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teK_Romster: I solved the 'problem' with my  touchpad... it was (Fn+F7) disable ... doooooooh..03:46
teK_I shit bricks.03:47
frinnstspeaking of silly mistakes. our syslog-hostname from public ips resolved to a US-Postal ip-block03:48
frinnsttypo in ip-address03:48
teK_silly?!! how dareyou :D03:48
frinnst56 instead of 46 \o/03:48
RomsterteK_, rofl oh man hate that03:49
Romsteri didn't even think to suggest that03:50
teK_me neither -_-03:58
Romsteralso xorg-xinput fixed04:14
Romsterperhaps you should join in xorg too teK_ ? or are you busy enough with other duties04:16
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teK_i have yet to 'fix' our rc-ng04:40
teK_I also plan to set up jenkins for automated packagebuilding04:40
teK_but this cannot happen before a friend of mine ordered a new dedicated server so... :)04:42
teK_and I despise (details: see topic of #crux) :P04:42
teK_Thomas Krenn AG sponsors open source projects with hardware04:44
teK_that could be interesting, too04:44
teK_they are not far from here04:44
teK_but who would host it04:44
Romsteri haven't had mouse keyboard problems in ages.04:50
Romsterjenkins i sin java no?04:51
Romsteris in*04:51
teK_I fear so *g*04:52
Romsterlive a little :D05:03
frinnsthost what? a physical server?05:21
frinnstI could probably talk my boss into hosting a crux-project or two, if there's a need05:45
frinnstvirtual, that is05:47
teK_I image we'd need a strong CPU for building the packages and some RAM (8GB)05:49
Romsteri know just the person jaeger :D06:47
frinnsthmm, need to increase the max number of cpu's on the iso kernel :)07:18
teK_for sure.07:36
teK_mindcreating a feature request in FS?07:36
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Romsterwhat? is 16 not good enough or is it lower than that?07:42
frinnsthell no! :)07:42
frinnsti think it's 807:42
Romsterand why on the iso, you install it on your system then reconfigure your kernel.07:43
frinnstbut building the first kernel is slooooow07:43
Romster10 minutes is far too long isn't it.07:43
frinnsttook 59 seconds07:45
teK_+ it won't hurt at all..07:56
teK_just as adding as much disk-controller-drivers as possible..07:56
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frinnstI love when the terminal is too small to display all cpu's in 'top'08:28
jaegerhow many does that take? It shows all of mine (16) in small bars with a default size...08:28
jaeger24? 32?08:28
jaegerdefault size terminal, I meant08:29
frinnstbuggers out with 2408:40
teK_the last big xorg-update made /usr/lib/ go away which breaks exo08:45
teK_uncool :[08:46
teK_and libxfce4ui breaks too08:47
jaegerI had to rebuild a few xfce4 things08:48
jaegerI think I set the max CPUs to 16 in the multilib kernel config :)08:49
frinnstI went very conservative with this crux-vm08:50
frinnstonly 6 cores and 32gig ram08:50
frinnsttime to go nuts!08:50
teK_ <308:55
jaegerbet that's pretty awesome for the kids looking outside08:55
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Romstercan't make a omelet without breaking a few eggs, you sure that's required and not jsut some lingering la file with that lib that needs to be seded out?09:17
jaegerIf you want to save the world you've got to push a few old ladies down the stairs.09:19
Romsteri often wonder if we should libtool slay09:20
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jaegerfrom what I've read that's a bad idea for source-based distros09:24
jaegernot as big a deal for binary ones09:24
teK_it's a .so missing not .la09:26
teK_mistake in my mail09:26
jaegerI just assumed we weren't talking about the mail, heh09:27
Romsterso i guess we could make the old port jsut for that one lib.09:28
jaegeror just recompile a few packages09:28
Romsterexo isn't in portsdb09:28
jaegeryes, it is09:28
Romsteryeah but i wonder if it can't be what jaeger said09:29
teK_I pretty often use the open link feature of (xfce) Terminal09:29
Romsteroh right i looked in the chroot that hasn't got xfce in it silly me09:29
jaegerI would use that if xfce could remember my damn browser09:29
teK_exo-preferred-applications doesn't work for you?09:30
teK_one of the main reasons (besides Tabs) I use Terminal is due to 'Open Link' (and sane copy and paste, of course)09:30
teK_it's the only part of xfceIactually use. Rest is fluxbox + nothing ;)09:31
jaegerit runs and I can select a browser, the problem is that it doesn't remember09:31
jaegerfor example I just opened it now and it says "No application selected"09:31
jaegerso I put chrome in it and it'll forget the next time I log out (I think it was logout)09:31
Romsternow i forget that program that xchat and others use for setting default programs that free desktop uses.09:31
jaegerIt does remember my mail program, file manager, and terminal :P09:32
jaegerjust not browser09:32
Romstermy memory is really crap that i can't remember that.09:32
rmullRomster: xdg-open?09:32
Romsterah yes that rmull thanks09:32
rmullNo problem :)09:33
teK_jaeger: what does % cat ~/.config/xfce4/helpers.rc say09:38
Romsterwish i had better memory or i try to do too much.09:38
horrorStruckwhy i feel this way this way this way this way this way
jaegerteK_: WebBrowser=custom-WebBrowser09:40
teK_ok same here but I have chromium.. hmm/09:42
teK_anyway.. jumping on my bike NOW. cu later :}09:43
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jueindeed, the changes to libxcb-util are not so nice, guess we have to expect more issues here10:24
jueone might come to the idea to add syslinks for the older libs, but that's crap IMO10:26
jaegeryeah, don't want to get into that practice.10:26
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sepenI also experienced issues with xfce after the big X update12:22
sepenand same for openbox which requires rebuild first startup-notification to work12:23
sepenteK_: thanks for your tips12:26
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frinnstthoughts about setting up 2.8/3.0 repos?13:20
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juefrinnst: shouldn't we finish our 'CRUX next' discussion first? teK_ promised to add some comments too ...13:50
juefrinnst: I think that we have kind of a consensus wrt 'x86_64 multilib ready' but for me the i686 situation is still open13:52
juefrinnst: btw, I don't have forgotten the glibc 2.12 security fixes, but for the third, which is now CVE-2012-3406, not clear fix is available, AFAIK13:57
jueI'm refering to this thread ->
juefrinnst: do you have more or newer infos?13:57
frinnstnope, nothing else14:03
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