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teK_frinnst: have you tried creating the new branch?10:31
frinnstwhat for core-x86_64?11:32
frinnstyeah, but I did not have permission to create a symlink for rsync.. but jue fixed that11:32
frinnstcore-2.8 is owned by root:root11:32
frinnstif you want you can create symlinks for opt-x86_64 and contrib-x86_64, unless jue already did that11:49
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frinnstOk, so i'm about to start to purge a few orphaned ports from opt/2.813:23
frinnstemacs is the first to go!13:24
jaegerGot a fairly quick response from someone about the rc0 ISO, though he sent it to me only instead of to the list. Apparently he can't boot the system with either 2.7.1 or 2.8-rc0 installed, /dev/null missing, etc. I'm pretty sure he's missing the DEVTMPFS options from the kernel, will see if he responds to my response13:31
frinnstyeah, it's an easy option to overlook (i've done it a few times too :( )13:38
frinnstOkay, so i've purged all orphaned ports from opt. (except tilmans old ports)13:39
frinnstI dont have +w on contrib so someone else has to purge those13:41
frinnstbut damn.. it felt good :)13:41
c0x`is there a list of orphaned ports? May be somebody picks up some port(s)?13:41
frinnstthe ports I removed have been unmaintained for *ATLEAST* a year13:41
frinnstmost a lot longer13:42
c0x`unfortunately, nothing interesting for me :(13:44
frinnstnah, all the good stuff has already been adopted :)13:46
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frinnstoh joy! newest gtk3 require additional libraries - one that depends on dbus14:34
jaegershovel it all in!14:35
frinnst gtk-launch [OPTION...] APPLICATION [URI...] - launch an APPLICATION with URI.14:37
frinnstWHAT IS THE POINT14:37
frinnstwhat the fuck are they smoking?14:37
frinnstvery useful14:39
frinnstfuck that branch14:43
teK_no contrib, frinnst15:12
frinnstno tek, contrib15:13
jaegerAnyone willing to do a grub test for me with 2.8-rc0?15:55
jaegerI need to confirm that grub doesn't work properly due to udev's removal of the /dev/root symlink15:55
jaegergrub 0.9x, not grub 215:55
jaegergrub-install bitches and if you install via the grub shell and reboot, it won't get past "GRUB loading, please wait..."15:56
frinnstwow, grub 0.9 is still on the iso?17:01
frinnstwhy? :)17:01
jaegerThere was no need to remove it, I guess... I want to replace it with 2, maybe this is the impetus17:02
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