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frinnstRomster: it sits beside gtk201:18
Romsterjaeger, woulnd't the other ports ask dbus where  -sysconfdir= is set too, or are those ports hard coded dumbly.02:50
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frinnstim not sure who runs dbus as a daemon, I dont. I've not really thought much about changing to /etc, it was /usr/etc when I took over maintainership07:44
jaegerAny xfce, kde, gnome, or mate user runs two instances of dbus-daemon07:52
jaegerone system-wide and one per-session07:52
frinnstpoor them :)07:52
jaegerI suggested to the guy who started the MATE collection that we remove the --sysconfdir statements, haven't heard back yet07:52
Romsterhrmm wouldn't setting --sysconfdir screw it up more because of the two locations.08:04
jaegeryes, that's the point08:04
Romsterah now i get it08:04
jaegerI suggested we *remove* it08:05
Romsterit didn't register yesterday when i was more tired.08:05
Romsterthought more along the lines of one fixed path.08:05
jaegerwell, that bit was 13 minutes ago :)08:05
jaegerGonna switch my workstation here from xfce to mate today, see how that goes08:06
Romsterhrm was something the other day about dbus...08:06
Romsterand someone else a few weeks before that asked the same why is it at /etc/usr question too.08:06
Romstermake a new root for that?08:07
jaegerI don't mind using /usr/etc OR /etc, just a pain sometimes to use both08:07
jaegernah, I've done plenty of full builds in a VM already as well as on my laptop08:07
Romsteri've been meaning to do that with my lvm setup one root for each desktop kinda thing for testing other setups08:07
jaegerI just use VMs for those sorts of tests08:07
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jaegerI used to use VirtualBox mostly but now I've converted my CRUX server at home to ESXi so I can better use its resources08:08
jaegerIt doesn't matter which virtualization tech you use, though, they'd all work fine for this08:08
Romsterah i always thought vbox was heavy on resources08:08
jaegerdoesn't seem that way to me but I have fairly beefy hardware08:09
Romsteris that free or paid?08:09
jaegerIf you mean ESXi it's both. The free version is limited in some ways but still more than enough for a home lab08:10
Romsterprobably wont matter for me, but nice to know about these things.08:10
Romsterwhich one do you use free or paid?08:10
jaegerBasically you can only use 1 physical CPU socket and 32GB RAM and it can't be clustered08:10
jaegerAt home I use free, at work enterprise08:10
Romster best not found page i found so far.08:11
jaegerI've got a Xeon E3-1230 and 16GB RAM in it currently, working great08:11
jaegerI like mine better but that's not bad :)08:11
Romsterah so ya can't do SMP other than 1 core.08:11
jaeger1 physical socket, unlimited cores08:12
Romsteryeah seen that one of yours it's also nice.08:12
jaegerThe E3-1230 has 8 cores (4x2)08:12
Romsterah right, so blade servers would be limited to one cpu socket.08:12
jaegerIf you have blade servers you probably also have the enterprise license08:13
Romsternot here at home that would be wishful thinking.08:15
jaegerI imagine most people don't have blade servers at home08:15
Romsternot unless they are the cray type i guess.08:16
Romsterjaeger, your in xorg and i dunno where jue is, he usualy says good morning a few hours ago, is he taking another few days off? care to look at that xorg-font-bh-ttf not installing etc/fonts/conf.d/42-luxi-mono.conf08:17
jaegerlooks pretty obvious in the build log08:19
jaegertest -z "@confdir@/conf.avail" || /bin/mkdir -p "/dev/shm/ports-work-xorg-font-bh-ttf/pkg@confdir@/conf.avail"08:19
jaegermkdir -p /dev/shm/ports-work-xorg-font-bh-ttf/pkg@confdir@/conf.d08:19
jaegerln -s ../conf.avail/42-luxi-mono.conf /dev/shm/ports-work-xorg-font-bh-ttf/pkg@confdir@/conf.d08:19
jaegerslate/mhoush /dev/shm/ports-work-xorg-font-bh-ttf $ ls08:20
jaegerpkg  pkg@confdir@  src08:20
jaegersee the problem?08:20
jaegerchecking for fontconfig's configuration directory... @confdir@08:21
jaeger$ pkg-config --variable=confdir fontconfig08:30
jaegerlooks like fontconfig's pkg-config file is the root of the problem08:33
Romsteruh is it not replacing that path with a sed expression08:35
Romsteri didn't see that last night.08:35
Romsteri was too busy poking in autoconfig and makefile -_-08:35
jaegerso figuring out whatever's wrong with fontconfig will probably fix the xorg-font-bh-ttf package08:36
Romsteri thought it was a fontconfig issue myself but that's as far as i got.08:36
Romsterhrmm indeed fontconfig has a pkg-config issue.08:37
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jaegerI'm not familiar enough with autotools to properly fix that but that's where to look, it seems. we could fix it manually in fontconfig.pc if there's not already an upstream fix08:44
Romsteri'll dig around i've poked at autotools somewhat.08:50
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Romsterfonts.conf gets the right path now seeing why fontconfig.pc does not.09:32
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jaegerwell, my MATE setup here is working quite well09:43
horrorStruckhe's using CRUX too?09:52
* horrorStruck hides09:52
Romsteri didn't find the correct var for it but i did fix it with a hack10:01
Romstersed -i -e 's|^confdir=.*|confdir=${sysconfdir}/fonts|' \10:01
Romster        fontconfig.pc.in10:01
Romsteri'll report that to sepen.10:01
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Romsteri thought it may be confdir=@configdir@ but that wasn't right either.10:02
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Romsterc0x, your connection is not so good.10:04
c0xcheap wi-fi router10:07
frinnstjaeger: E3-1230 is a damn good buy. i almost regret not going for a xeon/ecc setup when i bought my sandy bridge last year :/10:07
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Romsteryou sure it's not just some10:08
jaegerfrinnst: yeah, I was happy to find it :)10:08
Romstererr that's his ghost10:08
Romsterc0x, you sure it's not just some clash of same channels or some other 2.4GHz device in your general area?10:08
frinnstand a m/b with 8 dimm-slots :)10:08
jaegerfrinnst: I went with a 4-slot board for my home lab, since there are many well-priced ones10:10
jaegerIf I need to upgrade from 16GB to 32GB RAM in the future it'll be more expensive with 4 slots but I'm banking on not needing that any time soon10:11
jaegerwent with for the SATA controllers and IPMI10:11
frinnst16gb modules isn't *that* expensive either10:11
jaegerwell, 16GB modules wouldn't be worth it for my home lab anyway10:12
jaegerThe free license supports 32GB RAM and I have 4 slots so 8x4 would work fine for less money10:12
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