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frinnstrmull: yeah it should work02:20
frinnsthe's around sometimes on irc, yes02:20
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horrorStruckfrinnst: --enable-gtk2-dependency solves the "probably very stupid" issue :P see bottom of the page02:49
frinnstah nice02:53
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prologicrmull, hi05:32
prologicwhat's up?05:32
prologicsorry services made me Guest**** for failure to auth :)05:32
prologicuseless AU DSL connections05:32
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rmullprologic: You have a patch in your 'transfig' port that applies against a different version than is what's currently packaged06:19
rmullJust thought I'd give you a heads up06:19
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prologicrmull, ahh thanks :)06:34
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jaegersepen: I was out of town, just got back yesterday07:19
Romsterwb jaeger07:31
sepenhi jaeger08:33
sepenI've some interesting changes for iso-nosquashfs08:34
sepenjaeger: if you have sometime please read (from 12:55)08:37
jaegerWhat am I looking for? This appears to be chat about efikamx kernel name requirements, etc.08:38
sepenno no, from 12:4408:38
jaegerah, search got both08:39
jaegerso you're talking about unpacking the needed files from core/opt/xorg packages on the media instead of using ISO_PACKAGES?08:40
jaegerWe already talked about doing that08:40
sepenyeah and it worked fine for my tests08:40
jaegergood to know08:40
sepenno rootfs.tar.xz is required08:40
jaegerI haven't messed with it yet08:40
sepen208M of iso08:40
sepenjaeger: and note about a new directory I created at top of iso called /newroot08:41
sepenwhich its copied directly with cp -af to new rootfs08:41
sepenline 30608:41
sependiffs for init script
sepenI added MMC_DEVICES for being able to boot from sd cards, etc. (mmc)08:45
sepenand sorry, I should cleanup a bit this init script (s/crux-arm/crux/)08:46
sepen^^ well, only line 142,14308:47
sepennote that I also added a lot of debug stuff (only for development) that could be cleaned up too08:48
jaegerhrmm, xfce's cpugraph plugin crashes every time I log in08:56
jaegerIt works fine if I re-add it to the panel, until the next time I log out and in08:57
sepenjust noticed that they released two versions in less than 24h
sepenwe should wait for 1.0.509:01
sepenor I could add now a patch for it09:01
jaegerI don't mind waiting for it09:01
sepenhmmm wait, we have 1.0.5 in our ports09:03
Romstersepen, when your not busy could you look at qt4
sepenRomster: sure, its time to fix glib/gtk ports09:05
Romsterstrange that i never found any of them to break on me, i don't know why09:06
Romsterelse i would of reported those before i told jue it was ok to push glib.09:07
sepenRomster: offtopic, you're maintaining p5-lwp, so it would be fine that you adopted p5-html-parser/p5-html-tagset09:08
sepenjaeger: tried 1.0.5?09:13
jaegerno but I'm sure it'll fix the problem, that is exactly what's happening here09:13
Romstersepen, hrmm i had overlooked those, i'll pick them two up.09:14
sepenjaeger: ok09:18
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jaegerjue: I've read your email and the responses, just haven't had time to write up a reply yet13:06
jaegernot ignoring it13:06
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