IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2012-08-07

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juejaeger: just recompiled everthing installed with our new gcc, looks fine so far11:32
jaegerjue: I didn't do every package but quite a few builds of the toolchain and a few kernels, no problems12:08
juejaeger: what do you think, are we ready for branching our core/opt trees? If so I could do it tomorrow morning13:06
jaegerI think so, yes13:07
jaegershould be easy to get an rc going13:07
jaegerWill make things easier than the local stuff we've been doing separately, too13:08
jaegereven better when we consolidate the x86_64 stuff for 3.0 :)13:10
juejaeger: yeah, the local stuff is not optimal, but on the other side we've avoided a lot of merges between 2.8 and 2.7, I think we really should create a testing/sandbox repo on for that purpose soon13:14
jaegerno objections to that13:14
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Romster says it's down too.21:25
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