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Romsterso we going ot move to R7.7 before crux 2.8/3.0 is out?06:34
jueRomster: do you see any problems?06:41
Romsternot currently i'm on R7.7 and i haven't hit any yet.07:12
Romsterother than i can't bump libpthread-stubs past version 0.2 as it breaks other stuff.07:13
Romsteri also did remove keyboard and mouse dependencies off xorg port because vdev is doing that now. but then if we stop using udev that would have to change again.07:14
juewe will stick with udev 182 for now07:15
Romsteri would like that patch for xorg-imake to be included if possible. that reminds me whos the xorg maintainers am i one of them i havent' done anything yet as i'm not sure what we are doing.07:17
Romsterseems jaeger is doing the stuff so far.07:17
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prologiclet's just become a pure 64bit distro08:59
prologicwho cares about 32bit anyway09:00
prologicI don't09:00
jueprologic: other will ;)09:52
jueRomster: we should either move mesa-demo to contrib or move glew to opt or xorg09:54
Romsteri was thinking of moving glew to either opt or xorg which would be better?09:56
juesorry, no idea about glew. Is that a library useful for something else?10:05
juejaeger: I've removed the unmaintained drivers from xorg today, and moved libdrm from opt to xorg10:06
juethe libdrm port contains the new xorg maintainer already10:07
jueteK_: could you add a mail alias 'xorg-ports', please?10:08
juecurrently jaeger, jue, sepen and romster are members of the xorg group (in alphabetical order)10:11
jueoops :)10:11
jue(nearly alphabetical at least)10:14
jueQ: I think it would be sensefull to disable the git post-update hook on for now, to be able to work togther on the xorg update without disturbing our users?10:16
jaegerI have no strong feelings one way or the other on that10:20
Romsterprt-get dependent glew --all |xargs10:22
Romsterglew-32 mesa-demos sfml vdrift galapix openimageio10:22
Romsteryeah opt is probably best i think10:23
Romsterwould it be best that we work on a new R7.7 branch then merge it back into 2.710:24
jueif we do the xorg update together we should commit more often, but with the hook enabled everything that has been commited is on the users box as well, which may break things for him10:24
juethe idea is to transfer the whole stuff at once if ready10:25
Romsterlike a test branch we can use then merge when it's ready for end users.10:25
Romsternote i'm already on R7.7. here for some time now.10:25
juedon't think that we need a separate branch for it10:25
Romsterso just disable the checkout to rsync until we are ready?10:26
Romstersounds good to me.10:26
jaegerIn that case what else needs to be done before "ready" status?10:29
jue- do the updates10:30
jue- cahnge maintainer10:30
jue- ?10:30
juebtw, should we keep Tilman as the packager?10:31
jaegersimple enough. :)10:31
Romstercheck dependencies too? i've done a bunch on this xorg fork jaeger has missed some deps.10:31
jaegerI think you mean Tilman, not me10:31
Romsterglew is in opt now10:31
jaegerjue: maybe ask him if he wants to be listed there?10:31
Romsternah you jaeger you fixed some fonts but there is a few deps still missing.10:32
jueok, will ask him10:32
jaegerwell, you said I missed some; I only added, didn't create10:32
Romsterbad wording i pastebinned it as i had no access at the time.10:34
Romsteryou were probably too busy at the time too.10:34
Romsteri can retest in a chroot again10:35
jaegerI just fixed some deps based on a ticket that was in flyspray, wasn't related to the ucs2any or whatever. that still needs to be fixed but most users will never see it since it gets built first10:37
jueok, did the chmod -x post-update right now10:39
Romsteri think i'll hold off until the others have there go at updates unless you lot are busy.10:41
Romsteralso are we keeping everything stable or at R7,.7 recomended versions + video/input updates or just keeping everything rolling updated at stable versions10:42
juewhat was our policy in the past?10:46
jaegerMy personal preference is what I detailed in my mail about xorg earlier on the list10:47
jaegerbasically using the 7.7 release as a base and updates when they're relevant10:47
jaegergrr.... I'm gonna have to do some network rejiggering for our new NAS10:52
jaegerer, well, on the NAS itself10:52
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teK_jue: yes I can. Although I'd suggest xorg@ ;)10:58
jueit's lent from core-ports ;)11:01
jueTilman said no, so we can just change the maintainer11:04
jaegerIs spam a kind of cheese? :D11:17
jaegerjue: ok, works for me11:17
Romsterkind of processed meat11:26
jaegerThat was a joke due to teK_'s email11:28
Romsteroh -_-11:28
teK_check your inbox romster11:29
Romsteri'm off t bed g'night12:03
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