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frinnstwill there be 32bit builds of windows8? if so, 32bit will live on forever :)09:14
frinnstyeah there are 32bit preview builds :/09:14
Romsterhrmm R6.7 and R7.7 has pthread-stubs 0.309:20
Romsteri had issues with that port in the past.09:21
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Romsterok seems it's just a libtool pain/linking 3 roundsof revdep solved compiling with bumped pthread-stubs10:09
Romsterfrinnst, jaeger can you remember what ports broke on pthread-stubs i'd like to try again in this chroot.10:15
jaegergrep *.la for libpthread-stubs, those are the ones that will break10:18
jaegerit was a lot if I remember right10:18
jueRomster: wow, you did a lot of work, thanks :)10:27
jueRomster: wrt libpthread-stubs, let's stick with 0.2 for now10:28
Romsteryeah i'm ow testing stuff then i'll test it on my system10:30
Romsterhmm k in the chroot it seems ok to bump it just a ton of revdep re-compiles to get things to link again.10:30
Romsterthere is a few obsolete ports to remove too.10:31
jaegerThat's a change I'd leave for 2.8/3.010:31
Romsteri'm pretty sure it's safe to remove but i'm uncertain of one xorg-libxinit10:31
jueno, it's not ok to bump libpthread-stubs, because nearly everthing that depends on x are linked against it10:32
juewith next CRUX release we might remove libpthread-stubs complete10:32
Romsterxorg-xinit sorry. i'm certain that code got shifted into another port.10:32
juehmm, don't thing so10:34
Romster those seem obsolete10:34
Romsternot listed on
juewhy, because it's not part of
Romsteri know the nv video driver is for sure un-maintained now.10:35
juemost app-stuff is not listed there, and we should at least keep most of it until we really know that it's not needed anymore10:36
Romsternvidia stoped submitting patches for that along time ago causing nouveau to be born.10:36
juee.g. xorg-xcb-util is a library, don't know what is linked against it10:36
Romsteri'll test in a chroot if anything needs any of them ports that i mentioned in that paste.10:37
Romsteri don't think anything is now.10:37
Romsterat least not on depends on anywhere10:37
jueno, don't remove anythiong without confirmation10:37
Romsternot removing out of git without really knowing. i'm recompiling in a chroot to see if anything does use them ports and if they do it'll fail to compile without them ports present.10:38
juewe can do more with next CRUX release, but not for the upcoming update10:38
juethough, removing some obsolete drivers, like the one tilman mentioned,  is always a good thing10:40
Romsteri'll leave the rest for you to sort out i'm heading to bed shortly10:40
jueok, will look at it tomorrow10:40
Romsteri removed some obsolete drivers already that failed to build.10:40
Romsterpretty much spent the day on it lol10:41
jueyeah, great job, thanks for it :)10:41
Romsterexperience has told me not to do anything when tired.10:41
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