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jaegercan't build libcanberra because ld can't find -lcanberra08:43
jaegerno shit, ld!08:43
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jaegerah, clock skew caused a whole load of problems. thanks for that, windows09:00
Romsterhate when that happens haven't you got nptd?09:02
jaegerntpd can't handle 5 hours of clock difference well09:02
jaegerhave to kill it, set the clock, and start it again09:02
Romsteropenntpd can afaik it will jump to the exact time if it is that far out.09:02
jaegerIt's supposed to, yes. Doesn't work well in practice09:02
jaeger(assuming you use the right command line option, which crux does by default)09:03
Romsteropenntpd 3.9p1-3 fixed that issue for me at least.09:03
Romsteri got it running on my gateway box then my desktop points to my gateway ntpd.09:03
Romsteronly down side is it wont sync my desktop until the gateway ntpd is with in a certain time tolerance. if that should ever be out.09:05
Romsterbut it corrects itself.09:05
jaegerdefault ntpd does that as well, that's intended09:05
jaegerafter all, wouldn't want to set a clock against a time server that isn't synced09:05
Romsteryeah makes sense.09:05
Romstertry openntpd always worked for me.09:06
Romstereven with hours of time difference. done a test on that.09:06
jaegerIt hasn't for me but setting the clock and restarting it does09:06
jaegerOn some machines openntpd works flawlessly... others it has issues. I wonder if it's due to the different RTCs or something09:07
jaegerkinda like how some servers have horrible clock skew due to their RTCs being cheap shit09:08
Romsterpossible. i supose you could go and swap the 38 dot something KHz time crystal on the motherboard and see if it's more accurate.09:09
Romsteri can't imagine it being out by much though09:09
Romsterthem crystals are cut very precisely09:10
jaegerIt varies, some of them only get a few seconds out of sync over the course of a week, others lose minutes a day09:10
Romsterminutes a day O_O09:10
jaegerI've only seen one of those but yeah, it's ridiculous09:10
jaegerIt was on an old-ass dell server09:10
Romster32.768 KHz Watch Quartz Crystal09:17
Romstersorry not 38KHz that's the FM pilot tone 19Khz doubled up to 38Khz in the receiver to decode stereo.09:18
Romsterif you can be assed to unsolder the clock crystal and replace it09:19
jaegerIn this case it's a laptop so I'm not willing to mess with that09:19
jaegerMight be on an old server but not here09:19
jaegerThis one stays in sync, anyway, the problem was a huge skew caused by windows09:20
jaegerwindows using local time, linux using utc. Not sure how it got set that way, I set all my dual-boot machines to use local time but somehow managed to set this one wrong09:20
Romstersame deal, if your handy with a iron it's removable. but if you've never done plated though hole soldering before, practice on old boards first.09:20
jaegerI've done plenty of soldering, just don't want to do it with the laptop09:21
Romsteryeah that's jsut windows being a dickin this case but for that dell server.09:21
jaegerFortunately I don't have to deal with that server anymore, was at an old job09:21
Romsterminutes a day should be unheard of.09:22
Romsteri can imagine a few milliseconds09:22
Romsterat most.09:22
jaegerIt certainly wasn't intentional :)09:25
Romsterit never is :D09:30
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