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frinnstcouple of multilib issues:06:38
frinnst/usr/lib32/ undefined reference to `_XGetRequest'06:38
frinnst../../lib32/ undefined reference to `_XGetRequest'06:38
frinnstsecond error is when i try to rebuild mesa3d-3206:39
jaegermesa3d-32 probably needs a bump, I'll take a look at it07:10
frinnstfirst error is pango-3207:15
jaegersame error?07:16
frinnst`_XGetRequest', yes07:20
frinnsttrying to get gtk-32 installed07:20
frinnstare there any pre-built 32bit packages available somewhere?07:30
jaegerI don't keep a store of them, romster might07:30
frinnsthah, fucking overheating gpu07:32
frinnstguess compiling a bunch of stuff doesnt help :D07:32
Romstera bunch of xorg-32 needs bumping.07:51
Romsteri haven't got a store i can make one though07:51
Romsternot of all the stuff built only some stuff.07:52
jaegerI'm working on the xorg-32 stuff now07:52
Romsterah k07:52
Romsterafter that huge xorg and work i haven't been much in the mood to do alot in crux.07:53
Romsterwhen i do get requests for packages they go here frinnst
Romsteri usualyl only upload the time consuming alrge ones07:54
Romstermeaning to automate that process07:55
Romsterif you like i'll bump gtk-32 stuff after your done jaeger07:56
jaegerI don't use gtk-32 and friends but if you don't have time I'll look at it07:56
Romsteri got time now.07:56
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jaeger;a=commitdiff;h=1a058f1350c08d29e98db37c49b6d621abacaa0c <-- this commit made me chuckle a bit08:22
jaegerbecause of the "new dep"08:23
Romsterwhat the heck08:35
Romstersigh that was a dumb thing todo and guess who did that -_-08:36
jaegerIt doesn't cause any problems, just kinda funny08:37
jaegerok, pushed all the xorg-32 updates that are relevant to my installs, there will probably be others needing updates08:37
Romstercairo-32: 1.10.2 -> 1.12.209:15
Romsterlooking at the rest for gtk-32 now.09:15
frinnstwhatever got pushed solved my issues09:18
jaegergood deal :)09:18
* Romster pushes frinnst over to the right a bit more :D09:27
frinnstI tend to lean left :D09:34
Romsterglib-32: 2.32.3 -> 2.32.409:36
Romstergtk-32: 2.24.10 -> 2.24.1110:04
frinnstseems a 32bit version of cups is needed10:05
jaegerfor gtk-32? shouldn't be mandatory10:06
frinnstif you have cups already installed it seems to be10:07
Romsteryeah i've been getting around that by building gtk-32 in a chroot then installing it on my system10:10
Romsterbeen meaning to fix that.10:10
jaegerIs there a benefit to building gtk with cups support or should we disable it?10:11
frinnsti got around it by removing cups :)10:11
Romsteronly those that need it for wine printing really or other gtk 32bit printing.10:11
jaegerI'm thinking of 64-bit too10:11
jaegerif you have cups installed gtk will link against it10:12
Romsterfew more issues i see but i'll dealw ith them later getting ready for bed.10:12
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jueAFAIK, to disable cups in gtk means no printer support in any gtk application11:44
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juewrt udev, I've created a port with the build stuff from LFS today, though not tested yet12:29
jueif someone wants to give it a try, a port is here ->
juenote: new soname, so every application linked against udev needs to be rebuild12:32
jaegerShould we consider making cups a dependency?12:47
juejaeger: not really, I think it's ok to have this as an optional dep12:48
jaegerIt would be nice if we had some way to handle optional deps in footprints12:49
juedisabling it for gtk-32 wouldn't hurt me ;)12:49
juewell, printing is always a controversial feature, some need it others not12:52
juejaeger: what do you think, are we able to do a first 2.8rc within the next two weeks?12:54
jaegerI would say so, yeah12:55
jueI'm asking because I'm offline for two weeks beginning at August 11th12:55
juedo you have something pending for iso.git?12:56
jaegerI'll have to check, did some work on removing the squashfs stuff12:57
jaegerThat stuff could be ignored for an rc, certainly12:58
jueok, I'll try do some work on setup-helper the next days12:59
jueand other things listed on TODO2812:59
jaegerI'll test ISO building with the toolchain and other updates13:00
jaegerWhat else do you want me to work on? You shouldn't have to do all the work :)13:00
juemaybe the 'gets' issue?13:01
jaegerok, I'll see what I can find13:01
juefor me the following gnu progs that are using gnulib failed:13:03
juecpio, diffutils, gettext, inetutils, m4, tar, wget13:04
jaegerthat matches up with the list I made last time I looked at it:
jaegerhttpup and xorg-xinit are probably no longer issues but I'll double check13:05
jueI've committed a fix for httpup yesterday13:06
jaegeryeah, I saw that one13:06
jueand forgot to push the one for wvdial ;)13:06
jaegeroops, broke my toolchain somehow13:45
jaegereasy to fix, at least14:02
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Romsterhow do you fix the gets issue?21:30
Romstermissing header fix?21:30
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jaegergets was removed from glibc so programs using it need to evolve21:51
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