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RomsterteK_, seems is up but not web service01:48
juegood morning02:26
Romstermorning jue02:32
Romsterseems site is up but no web site. might just need to be started?02:32
Romsteranyone know what the problem was?02:35
juenot me02:46
juebtw, I've updated all xorg drivers we ship on our ISO to the latest version02:46
jueRomster: are you going to do the pending xorg updates?02:46
juethat's evdev and intel02:47
Romsteri was going to take a look once is up02:54
acruxjaeger: will steev send to you a genesi smarbook? nice!03:01
acruxpitillo: #crux-arm03:05
frinnstI got a sms from charlie: he's on vacation but he will have a coworker look into it03:33
Romsterfrinnst, it's up now so maybe co-worker got it up03:37
Romstercould we setup a full crux mirror and setup backup dns servers for dealing with this transparently?03:38
teK_thanks frinnst03:54
jueI've committed a bunch of changes to our iso.git, would be nice to have some audit, mainly for setup-helper04:34
juemy changes to core- and opt-ports for 2.8 are avail via git now -> git clone
frinnstjue: looks sane06:09
frinnstjue have you run into the glibc resolv assert bug?06:15
juefrinnst: no, but haven't done much with 2.8 with besides building all ports, kernel etc.06:28
frinnstit's the only patch i've applied to my port06:29
juehmm, the bug report is very old, I don't get it why it is not fixed with 2.16?06:30
frinnstbecause drepper is a fucking idiot06:32
frinnstI think there's a patch for 2.1706:33
juefrinnst: you run in that bug?06:38
juethat's strange, even no fix in the master branch06:39
frinnstrunning nscd mitigates the problem slightly06:41
jueok, will apply it06:43
juefrinnst: thanks for the hint06:44
juefrinnst: that's what I've found about it ->
jueso you have a poorly acting dns server ;)06:50
juefrinnst: the patch doesn't apply for me, both hunks failed?07:00
frinnstit's a local bind 9.8.3-P2 :)07:01
frinnsthm, works for me on 2.1607:01
juethat's better, was a whitepsace issue with the paste07:15
juelooks like is doing something wrong if you switch it to 'Show as plain text'07:15
Romstershame that didn't get into glibc 2.1607:32
jueyeah, indeed07:38
frinnstsepen: freetype configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --disable-nls07:47
frinnstasdf, offline "#!ยค07:47
frinnstteK_: patch for slim with new libpng:
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jaegeracrux: yeah, hopefully this weekend08:51
teK_frinnst: thanks will apply tonight08:52
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frinnstqt4 is currently broken, no?08:57
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jaegerjue: pushed my changes up, had to rework a lot of it since you got yours pushed first :D09:25
jaegeryay for downtime09:25
horrorStruckhmm i mentioned it here one or two times but we shouldn't use gcc 4.7.1, is the new toolchain set in stone yet?09:28
jaegerI've seen you mention it a few times but why shouldn't it be used? It is the current release, after all09:31
horrorStruckit's broken09:33
jaegerAre you referring again to the C++ ABI changes or to something else?09:39
jaegeryeah, I've been there09:40
jaegerI'm no expert on C++ but it seems a pretty specific situation09:40
horrorStruckno expert either and i've been using 4.7.1 without too much trouble but do we want to use a known to be broken toolchain?09:41
jaegerI don't see this as a problem for crux, to be honest. correct me if I'm wrong but since we're building everything from source using our own toolchain we shouldn't run into this except in the case where someone is trying to update an older lib that uses C++11 mode?09:44
jaegerI don't even know how you would go about compiling in C++11 mode, heh09:45
jaegerDoing a bit of searching, though, I guess it's the "new" thing, not an old thing09:46
jaegerstarting with gcc 4.609:46
jaeger"Some compilers, such as GCC, do not automatically enable support for these features--for example, to enable C++11 features, you must compile with -std=c++0x. Nonetheless, they are still valuable if you're working on a project where you can control the choice of compiler and set of language features." <-- interesting point09:46
jaegerI wonder how much code explicitly specifies that09:49
jaegerI'm guessing very little since gcc 4.5 is so prevalent09:51
horrorStruckif i understand correctly, we might have an issue when upgrading to gcc 4.7.2
jaegerwith no idea when 4.7.2 might be released we could pull the specific patches from the gcc git09:57
jaegertook me a while to find them in the gcc git but they're also linked in that mail09:58
horrorStruckthat would be safer maybe :)09:59
jaegerI expect this bug has very little impact on crux users but I'm not against patching it if 4.7.2 doesn't become available before 2.8's release10:00
horrorStruckisn't there a risk of bigger issues when gcc 4.7.2 will reach core if 4.7.1 is not patched?10:02
horrorStruck(if what the arch guy says is correct)10:03
jaegeryes, definitely10:04
jaegerlikely a very small risk but it's there10:04
jaegerI'll do some testing with those patches on my toolchain VM but I expect they're safe10:45
frinnstjue: xsane: sed -i -e 's/png_ptr->jmpbuf/png_jmpbuf(png_ptr)/' "src/xsane-save.c"10:47
jaegerfigures they don't apply cleanly to 4.7.111:54
horrorStruckjaeger: what about using a 4.7.1 snapshot? (what i'm doing atm)12:05
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jaegerI'm not a big fan of snapshots but it's an option12:11
jaegerI wonder if 4.7.2 will be available soon12:11
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