IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2012-08-01

juegood morning01:30
jueRomster: see here for example ->
Romsterah security issue forcing fgets now03:01
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frinnstdamn romster, syncing your repo is painful :)04:38
frinnston f* now :)04:42
Romsteri started more torrents -_-04:45
Romsterit's fine for large files on QoS but lots of small files don't gain much speed still.04:46
frinnstyou evil bastard! :D04:46
frinnstwhats your bandwidth?04:46
Romster1512/256 kbit04:47
Romsteronce the fibre gets to me i'll get 100/40mbit04:47
Romsterfor the same price as this plan. it's unlimited currently though04:47
frinnstsweet, eta? (im wondering if i should wait with the sync till then :D)04:47
Romsterlol not anytime soon probably 3 years away04:48
Romsteri should move my repos to though when i get unlazy04:48
Romsterjaeger, jue iptables bump 1.4.1504:52
sepenfrinnst: thanks, reading now05:01
sepenahh, released today, my ck4up runs at night05:02
frinnstyeah, probably not a real big deal. no known exploits exist - just dos.05:02
frinnstbut got my attention today when all distros released patches for it :)05:02
sepenthanks again, I'll use [notify] for that05:04
sepenjue: since now didn't have the time to pay attention to your new mail (crux next II)05:08
sepenjue: +1 for the timeline05:08
juesepen: ok, good to know that you like it, we got no other responses yet05:12
jueRomster: thx, I just noticed this morning that our ck4up on didn't run for quite some time because of an access error05:13
juewas my fault, did some changes to ck4up.conf and forgot to chown the file to the crux user :(05:14
jueso we have some backlog with core ports05:15
Romsterjue, oh i see.05:15
Romstershouldn't errors be emailed to you :)05:15
Romsterfrom syslog05:15
jueck4up errors they are saved to file, but nothing else happens with that file05:17
jueonly result are send out05:17
juethat's something we should improve, though05:18
Romstersounds like a issue that could be handled better.05:19
sepenjue: I could start to create 2.8 branches05:19
juesepen: thanks, but let's wait some days more, I'll first get core up-to-date05:22
sepenah ok05:30
frinnstjue: oops, forgot to reply to next2 :)05:30
sepenI won't write a reply to say: +1 ;)05:31
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juefrinnst: it's not to late :)05:33
frinnstyeah i'll do it tonight05:33
frinnstunless I forget again :D05:33
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horrorStruckjue: have been able to build cryptsetup against your udev 187?10:34
horrorStrucklibdevmapper too :\10:37
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juehorrorStruck: not tried yet, the port was just the attempt to use the LFS stuff for building a newer udev from systemd sources, still using udev 182 here12:05
horrorStruckjue: ok thanks. i'll try to find fixes tomorrow14:39
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jaegerjue: working on fixes for the gets thing now, should have a useful set of patches ready soon18:48
jaegereasy fix, at least18:48
jaegeractually I can do it with sed, won't bother with a bunch of patches that we'll have to remove later18:52
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jaegerjue: doing a bootstrap finally with all the updates including the gets fixes20:01
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