IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2012-07-18

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frinnstjaeger: 3.2.103:09
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jaegerfrinnst: thanks08:48
jaegeron an unrelated note have we ever talked about moving installscript functionality into the Pkgfile?08:48
jaegerpre-install -> preinst() and post-install -> postinst() for example08:48
jaegerI guess that would break some things like adding users when using fakeroot to build as an unprivileged user08:50
jaegernever mind, I'll delve more into that later08:50
frinnstwould that add anything more than, perhaps readability (well, for post/pre stuff)?08:51
jaegerMy thought was removing the pre-/post-install files to clean up clutter but it would just add clutter in the Pkgfile instead08:52
jaegerIt was just something I thought of while trying to clean up some MATE schemas install stuff08:53
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jaegerargh... I wonder if the cairo slowness is ever going to get fixed13:59
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