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juefrinnst: IIRC you said that we should postpone the xorg update until a new release, why?12:44
frinnstthere are some serious issues with libpthread-stubs12:57
frinnstI think romster pulled that updated port from his repo even12:57
frinnstother than that, I guess it's fine12:58
frinnstthough there will be abi-issues, possibly breaking drivers12:58
frinnstbut as long as one does a sysup and not just update "some ports", it should be ok12:58
jaegerI bet it'd be fine without libpthread-stubs but I'd need to test again13:04
jueok, thanks. Will try a sysup without libpthread-stubs installed on my desktop tomorrow, the test on my laptop was with libthread-stubs installed.13:17
jaegerHaving it installed is fine (and maybe required by others? not sure), just don't use the NEW libpthread-stubs13:18
jaegerjue: unrelated to crux stuff, do you have stock wheels on your WRXen?13:19
jueon the WRX yes, the WRX STi has the 'Limited' packages with BBS wheels13:22
jaegerDo you have pictures of both? I'm wanting to get different wheels for my WRX and looking for ideas13:22
jaeger <-- I like these best but they're too expensive for me13:23
jue <- bottom line, right side13:27
jueI have only own pictures with my winter wheels :(13:28
jaegerok. :)13:28
juejaeger: nice wheels, btw. What do they cost?13:48
frinnstseems a few cve's popped up in glibc 2.12:13:50
jaegerjue: $594 US each13:52
jaegerthose look pretty simple13:55
juefrinnst: thx, will look at it the next days14:27
juejaeger: wrt libpthread-stubs, with NEW you mean version 0.3?14:29
jaegerI don't remember, to be honest, it was in the updated repo that romster set up14:31
frinnstheh, me neither14:31
frinnstfor some reason i have 0.2 installed now, but I dont remember reverting14:31
jueok, that was 0.314:32
juewhich is a pure dummy without any library14:32
frinnstintroduced .la-hell14:32
jueso I guess libpthread-stubs isn't needed anymore14:33
jaegerYeah, that was the problem... lots of things were linked against it and removing the lib broke them :D14:33
frinnstI remember we had a similar issue way back.. something to do with libxcb14:35
jueyeah, everthing related to X, e.g. gtk, is linked against it14:36
jueso the only way for an update is to keep libpthread-stubs as it is14:37
jaegerseems so14:37
jue.oO and perhaps remove it with the next release14:38
jaegeror build them from scratch in chroot or new install and pkgadd, I guess :P14:38
jaegeryeah, that's a release change, I think14:38
jaegerjue: <-- this is not mine but sorta the look I'd go for with mine. I wonder what that body kit is'14:41
jueaye, looks great :)14:43
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jaegerI sent a private message to the guy on the forum where that was posted, maybe he'll tell me what it is :D15:08
teK_I hope to find time ater this weekend to comment on the recent ML posts, if anyone cares, I have to finish my Seminararbeit first -_-15:24
teK_jaeger: looks like a 3 series BMW15:25
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