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Romsterseems i missed a few new ones i never looked.07:59
Romsterbut those last few i didn't change the maintainer line are now obsolete afaik07:59
jueRomster: as I said yesterday, we can do a cleanup with next CRUX release ...08:05
juefor now it's more important to get the update done, even though we will drop some of the ports sometimes08:09
juebtw, the new xcb-util-* ports are stuff splitted out of the old xcb-util08:11
jueRomster: I'm subscribed to xorg-announce now ;)08:13
Romsteryeah i know.08:13
Romsteri should sign up on that too.. forgot too08:13
Romster not on that list08:14
jueI meant that ->
Romsteroh doh that08:15
Romsteri feel silyl now08:15
Romsteri mena i need to register on our ML for xorg group08:18
Romster no xorg-ports ML yet?08:19
Romsterok i'm on xorg-announce too08:21
Romsteri should of done that sooner08:21
juefor what do we need a xorg-ports mailinglist?08:21
Romsterisn't that what's in the Maintainer: line?08:23
RomsterCRUX Xorg Team, xorg-ports at crux dot nu08:23
Romsterus us xorg members can see if anyone emails anything.08:23
Romsterfor us*08:23
jaegerIt doesn't need to be a mailing list, it could be an alias08:23
jueRomster: you got the 'Say Cheeeese' mail from teK_ the other day? That was sent to xorg-ports08:26
juerunning a sysup with new xorg on my netbook now ;)08:27
frinnstreleased to rsync yet?08:28
Romsteri don't believe i got that jaeger08:28
Romsterwhat ML did it goto?08:28
jueno, not yet08:28
frinnstany eta on that yet?08:29
Romstermust admit i haven't ran it on my desktop yet either only the xorg fork i did ages agi08:29
juefrinnst: hope soon, let's wait for some more test and a final ok from jaeger08:30
jaegerAre there a lot of version changes from the updates repo on romster's dyndns site? I've not had any problems with that on my laptop but have not updated from git08:31
Romsteri haven't compared08:32
jueno, nothing really serious. Most important probably a xorg-server update to 1.12.308:32
Romsteri stuck with those on the R7.7 release date list08:33
jaegerI didn't bring my laptop to work today but I can test it from home this evening if it can wait... otherwise I'll have to build it in a VM or something08:33
Romsteri haven't bumped the xorg fork for a little while since work on official xorg.08:33
juesure, it can wait :)08:33
Romstersome day i'm getting a SSD and i'll re-install from scratch08:35
jaegerI love my SSDs, won't go back :D08:39
jueindeed, a SSD is big performance boost08:42
jueI have a Crucial M4 and really happy so far08:44
juejaeger: slightly OT, but do you know Ken Block?08:48
frinnstheh, the san fran video was pretty awesome08:53
jaegeryeah, he has the best "job" ever09:09
jaegerGymkhana 5 was released recently if you haven't seen it yet09:09
jaegeron the 9th or 7th or something09:09
jueno, not seen yet. I guess it's with a Ford now?09:10
frinnstyeah he's been with ford for a while09:10
jaegeryeah, for a while now09:10
frinnstfiesta :>09:10
jaegerI was a bit sad when he moved away from subaru but they're still fun09:11
frinnstford fiesta -88: my first car09:11
frinnstnot really up to spec with his :)09:11
jaegerI drove a ford escort for a few years... such a lame car09:12
jaeger <-- one of these badasses09:12
frinnstIt died a heroes death. about 200 meters from the junkyard where i was supposed to scrap it. had to be towed the final stint :D09:12
jaegerhaha, awesome09:13
frinnstit drank more oil than petrol :D09:13
frinnstthere were some nice and fun versions of the escort. with cossworth engines09:15
frinnstbut yours.. does not seem like one of those :)09:15
jaegerNo, it was the basest of the base model09:16
jaegerat least it had a manual transmission, I guess09:16
jaeger4 speed manual :P09:16
frinnstI had 5.. and also a sunroof!09:16
jaegerIt was all I could afford back then, though09:17
frinnstbut alas, no radio09:17
jaegerAs for SSDs, I've got 1x 240GB Intel 520, 2x 256GB Samsung 830s, 1x 120GB Intel X25-M G2, 1x 120GB OCZ Vertex 2, and 1x 60GB OCZ Vertex (which is dying)09:19
jaegersomewhat ridiculous09:20
jaegerthat first one is at work, the rest are home/laptop09:22
Romsteryou must be rich or was rich09:34
jaegerhah, yeah, right09:38
jaegerI'm underpaid but I manage my money well and wait for sales09:39
Romsteri should be paid more too. but it's a job at least i guess.09:40
jaegerSSD prices have plummeted recently, too09:40
Romsteri have noticed09:41
Romsterand so will 3TBs disks since the 4TBs are now out09:42
Romsterthough the idea of so much data on that speed disk concerns me09:42
Romstereven more disks for backing up.09:42
jaegerteK_: openbox uses libexec10:30
jaegerhrmm... xkeyboard-config needs a mandir tweak10:44
jaegernever mind, guess that's already fixed in git11:10
frinnstI stuffed a 3TB disk into my workstation this friday13:26
frinnstallowed me to yank out 2 older drives13:26
frinnstbut yeah, backing the shit up is starting to become a problem :)13:26
jaegerdown to 7? :)13:26
frinnsthah! yeah13:26
frinnst1 ssd, 1 750gb, 1 1tb, 1 1.5tb,1 2tb,1 3tb13:27
frinnstso only 6 :)13:27
jaegerprogress as promised (tm)13:28
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teK_jaeger: as a hard dependency?15:16
jaegerteK_: I mean it puts files in /usr/libexec instead of /usr/lib/openbox15:17
jaegersorry, should have been more specific15:17
teK_searching for libexec right now *g*15:17
teK_gut if I change this things will break15:18
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jaegerjue, Romster: I don't see any xorg-server update, just grabbed the git tree20:06
jaegerI was using romster's updates before this20:07
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Romsterah i did bump it to 1.12.3 on version-updates_xorg21:34
RomsterteK_, you wanted me for something?21:35
Romsterlol why did i just think of discotek21:35
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