IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2012-08-04

frinnsti think romster uses it01:24
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juegood morning02:24
horrorStrucks/afternoon/'afternoon :P02:38
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horrorStruckthanks ghyz but05:30
horrorStruckhate thta a droud kb05:31
horrorStruckfuck :D05:31
horrorStruckandroid keyboard05:31
horrorStruckso... thanks guys but I'm obviously using that already05:33
horrorStruckjust proposed to make it default05:33
frinnstwill probably result in more bugs and more work. better to keep the masses as stable as possible06:15
Romsterend users can rice their own systems anyways06:15
frinnstsometimes you just want things to work(tm)06:16
* Romster thinks (tm) is over rated06:17
frinnstholy crap. i just lifted my keyboard06:17
* frinnst walks off to get the vacuum06:18
Romsterthat reminds me of
Romstergoing out bbl06:26
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frinnstno word from charlie?11:37
* frinnst slaps mavrick61 11:37
teK_not yet11:41
frinnsti'll send him a text11:50
teK_I did that yesterday11:51
frinnstvacation maybe?11:54
teK_there was no (auto)response11:55
frinnstcharlie is the only one we've had contact with at kalmar ndc, right?11:55
teK_well and his son11:56
teK_when they replaced the bad hdd on 23rd Dec :p11:56
teK_father and son activities11:56
juefrinnst: you are from sweden?11:59
frinnstyes, about 14km from kalmar too :)11:59
frinnstteK_: did you send a sms or mail?11:59
juemaybe you can try to call someone at Kalmar?12:00
frinnstI found charlies cell number on the internets and just sent him a text/sms12:00
frinnstI could try their office number tomorrow12:01
frinnstit feels "wrong" to call their emergency 24/7 number for a sponsored server12:01
teK_yeah please call tomorrow :)12:02
frinnstwill do. but doubt they are staffed during the weekend12:09
teK_tomorrow = sunday12:13
teK_maybe you should wait until monday; after all the server is sponsored (still the down sucks)12:14
frinnstcalling their regular number tomorrow wont hurt. but yeah, nothing will probably happen until monday12:29
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