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frinnstnope, but thanks01:20
frinnstgood catch01:20
frinnstteK_: a couple of CVE's fixed in wireshark 1.8.101:23
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mike_k_xorg-inputproto/Pkgfile: $PKG/usr/share contains files as well, so simple "-delete" fails07:39
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mike_k_xorg-font-bh-ttf does not generate etc/fonts files and gives a footprint mismatch for me08:36
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Romstermike_k, what is in your xorg-inputproto doc files or something?08:57
mike_kXI2proto.{txt,html} XIproto.{txt,html}08:59
mike_kRomster: maybe I have some optional dep installed. like asciidoc08:59
Romsteris that in /usr/share/doc/ though?09:02
mike_kyes, in $PKG/usr/share09:03
mike_koh, wait09:03
mike_kyep, it shows up if i modify Pkgfile with: ls -lR $PKG/usr/share09:04
Romsterone down one to figure out what dep it's missing.09:11
Romsterthis xorg-font-bh-ttf makes no sense to me...09:30
Romsterbuilt everything and still none of them files.09:50
mike_kRomster: why not just rm -rf the whole  $PKG/usr/share ?09:51
mike_k* or share/doc at least09:51
Romsteri have already changed it to rm -r $PKG/usr/share/doc10:01
Romsterthis other font port xorg-font-bh-ttf has the files in there but not being installed.10:01
mike_kah, yep10:03
Romstermake DESTDIR=$PKG install install-dist_availconfigDATA10:10
Romsternot working either too tired to debug this now.10:10
mike_knot very critical package anyway10:11
frinnstI also had a missmatch with xorg-font-bh-ttf btw11:07
frinnstjue, did you forget to push transmission-gtk?11:20
juefrinnst: no, but they decided to drop gtk2 support with a minor release (2.60 -> 2.61), it's gtk3 only now11:27
juefrinnst: I filed a bug report, curious to hear what they say11:29
jueIMO it's a joke to do a release with a security fix and add such massive changes as well11:31
frinnstoh cool12:00
frinnstfinally something to test my gtk3 port against :)12:00
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frinnsteew, ugly :)12:02
frinnstalso fail: (transmission-gtk:22931): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: No GSettings schemas are installed on the system12:02
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jaegerfrinnst: I could test it against dconf's editor if you like12:17
frinnstyou running gnome3?12:19
frinnstor, atleast gtk3?12:19
jueFWIW here's the ticket ->
frinnstthere we go, maybe I need to add a post-install hook to glib12:21
frinnstjue: meh12:21
frinnst# glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas12:22
frinnstmeh, cold beer + breaking bad12:23
juefrinnst: keep in mind that glib is part of our ISO and install-scripts are not supported, because we are working at the package- and not port-level here12:28
jaegerfrinnst: MATE, but dconf-editor wants to use gtk312:29
frinnstjue, ah right12:36
frinnstquick and untested12:37
frinnstthe gtk* files in that port are redundant12:37
frinnstwow, dconf is required to even change a simple gtk3 theme13:22
frinnsthow useless13:22
jaegerwelcome to the new world =( gsettings is a pain13:23
jaegerfrinnst: ok, dconf-editor works with your gtk3 port for me13:28
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jaegergah... /etc/dbus-1, /usr/etc/dbus-1, /usr/share/dbus-119:42
jaegerso annoying19:42
jaegerlooking at the handbook package guidelines should we not change dbus to use --sysconfdir=/etc ?20:16
jaeger"Configuration files for system software (daemons, etc.)20:16
jaegermaking dbus search /etc/dbus-1 in addition to /usr/etc/dbus-1 at least changes things... doesn't solve everything but it's different now :P20:34
jaegercan't run anything now :D progress as promised20:35
jaegerooh, getting better20:50
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Romsterdbus can run as system daemon or per a session too so it's tricky to classify for /etc or /usr/etc21:48
Romsterfrinnst, with --enable-gtk2-dependency does that mean gtk3 will work on gtk2 apps without gtk or does gtk3 sit beside gtk2?21:52
jaegeryeah, and it's messy as fuck as a result21:53
jaegerI ended up just telling it to search both locations for now21:53
Romsterprobably is best for /etc though21:57
jaegermoving /usr/etc/dbus-1 without setting -sysconfdir=/etc is problematic, though, there's no easy way to do that without patching or editing each port that installs files there22:08
jaegerSo we end up with crap in /etc that otherwise wouldn't be there22:08
jaegerThere are times when I really hate the separate of /etc and /usr/etc22:09
jaegerThis is one of those times22:09
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