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frinnstmaybe we should install ssh-copy-id with openssh?07:09
frinnstor am I the only one using it? :)07:10
jaegerI've always done it manually but I have no objections to installing it07:53
teK_what's this?07:54
teK_and: hi folks; back from the dead - last exam (EVAAAAR) finished (and maybe passed) today :D07:54
jaegercongrats, hopefully :)07:55
teK_there's an outstanding patch (for me to apply) by frinnst right?} have to check this later .. :)07:55
jaegerteK_: it copies your public key to another server and puts it in the right place for you07:55
teK_i.e. a zsh/bash oneline? :>07:56
teK_thanks jaeger -- we'll see in some weeks07:56
jaegeryeah, pretty much. when I said I do it manually it's pretty much 'cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh -l user server "cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys"'07:58
jaegerthe benefit of ssh-copy-id is twofold, I guess07:58
jaeger1) slightly less to type07:58
jaeger2) if .ssh or .authorized_keys haven't been created yet, it will do that07:58
teK_1) can be solved by aliases/functions :>07:58
teK_2) should be handled by your command, too?07:58
jaegercat will not create dirs that don't exist07:59
jaegerif the dir exists and the file doesn't, it works. if the dir doesn't, it fails07:59
teK_sure. ;)07:59
teK_well.. ssh user@host mkdir -p ~/.ssh  and you're done. So frinnst: learn that goddamn shell mojo!08:00
frinnstfu! :)08:01
jaegerjue: util-linux now conflicts with opt/eject, perhaps we should make setup-helper remove eject during an upgrade if it's found08:03
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frinnstoh, it ships a eject tool?08:03
jaegerrecently, yes08:06
frinnsthm, grep needs to be rebuilt with libpcre08:14
frinnstbut fails because grep is broken :)08:14
jaegersymlink to, rebuild, then remove the symlink08:15
teK_I'd say: replace eject from opt..08:18
teK_or is opt/eject "better" than the util-linux version?08:18
teK_eject seems to be abandoned08:19
jaegerI haven't compared the two08:19
jaegermaybe we just remove opt/eject in 2.808:19
teK_hi jue08:54
juejaeger: yes, we should adjust setup-helper cause update will fail otherwise if someone has installed opt/eject08:55
jaegerI couldn't remember if upgrades used -f or not08:56
juehmm, isn't the ssh-copy-id something for wimps than a real CRUX user :D08:57
teK_it's for frinnsts, yes08:57
teK_'oh look daddy I cannot change my password without a mouse'08:58
frinnstyou guys suck09:08
teK_that's why we're such a good fit09:08
jaegerI have no strong opinion on it but the conversation is amusing09:11
jueit might be useful if you have to copy keys often, but it's a script that hides important things behind the users back, IMO every user should know how to setup ssh09:25
juebut well, at all I'm not against it, more a 0 vote09:27
jaegerI'm not against adding it for people who want it, whichever09:27
teK_+0,5 because it would help frinnst09:32
frinnstbut some guy in #crux spent ~12hrs attempting it09:32
jaegertechnically he was putting it in the right place, his key was misformatted09:33
jaegerand ssh-copy-id wouldn't have helped with putty :)09:33
frinnstfine :)09:35
jaegersorry, I thought we were still feeding the tek vs frinnst fire! I'll shut up now, hehe09:36
frinnstfredrik@farnsworth:~$ whereis ssh-copy-id09:36
frinnstssh-copy-id: /usr/bin/ssh-copy-id09:36
frinnstSCREW YOU TEK!09:36
jaegerfarnsworth :D09:36
frinnstI'll do my own port! with gambling and hookers! in fact, forget the port!09:36
jaegersign me up09:37
frinnstheh, I also have: zoidberg, nibbler, leelah and zap09:37
jaegerI name mine after fictional spacecraft these days09:38
jaegersulaco, nostromo, hyperion, sovereign, bebop, cygnus, etc.09:38
frinnstwhat's sovereign from?09:41
teK_tek _against_ frinnst.. jeager please! It's tek + frinst 4 evarr09:42
jaegerfrinnst: Mass Effect09:46
jaegersovereign has the best "bad guy" voice ever09:46
jaeger <-- sovereign09:47
jaegeralso has one of my favorite lines, "Confidence born of ignorance."09:47
jaegerdon't watch it if you plan to play Mass Effect and don't want to see spoilers :)09:48
jaeger <-- all the reapers have cool voices (mass effect 3 spoilers)09:49
frinnstah, yeah I agree09:52
frinnstloved mass effect 209:52
frinnstthe last one was so-so09:52
teK_I have yet to finish ME2 :p09:53
frinnstI played me2 before me1.. sort of ruined me1 for me09:54
frinnstcrappy control and gfx09:54
teK_yeah I di not play ME1 either ;)09:55
teK_we're just too similar to hate each other09:55
frinnstbtw you need to play me3 as female and then romance that chick whatever her name is09:56
jaegerME2 is the best in terms of control but the story is worth playing ME109:56
jaegervanguard for life!09:56
frinnst"Is it a krogan?" CHARGE09:57
jaegerthere's one for ME3 as well09:57
frinnstI downloaded the mass effect 3 demo for ps3 after I completed the pc version09:58
jaegercan't find it but it's more or less the same09:58
frinnstuseless controls!09:58
jaegerexcept krogan is replaced with banshee/hulk or whatever they're called09:58
frinnstI dont understand how ppl can play "shooter" games without a mouse09:58
jaegerIt depends on how well the game is made10:00
jaegerI generally hate shooters on consoles but Gears of War did it well10:00
frinnstI had a hard time aiming in uncharted 3 too10:00
frinnsthaving played fps-games with a mouse for 15 years does that to you, i guess10:01
jaegerI've only played uncharted 1 of that series but I did find that after an hour or so I got better at it10:02
jaegerpractice, practice, etc.10:02
frinnsthm, I have a fresh win install at home. maybe I should play through me2 again? :)10:02
frinnsthm.. doing a full rebuild again and it freezes on groff configure again "checking whether pnmtops can handle the -nosetpage option..."10:04
frinnstdid that twice today10:05
jaegergroff depending on netpbm or is pnmtops not a netpbm app?10:06
frinnstgroff builds fine, on it's own: prt-get -fr update groff10:07
frinnstscrew it, going home to ME2 :D10:08
frinnstteK_: nmap doesnt seem to have any dependencies in the Pkgfile11:52
teK_time for a chroot build or do you have suggestions?15:01
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horrorStruckwhat do you guys think about FS#829, maybe the new release is a good opportunity for the switch? i'm using this since rmull mentioned it (~date of the FS) and it works as it should.21:02
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horrorStruckalso, libjpeg-turbo is exactly the same case, drop-in replacement for libjpeg, supposed to be technically superior and faster. arch uses that and i think they switched because fedora did. i'm using it since always i have never enjoyed my 2TB lolcats folder as much as i do now.21:28
horrorStruck"arch uses that" <--- doesnt mean "hey they do it, we should too", just that it's widely used :)21:30
Romsteri think stick to the stock libjepg but make a wiki optimisatin page for such packages21:46

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