IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2012-08-08

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juegood morning01:18
juefrinnst: may I ask you to send another sms to Charlie?01:21
frinnstit's down, again?01:26
frinnstyeah, will do01:26
frinnstit's hosted on physical hardware, right?01:31
jueyes IIRC01:33
frinnstno reply yet02:08
juefrinnst: thanks, we are back :)02:28
Romsterwhat was the last two outages caused by anyways?03:25
frinnstno idea03:37
frinnstbtw, does anybody have a full backup of
juemaybe teK_?03:38
Romsteri was thinking that myself03:39
Romsterbackup strategy03:39
juewell, created 2.8 branches for core/opt and committed almost anything I've changed so far03:40
Romsteranything i can do?03:40
juefrinnst: ok to commit the updates for libpng and libtiff?03:40
frinnstI have a local copy of those ports changed, but if you have bumped them, feel free to push for me :)03:41
jueif you have updated version too, I'd prefer if you do the update yourself03:44
frinnstwill have to wait until tonight03:45
jueok, that's too late :)03:46
frinnstheh, but go ahead03:46
jueok :D03:46
jueRomster: thanks for the offer but I don't see what we can do now, I guess it's better to wait with test until we have a complete ISO03:55
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juejaeger: we should find a agreement about the version of our gcc port, is it 4.7.2 or 4.7-20120804? ;)04:17
Romsteri would suggest a a1 (alpha release) until gcc 4.7.2 is out04:19
jueyeah, that's the plan, to wait with final 2.8 until 4.7.2 is out04:22
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jaegerjue: I'd call it 4.7.2-2012080408:16
jaegeror something like that08:16
Romsteryeah that's how i name my snapshots.08:18
jaegerjue: did you skip the toolchain updates in the 2.8 branch or waiting for something?08:30
jaegerjue: or maybe I'm stupid and you held off on updating gcc until we picked the version08:45
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jaegerI can start keeping backups of the crux user's home on if needed, already doing that for another site10:15
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juejaeger: yeah, I've waited with the gcc update for our version decision10:53
jaegerfigured it out, I was just being slow, hehe10:53
juecommitting it now :)10:54
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jaegerShall I just use the 2.7 xorg tree for an RC?10:56
juehmm, I'd say we create a 2.8 branch too, even if there are no changes yet10:59
jaegerno objections here. it's not a fast-moving target anyway11:00
Romsterwhy not wait on the 2.8 xorg until we are nearly ready for 2.811:03
Romstersaves doubling up on work in xorg.11:03
Romsterthough i can push to 2.7 and 2.8 at the same time11:04
jueno, do push to both branches but merge betwe11:05
juebetween them11:05
jues/do/do not/11:06
juecreated a 2.8 branch for xorg, but it will be synced to rsync only after a commit11:07
jueRomster: you can merge changes you've done in 2.8 to 2.7 with -> git checkout 2.7 ; git pull . 2.811:09
Romsteri was thinking more along cherry pick commits between branches but that works if i want everything.11:11
juerun the update hook manually, so syncing works now11:22
Romsteri'm off to bed later11:26
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jaegerjue: rc ISO package building has commenced13:51
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jaegerIt's..... ALIIIIIVE!23:35
jaegerone warning in the initramfs... bleh23:36
jaegerdoh! a package is missing!23:39
jaegerI should have caught that before the bootstrap. oh well, should have another one ready to test when I wake up. good night23:40

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