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acruxRomster: actually i don't have a spare x86_64 machine and also i'm not sure if i'll release a new cruxppc iso01:14
acruxnow i'm only playing with the next armhf toolchain (gcc-4.7.1, glibc-2.16) with  ppl and graphite support (isl backned)  and now also with lto01:18
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pitillo_acrux are you using same toolchain components versions as crux?05:30
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pitillo_jaeger do you have your toolchain components changes pushed for the next version?05:31
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jaegerpitillo: not so far07:31
jaegeryeesh, is still down07:35
jaegeracrux: I should have some ARM stuff soonish... I finally got a chance to order a raspberry pi, though it'll be 10 weeks or so backlogged for shipping... also the friend I've mentioned who works for genesi is going to send me a smartbook07:36
pitillojaeger: I was looking for the toolchain components versions, are they somewhere?08:17
jaeger <-- here are the multilib ones I built, the versions are still the same08:21
pitillojaeger: great, thank you very much08:21
jaegerno problem08:30
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Romsterany idea whats up with anyone spoken with charlie?09:19 still down?11:38
Romster still down11:48
Romsterdid another hdd die or something?11:48
frinnstall day or what?11:48
* frinnst slaps mavrick61 11:48
Romsterwas wondering if if anyone talked to charlie11:49
Romsterusually teK_ does?11:49
teK_I'll mail him11:50
frinnstnot to sound unappreciative or anything, but my employer could probably host it on more reliable hardware if there is a need11:52
teK_in this bunker?11:53
frinnstaye. it's one of the perks of working in a datacenter :)11:53
Romsternot to sound negative but that only lasts as long as your working for said employer frinnst11:53
frinnstyeah possibly11:53
teK_I spent about 20 minutes trying to commit an empty directory11:54
teK_someone please just slap me :)11:54
frinnstbut previous employees still have their old "free" servers running11:54
Romsterwhile the former is donated.11:54
frinnstanyways, it's an option if the need should arise11:55
RomsterteK_, lol how could you do that -_-11:55
teK_I even re-setup a whole gitolite installation to retry11:55
teK_but don't tell anyone11:55
* Romster facepalms11:56
teK_thanks guys11:56
* Romster hands teK_ some freshly brewed coffee11:56
Romsteri wont tell i've done some silly things like that before too.11:57
teK_I'm just stupid^Whonest enough to tell _you_11:57
* Romster gets a i'm with stupid shirt :D11:58
Romsterthen again i'm stupid too we all are i guess11:58
teK_Romster: dia needs some (glib-related) love if you care13:13
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frinnstwhy are we still using libungif?14:22
frinnstit's unmaintained since 2005 or something?14:24
jaegerwow, resara shut down14:47
frinnstnever heard of it14:48
frinnstlooks useful though14:48
frinnstrather, "looked"14:48
jaegeryeah, very neat14:50
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frinnstftw, replacing libungif with giflib 4.2 was very straight forward15:50
frinnsterr, ftr15:50
frinnstwell i guess ftw also applies :)15:50
pidsleyI have the 3.5 kernel running on my CRUX box, no problems so far. BTW, any idea when will be back?16:43
frinnstnot yet. we don't have a known cause of the downtime yet16:48
pidsleythank you, and sorry I posted here -- I didn't realize this was the -devel channel (I have both up).16:49
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horrorStruckbeing a source based distribution, dont you think adding -Wl,--as-needed to our default LDFLAGS would be relevant?22:11
horrorStruckFWIW, I'm using that on 3 machines since always and witnessed very few breakages22:18
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