
horrorStruckok thanks07:17
Romsteri can mirror mysql on hvlinux 100mbit if it's a issue07:24
teK_5.5.25a, too? ;)07:25
Romsterif it's out already07:26
Romsteri see they nuked 5.5.25 as you've all said07:29
Romsterhow many commits for 25a?07:29
teK_not yet released07:30
Romsteror they have no scm?07:30
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Romsterhmm that sucks  cant' find any SCM git hg svn even cvs... lets all move to postgresql :D07:36
Romsteri'd say downgrade to 24?07:37
Romsterthough for those that have already updated would that break any schemas in tables.07:37
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Romsteri seriously think i'll use postgresql for this other project i'm outgrowing sqlite308:32
Romstersqlite3 is nice but it's crap on concurrency08:32
Romsteralways throws up database is locked...08:33
Romsterwhat do we do about this missing gets in glibc...08:35
Romsteri always thought the whole idea of the sourcecode being publicly aviable for devalopment means that these other projects can follow that with there dev branch and once that's released there dev branch can also be released.08:36
Romsterthan this playing catch up, with all these projects that have yet to release versions that work with newer glibc.08:37
sepenanyways oracle sucks!08:38
Romsteryeah i wont be using mysql bugger them08:38
jaegerThey're all different projects with different authors and workflows and schedules, no reason to expect that kind of concurrency08:38
Romsteri get the impression it'll be another good 6 months before they all support the newer released glibc gcc08:39
Romsterjaeger, understood they are use there own work flows etc.08:39
horrorStruckfrinnst: i see llvm in your list, i could build 3.1 with binutils 2.22.52 gcc 4.7.1 glibc 2.1608:40
Romsterbut important stuff like core ports projects stuff that everyone depends on, you'd think they would be pretty quick to offer a version that supports the newer tool chain at least.08:40
Romsterthought teK_ would bump llvm i gave it the all clear by me that the new version builds fine on crux 2.7.108:41
Romsterjaeger, i noticed you haven't done any of them fixing to xorg that i pastebinned no time or not bothering or perhaps i already have access to do that myself to fix prt-get depinst of fonts etc?08:49
jaegerjesus christ, that's a terrible sentence08:54
Romsteroops i better rephrase.08:54
jaegerI haven't had time to mess with them. I already fixed some of the font stuff but haven't checked the ucs2any deps08:54
jaegerI will be out of town from the 4th through the 9th, too08:54
Romsteroh and jue is already out until next weekend. looks like teK_ will have to hold the forte until jue is back then you.08:55
Romsterwas i given access i could fix the dependencies over the weekend and bump mesa3d to 7.10.3 from 7.10.208:57
sepenthere is no hurry08:58
Romsterwe can't go to the new xorg as that's major work.08:58
Romsterhmm true shouldn't be any rush09:00
Romsterjust i get very little freetime now and what freetime i do have i tend to spend it on linux stuff09:00
Romsteror my car09:00
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sepenor table tennis09:05
Romsterand darts09:07
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horrorStruckfrinnst: just FTR, syslinux git master builds fine with new-gen toolchain and it seems like 4.06 will be released soon.10:30
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frinnstyeah most packages will probably be fixed in the near future12:37
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