IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2012-07-08

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Romster$ cp ~/.safe-build_crux_test/usr/ports/contrib/ffmpeg/.md5sum .02:51
Romstercp: cannot create regular file ‘./.md5sum’: Permission denied02:51
Romsterfixed teK_02:51
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jueteK_: thanks for fixing mysql03:12
Romstersometimes i think it pays to lag behind on version updates until the zealots test it first. unless it's security related.03:31
Romsterspecially on mysql type stuff03:31
juewell, might be sensefull for critical stuff, but IIRC we never had such a problem with mysql before03:37
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teK_jue: (you're) welcome [back]08:50
teK_CRUX is really stable if one considers how close we follow upstream08:51
frinnstjue: I mailed a patch for xchat to sepen last night. mutt dropped crux-ml from CC: :(09:31
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mike_kam I allowed to post to crux-devel? o_O12:22
mike_k(mail was rejected)12:23
horrorStruckthis is new then because i already spammed the list :P12:30
horrorStruckno attachment or html maybe?12:31
horrorStruckor it became ro because of me, there's no other explanation. you can hate me now :D12:35
mike_khorrorStruck: my fault. used my other address )12:53
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