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sepenjaeger: ping02:15
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rmullWhy do the xorg ports still have "xf86" in the port names?13:25
frinnsta fixed mysql release is out. 5.5.25a or whatever13:43
* frinnst slaps teK_ 13:43
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* teK_ slaps frinnst back. harder.16:07
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Romsterrmull, what do you mean still they always have and always will it's the xorg- prefix on the filename of xf86-*21:28
rmullRomster: I dunno, I just thought that xf86 was something of the past21:30
Romstercheck the filenames in the source lines.21:31
Romsteri've lost the meaning of that xf86 though21:31
Romsterif you like open a ticket for a feature request to drop the xf86- part off xorg ports21:32
Romsterthat will be major work and every user would have to remove the old name and install the newer named ports and fix dependencies on all there ports too.21:32
Romsterseems too much effort to change.21:33
rmullI agree.21:33
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horrorStruckno hurry but just in case, libmpfr 3.1.1 released early this week. builds fine, clean revdep, gcc still works.22:52

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