IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2012-07-28

juegood morning02:22
juejaeger: guess that's related ->
horrorStruckfrinnst: just FTR, not sure if it's llvm or the dragonegg plugin but one of them was definitely screwed because of the 4.7.1 bug, just a heads-up if you rely on these, rebuild them against 4.7.203:22
Romsterwont revdep detect this?03:28
horrorStrucknope it's a "subtle" 4.7.1 bug03:32
horrorStruckthat is, if you were talking to me :d03:34
horrorStruckall my binaries built with drangonegg plugin were segfaulting, not anymore03:37
Romsternasty bug05:04
jaegerjue: that change seems newer and it makes sense with all the complaints people had about multiple device symlinks07:31
jaegerI don't mind that one, I was having the opposite problem of not enough symlinks, not too many of them :)07:31
jaegerIt was creating /dev/cdrom but not /dev/dvd07:58
jaegerwith the 'by-id' added it creates one or two more than I need but it does restore /dev/dvd07:58
jaegeralso I only have 1 optical drive in any machine so all I need is the one symlink for each07:59
Romsteri noticed /dev/dvd missing.08:16
frinnstI've had issues with that udev rule too09:51
frinnstand yeah, /dev/dvd is missing09:52
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jaegerIf you run udevadm test /sys/block/sr0 there's probably an error about something being unsupported... I didn't save it, though10:11
jaegerchanging that line in the rules file fixes it10:11
Romsterspawn_wait: 'cdrom_id --lock-media /dev/sr0' [26921] exit with return code 010:30
Romster0 means it's ok right?10:30
Romsterbut then a test can give false results too.10:31
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juejaeger: feel free to improve our udev port, please10:46
jaegerabout to leave for the local LUG meeting, I will take another look at it when I get back home. :)11:03
jaegerRomster: that wasn't the error, it's something else. I'll run it in a VM or something later and get the error message11:04
frinnstso my boss ordered a couple of intel 330 ssd's yesterday (\o/) and I will *NOT* be reinstalling rhel on it. where can i find multi-lib iso's?11:14
frinnstI'm sure i've asked before but.. :)11:15
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Romstercouldn't that be added to the downloads page as contributed19:36
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