IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2012-07-09

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juefrinnst: I've prepared a new source tarball for btrfs-progs, it's version 20120706. Are you brave enough to use/test it? ;)10:55
jueRomster: just installed your upated xorg ports on my laptop, no issues so far11:35
jueRomster: btw, the laptop is my mdev test system11:36
rmullAny gtk3 support on crux? Can't seem to find any relevant ports11:38
juermull: nothing found in our portdb?11:42
rmullsearch/fsearch for gtk reveal gtk1 and gtk2 only11:42
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frinnstjue: yeah. i noticed there was some new commits12:19
frinnst=======> Building '/home/ports/pkg/btrfs-progs#20120706-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.12:19
frinnstrmull: i think jaeger was experimenting with gtk3, but i might be mistaken12:20
frinnstmaybe I should get my hands dirty with it too, since i just realized I'm the gtk maintainer :D12:21
teK_I got it to build some time ago. but that is not the real problem I guess12:21
rmullfrinnst: Sounds good :)12:22
frinnst3.4.3 is currently building. just bumping the versions seems to work for the moment12:23
frinnstI guess you cant replace gtk with gtk312:38
frinnstnothing wants to build against it12:38
frinnstare you building something specific that needs gtk3, rmull?12:39
rmullfrinnst: There was discussion among the developers of the browser I use12:41
rmullThey are interested in switching to gtk3 and took a poll of the users to see if anybody /didn't/ have gtk3 available12:42
rmullI was the only one12:42
frinnstwhat browser is it? would probably be helpful to have something to test against12:44
rmullIt's a webkit thing12:44
rmullI have it packaged in the rmull repo if you want to look at it12:45
frinnstyep, already building :)12:47
frinnstI installed crux on a 24-cpu 48gb ram box today12:50
frinnstfelt goooood12:50
frinnstI probably need to increase the max-cpu N on the iso, could only build with 8 threads :(12:51
rmullfrinnst: Sounds fast12:52
rmullSounds enterprise-y12:52
frinnstit has an internal micro-sd slot, pretty nifty and perfect for a hypervisor install.12:55
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frinnstrmull: are there any repos available? cant find anything on the site15:18
frinnsta gtk3-only branch perhaps?15:18
rmullfrinnst: git://
rmullremotes/origin/gtk3 I think16:53
rmullfrinnst: Actually, it's the default on the master branch16:55
rmullGTK_VERSION=gtk2 make if you want to build gtk216:56
rmullBut it may not build on linux yet16:56
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frinnstmay be completely broken18:05
frinnstbased on opt/gtk18:05
rmullfrinnst: Looks good. I can drop this into a gtk2 system with no problem, existing applications will have no issue?18:58
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rmullAnyone know who 'prologic' is?22:37
rmullOr if they are on IRC ever?22:37

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