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Romsteri could test this weekend if that helps.05:21
Romsterhi acrux don't know if you got any x86/x86_64 hardware we are in the works for crux 2.8 and crux 3.005:22
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horrorStruckjue: just FTR, libdevmapper builds OK against udev 187 without --enable-static_link06:10
horrorStrucksame goes with cryptsetup06:13
Romsterthat's a commit bomb in core.06:35
Romsterhrmm so why does static break?06:35
horrorStruckhow to prevent screen clearing after boot, before login. there are some errors with 187 but can't read them06:59
horrorStruckdamn ssd :P06:59
jaegerhorrorStruck: add --noclear to the agetty line in /etc/inittab07:33
juejaeger: bootstrap finished?08:11
juehorrorStruck: guess it's because the udev port doesn't install a static libudev.a08:16
juewill try to fix that08:17
jaegerjue: haven't checked yet, just now getting some time to08:17
jaegerjue: yes, it finished08:18
horrorStruckjaeger: thanks08:25
horrorStruckjue: when booting with 187: Your paste can be seen here:
jaegerdoh, forgot xorg-util-macros in my bootstrap test09:10
juehorrorStruck: ah, I see, that's because newer udev version no longer copies /lib/udev/device/* to /dev11:23
juehorrorStruck: esay fix would be to mkdir the directories in start_udev11:23
juethat's an interesting thread ->
jueespecially that reply from Poettering ->
jueI'm sorry, but I've to admit that I sometime have tendencies to hate that guys ;)11:52
jaegerWhat amazes me is that he admitted he's nitpicking12:49
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juejaeger: ojections to create a 2.8 branch for our iso.git13:14
jaegerNo objections here... I do have a custom branch currently but to be honest I've lost track of exactly where we were with regards to trimming down the rootfs stuff13:31
jaegerI don't think anyone but me or sepen has offered an opinion on the rootfs configuration, we should probably talk about that sometime13:32
jaegerThat branch has had netinst and squashfs removed but there was other stuff sepen wanted to do with it13:33
jueok, I'd suggest to postpone bigger changes for now and do at least 2.8 with our proven stuff?13:35
jaegerThat's fine with me13:35
jaegernetinst should go either way, it's completely unmaintained13:36
jaegerIt should be easy enough for me to sync up the kernel/module updates without the squashfs stuff13:36
jaegerhow about we create the new branch, you put in your changes, then I'll update the kernel config and remove netinst?13:41
jueyeah, that's fine for me13:42
jaegerI had some build problems with 3.4.x kernels but 3.2.23 is safe in my testing so far13:43
jaegerIf we want to go with 3.4 I'll test it again13:43
jaeger3.4.3 was the last I tested, I think. 3.4.7 is current13:43
jueyeah, using it here without problems13:43
jaegerok, I'll test it as well13:44
jueok, 2.8 branch created13:45
juewill start adding stuff tomorrow13:46
jaegerI'll probably to the kernel and netinst update this afternoon or tonight, should be fairly simple13:46
jaegerer, get to the13:48
jaegerran into the same build problems with lpfc again in 3.4.715:41
jaegerI wonder if anyone needs the lpfc driver15:41
jaegerI'll just patch it, easy fix15:43
frinnstwow, lennart sure is an asshole16:01
frinnstsleep -h now16:02
* jaeger waves to crux.nu17:21
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horrorStrucks/asshole/enormous asstunnel/20:30
horrorStrucki wish so hard some talented guy would fork udev20:31
jaegergrrr... btrfs/crc32c/libcrc32c are annoying modules20:46
jaegerdon't autoload deps properly, have to manually load them in the ISO init20:46
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