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sepenjaeger: around here?06:05
Romsterhe be away07:11
Romsterjue should be back this weekend though.07:12
Romsteri think jaeger took 2 weeks off07:12
sepenhmm I need some weeks too07:12
sepennah were changes related to iso, there is no hurryu07:13
RomsterhorrorStruck, did you enable gold and how not making it the default but just available for those ports that choose to use gold.07:13
Romsterand it'll work with a mixed bfd/gold ld?07:13
Romsterpushed xorg updates to version_updates07:48
Romsterjust a bunch of video drivers07:48
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horrorStruckRomster: gold is enabled at buildtime. you can chose the default linker at build time too (cf. binutils Pkgfile). now that i'm starting to slightly understand what i'm doing, you can get all new-gen toolchain ports here: sha1 5514c1fef5b7ad9a6f43765a8091f1976bd12f40 binutils is a 2.22 snapsoht (.52) that makes gold builds fine. be careful if you have gcc built against ppl, latest ppl version (my port) has soname14:36
horrorStruckon a side note, don't you crux devs think it would nice to review Romster's xorg patches (no hurry, maybe 5/10 patches a day, I guess majority are just version bumps anyway). that would be great because 1/ one of our devs has put a lot of time in this (and still continues)  2/ to be honest, i think it may be rather frustrating to do this without getting feedback (and no one likes frustration :P) 3/ i hate my 3 pages ports -d14:55
rmullHmm, I've never tried ports -d before15:15
rmullI don't really understand part of its output15:15
rmullWhat is the "installed" collection?15:15
rmullI have firefox locked, FWIW15:15
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frinnsthorrorStruck: romster's repo looks just fine. but it's probably not a great idea to just merge it into 2.716:37
frinnstbetter to do it for 2.816:37
Romsteragreed the effort it takes to merge it would make everyone have to pretty much rebuild there xorg and other ports that depend on xorg.17:27
RomsterhorrorStruck, i must admit i haven't looked at dropping obsolete ports yet and i would like to at some point rename the descriptions of every xorg port than the generic one it has now.17:28
Romsterfeedback on the ML about updated xorg seems slow.17:29
Romsterjaeger, jue teK_ frinnst deus_ex sepen I just thought, I could start a 2.8 branch on xorg git and add in my current work, and who wants to move to 2.8 before crux 2.8 is out could do so. or wait for crux 2.8 to include updated ports.17:31
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Romsterthose that arn't here should see that in the log17:32
Romsterwhen they return.17:32
pedja(12:28:54 AM) Romster: feedback on the ML about updated xorg seems slow.<----that is a good thing, if anything is broken, it will be a public outcry :)17:35
teK_I _finally_ figured out the red border problem with chromium, if anyone cares <317:36
teK_frinnst maybe17:36
pedjaCrux spoiled us, everything just works[tm].17:36
Romsteryeah i wouldn't mind knowing.17:36
teK_it's about compile flags17:37
teK_funny thing because I don't do much there17:37
Romsterpedja, the thing is i haven't noticed anything broken yet, except if i bump them stubs that brakes a ton of stuff.17:37
teK_-match=native -mtune=native to be precise17:37
Romsteroh that causes it?17:37
teK_as it  seems17:37
Romsteri'm using amdfam10 here17:38
Romsterwhat cpu are you on?17:38
Romsterso i guess x86_64 or i686 works for you?17:38
teK_core i7 2600K pure 64bit17:39
Romsteri only just noticed i was not using ../conf.avail/10-sub-pixel-rgb.conf17:39
Romsterfor fontconfig17:39
teK_i thought it would be gdk-pixbuf but I have to recheck17:39
Romstersudo ln -s ../conf.avail/10-sub-pixel-rgb.conf17:39
pedjaRomster: is there a separate xorg repo with your updates, or do you have a branch in xorg.git?17:39
Romsterso it could be any port that chromium depends on?17:40
Romstercan't be many of those since chromium includes the kitchen sink17:40
teK_nono  I narrowed it downI think..17:40
Romsterpedja, so far it's separate i posted to the ML
Romsterand for those that use multilib
Romsterthat sits on top of xorg17:42
Romster hard work in there.17:42
teK_it's not compile flags17:48
teK_it's gdk-pixbuf built on my regular system vs. built in a clean chroot17:49
teK_works not vs. works17:49
Romsterhmm finddeps on gdk-pixbuf off the iso and off your system rebuild?17:52
Romsterpossibly do a md5sum over all the files in gdk-pixbuf and compare them before and after17:54
teK_not  today17:55
teK_its almost 1pm here17:55
Romster8.55am and 4.7C out side :D17:56
pedjaRomster: there is no question that you invested a lot of time and effort in xorg updates, but frinnst is right, merging your repo should wait until 2.8 development starts, imho.17:56
teK_4.7C? in Australia??17:56
teK_Germany. :>17:56
Romster4.7 degrees Celsius17:57
teK_with a bit of fog :>17:57
pedja23C, .rs17:57
Romster well ok it's 5C now.17:57
Romsternot uncommon to be at 0C or -1C at night/early morning in winter here.17:58
Romstertop of 13C expected today17:58
frinnstquite warm for winter17:59
pedjaWinter in AU...I expected temps in middle 20s.17:59
Romstermiddle 20's is around autumn and spring time18:00
frinnstits summer here and i'm very hot18:00
frinnstnot even 25c :)18:00
Romstersummer averages around 37C here on the coast.18:00
Romstertop of 42C but most days 32-3718:01
Romster25C is nothing :D18:01
frinnstbut you all cheat with air con, right?18:01
Romsteri feel comfortable at 25C18:01
Romsteri have no air con but there is one at work.18:01
pedja33-37C for the past two weeks here, I am dying here :)18:01
Romsteryeah it feels like that pedja18:01
pedjano AC either18:02
Romsterinside it's about 30C no air con18:02
Romsterwith curtains shut windows shut18:02
frinnstoh, it cools at night?18:02
teK_it's a question of humidity frinnst. sisie.18:02
Romsterhave to open the house up at 4pm when it starts to cool off on the coast here.18:02
Romsterpretty low humidity in summer18:03
Romsterplaces that get high humidity in summer you can't cool down.18:03
pedjayeah, like here, town by the big ass river, humidity 60-75 somethings .'nice'18:06
Romsterthat would be a pain to cool down.18:06
Romstermany mosquito's?18:07
Romsteri hate them things make me itch18:07
pedjamosquitos I can live with/kill.flys drive me nuts18:07
teK_off to bed. cu  guys18:08
Romsteryeah flys drive me bonkers too.18:08
Romsterg'night teK_18:08
frinnstheh, mosquitos.. you should visit northern sweden during the summer18:08
frinnstits like a horror-movie18:08
Romsteri'd imagine being eaten alive there.18:08
pedjaautan ftw18:09
Romsteri saw this huge mosquito looking insect one day and i was like wtf is that..... the i found out it's a crane fly and they don't bite phew.18:09
teK_but australia's nature _is_ more hostile18:10
Romsteromg frinnst that's thick18:10
frinnstyes, everything will kill you in au18:10
pedjathe natives or the animals? :)18:10
frinnstzz for real18:10
teK_tunnel web sppiders, dingos, snakes, spiders,  plants that have little stings hurting like hell if you touch them, crokodiles, etc etc18:10
Romsterfunnel web..18:10
teK_close :P18:11
Romsterred backs too18:11
Romsterheaps of brown snakes around18:11
pedjaon a plus side, beer and aussie chicks.18:11
teK_beer.. as german I have totell you: no. :>18:11
Romsterit's not all bad but rate of deaths isn't all from wildlife it's mostly from stupidity18:12
pedjalots of Darwin award winners?18:12
teK_anyway.. heading to my snake-free bed <318:12
Romsterquit ea few of those too pedja18:13
Romstergn frinnst18:13
pedjazz me too.see you around.18:14
Romstergn pedja18:14
Romsterseems i'm all alone now :D18:14
horrorStruckthanks for all your replies WRT xorg, makes sense (even if a full xorg rebuild should faster than a firefox update :P )20:34
Romster not impressed20:49
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