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jue.oO a bunch of video driver updates, the whole xorg stuff seems to be more work than I've thought04:03
Romsteri spent a whole day o what i did alone and it seems i missed a bunch of stuff going by your commits04:20
Romsteroff to table tennis now back in ~4 hours04:20
teK_Romster: yes my touch[pad problem04:47
teK_but this will have to wait some hours04:47
frinnstbut the drivers that were announced.. just a lot of crap-drivers that nobody (should) use05:34
frinnstdo we even need to ship all of those?05:35
frinnstespecially if we go 64bit05:35
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Romsteroh that teK_07:25
Romsteryou still haven't got that working?07:25
teK_nope :|\07:39
Romstershould only need ps/2 support for it07:40
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teK_will report back later Ö=07:52
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rmullfrinnst: Any motion on gtk3 inclusion?09:20
juefrinnst: definitely no IMO, but for now I'd like to do the xorg update soon and deal with such things later09:26
jueFWIW, no problems with the xorg update on my netbook09:28
frinnstrmull: havent had time to look at it, really09:31
Romsteri'll move to that this weekend09:31
Romsterdon't fancy breaking my desktop during the week.09:32
rmullNo breakages, it slots in alongside gtk209:35
Romsteri meant xorg changes.09:38
rmullah, sorry09:40
frinnstdo we have anything in core/opt/contrib that would take advantage of it?09:40
frinnstit feels silly to push a library that nothing uses09:41
Romsterwebkit can use gtk3 so can sakura09:45
jaegerhrmm... wonder why cmake wants to use lib64 instead of lib when I build freerdp09:50
Romsteruname probably reports x86_6409:53
Romster/bin/uname "$@"|sed -e's/x86_64/i686/'09:54
Romsterin a ~/bin/uname and prefix that top PATH in my chroot09:54
rmullfrinnst: I've only needed it for webkit09:55
jaegerIt isn't a problem, I just don't care for that behavior09:55
jaegerI like freerdp so far, it fixes the annoying broken cursors that rdesktop shows when connecting to 2008r2 servers10:00
juejaeger: have you had the time to do another test with our xorg?10:05
jaegerwell, I grabbed the git tree last night but there were no big updates that I saw10:08
jaegerno xorg-server, certainly10:08
jaegerromster said later that he bumped it in the httpup repo10:09
jaegerI do have my laptop today, I can do a rebuild from scratch on it if you like, but no problems last night10:09
juefor me not really necessary cause I've done the update on 3 different boxes without issues, but it's up to you of course10:11
jaegerI trust your results on that and my test :)10:13
jueok, so I'll do the final commit now :)10:14
jaegerok by me10:14
jaegerthe unrelenting flood of firefox releases as well!10:26
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jaegerfrinnst: what version of zenoss are you using? 4.x beta? 3.x?12:26
jaegerteK_: I consistently get an error if I build gnu-efi with parallel make jobs =/13:42
jaegerteK_: /usr/bin/ar: libefi.a: File format not recognized13:42
jaegeron a side note yay for no more stupid mesa3d x86_64 footprint mismatch13:50
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frinnstjaeger: latest stable, whatever version it is :)14:39
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teK_jaeger: how many parallel tasks do you use?15:21
teK_I used -j8 and it should have worked although I don't have access to my main machine right now15:21
jaegerteK_: depends on the machine. -j8 here15:34
jaegerfrinnst: I guess that's 3.x, 4.2 is labeled as beta15:34
teK_will have to check that tomorrow15:35
teK_still unsure wrt opebox15:35
teK_what files are put into libexec/?15:35
jaegeropenbox  usr/libexec/openbox-autostart15:36
jaegeropenbox  usr/libexec/openbox-xdg-autostart15:36
jaegerteK_: I think the footprint update is missing :)15:46
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