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frinnstlibungif needs to go in favor of giflib/libgif/whatever01:28
frinnstIm waiting for sepen to return from his vacation01:28
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teK_btw thanks jaeger and frinnst I began playing ME2 again :>04:33
frinnstwhere do i add a new git branch -> rsync for x86_64?05:06
frinnstnevermind, found it05:08
frinnstor maybe not05:08
frinnstI did, but no permissions05:10
* frinnst slaps root05:10
frinnstroot   root         4.0K Aug  8 10:28 crux-2.805:11
Romsterwould be better giflib07:19
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Romsterhi jue07:33
juefrinnst: your problems with branch/rsync are solved?07:50
juedone first merge of opt between 2.7 and 2.8 ;)07:54
Romsterright when i'm about to push too :D07:59
Romsterah fuck i screwed up the version on the commit blah.08:00
Romsterwasn't there an git amend  command to edit a pushed commit message08:00
juethere's a --amend option for commit, never used it myself though08:03
Romsteryeah looking at that now.08:06
jaegerI have no strong feeling about FS#829, is libusb completely deprecated?08:08
Romsternah-amend is too dangerous i wont do that. rewriting git history = a bad thing.08:08
Romsteronce pushed at least.08:08
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juejaeger: I forgot to look at usbx, but I'd say it's to late for a change to it now08:12
Romstercan perl use that new db that pyhton is now in 2.8 too?08:13
jueperl yes, python no08:13
juefor python you have to use a external module08:13
Romsterthe iso is alpha though until gcc is .208:14
Romsteroh that was spamprobe i was reading.08:14
Romsterno python too... ugh my brain is crap after a busy friday at work...08:14
juethe module is called python-bsddb08:15
Romsteryeah i see in the commit08:15
Romsterwhat is there to replace the Berkely DB for perl08:15
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Romsteror we are stuck with that still until perl decide to use something else.08:16
jueas I said perl 5.16 supports db 5.x08:17
RomsterBerkeley DB 5.x so it's only that 4.8 is unmaintained and python can't use 5.x correct? in any case i should just chill and stop thinking.08:20
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jaegerman, the libusbx people are overly hostile towards the libusb author(s)09:09
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frinnstjue no, crux-2.8 is owned by root so i cant create symlinks09:15
horrorStrucknot that i care /that/ much about libusbx but that's really quite simple :P
Romsterhonestly can't they merge the two projects together.09:26
Romsterand have all members working on the same codebase.09:26
Romsterusb is important why are they stalling it.09:27
horrorStrucki heard the libusb guy is mix between drepper and poettering09:28
Romsteroh gawd it's turning to crap09:29
Romsterlike most of the devs are doing what they want and not what the whole group is after.09:30
horrorStruckwhich makes sense in some cases09:31
Romsterthe attitudes are like MS or something.09:34
Romsterthis is what you get if you dislike that then stuff you.09:34
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juefrinnst: should work now, I've created the core-x86_64 symlink already11:22
jue.oO is down again :(12:30
frinnstsent another sms12:49
jaegerwonder what's been going on lately12:57
frinnstI've only had one reply, when I sent the first text, telling me he's on vacation. I sent another sms the previous time it was down and it seemed to do the trick12:58
frinnsthoping for the same this time :)12:58
frinnstbut we really need to take a backup of the server i think12:59
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frinnstso, got a sms from charlie. seems the UPS was to blame16:31
frinnstit's been replaced16:31
jaegerAh, good to know16:31
frinnstdu är en hjälte, mavrick61 !16:32
frinnstmaybe purge orphaned ports from the 2.8 branch?17:01
jaegerprobably a good idea17:33
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