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teK_I did not touch it03:25
Romsterwent down for a bit and cruxbot never has returned.03:26
Romsteri was nearly going to say the ups failed again but it was like out for only a minute or so.03:27
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frinnstteK_: how fresh is your backup of do we even have one?04:55
teK_I don't05:03
teK_that's due to the slow ssh connection05:03
teK_there's room for improvement..05:04
teK_I wanted to clone the installation to a vm on a server I 'rented'05:05
teK_I will test the ssh connection speed tonight05:09
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frinnstso, there's currently no backup of the site? that's pretty scary07:03
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jaegerI have backups of some parts of it but not the entire thing08:20
jaegerI can add it to my snapshots if needed08:20
teK_which snapshots?09:03
jaegerunrelated to I take rsync link-dest snapshots of another server 3 times a day09:07
jaeger /home/crux seems to be about 4.4GB, no big deal09:14
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teK_jaeger: rsyncing over ssh seems to see no performance penalty at all14:55
jaegernot on any kind of recent hardware :)14:59
teK_I like the idea of having multiple backups15:01
teK_any objections for you and frinnst receiving some public keys and putting them in your server's authorized_keys files? :)15:02
jaegerwell, if you'd like me to go ahead and set that up I will... I'd take an initial copy and then use rsync and hard links to make ghetto "snapshots" of it15:02
jaegerI'd prefer to use the script I already have in place but I suppose it's not a requirement :)15:03
teK_rationale was to let root sync /home15:04
teK_but if you have a better solution I'd be just as fine15:04
teK_with it15:05
jaegerwell, that's basically the solution I have, it's just that it pulls, not pushes :)15:05
teK_we should not pull as root15:05
teK_and I'd prefer to have /home instead of ~crux synced15:05
teK_i.e. leave PermitRootLogin No in sshd_config15:06
jaegerhrmm, I'll think about a good place to store a backup, then. the ones I currently store are pulled by a server behind a NAT at home15:09
teK_frinnst: stop fooling around in #crux and state your opinion15:10
jaegerI wonder if it would be possible to use a regular user account for the SSH connection but limit the key to running 'sudo rsync' in some magical invocation that works15:11
jaegeran alternative would be to allow read-only rsync access from a specific IP15:11
jaegerhow big is /home total?15:12
jaegerI probably don't have enough room on the VPS for it15:13
frinnstI can probably set something up tomorrow at work15:13
frinnstjaeger: its not much more than ~5-6gb in total iirc15:13
frinnstah, a bit more15:14
jaegerAh, not terrible... I have about 16GB available15:14
* frinnst slaps jaeger 15:18
teK_jaeger: I did the easy rsync -a --progress home tek@
jaegerbah, get over it :P15:18
jaegerok, easy enough15:18
jaegerDo you want to expand it to do snapshotting or just a simple backup?15:19
teK_well you're the fancy FS-guy so if it's easy for you we could do snapshots, too15:19
teK_but I guess that simple backups would 'do it beneath the skin' :P15:20
jaegerThere's no ZFS available on the box I would use, I was just thinking of hard links and link-dest15:20
jaeger83G     /mirror/snapshots/
jaeger291M    /mirror/snapshots/
jaeger729M    /mirror/snapshots/
jaeger298M    /mirror/snapshots/
jaegersnapshot.0 is the most current data, snapshot.1 is the changes that have happened in the previous 8 hours, etc.15:21
jaegerhonestly it's probably not worth the effort for, we don't change things that often15:21
teK_AND we need to clean up things15:22
jaegeryeah, true15:22
teK_I saw _many_ crux-2.n-test-y.iso files15:22
jaegerlike the crux 2.7 prerelease ISOs I noticed, hehe15:22
jaegerI'll set up some space on my VPS tonight; right now it's only using 4GB of disk, will have to reconfigure it15:22
jaegerI should look into updating it, anyway, it's running a kinda old ubuntu release15:22
teK_ /home should not contain any sensitive information15:23
teK_frinnst: mind donating some space?15:23
frinnstyeah I can do that tomorrow15:24
jaegergcc 4.5.4 seems solid so far for me, unrelated to the backups15:28
teK_btw.. does anybody know what our mysqld does?15:29
teK_portdb seems to be fed by a sqlite database15:29
jaegerI think at one point we had the wiki stored there, though I don't think that's the case now15:30
teK_ah, flyspray.15:30
jaegerflyspray and wikka15:30
teK_that should be obsolete, right?15:30
jaegerI think we moved away from that to pmwiki but it's been ages since I looked at that stuff15:30
jaegerI believe so15:30
jaegermaybe look at cleaning that out *after* we make backups :D15:31
teK_btw a second rsync run yielded:15:37
teK_sent 7711716 bytes  received 199349 bytes  159819.49 bytes/sec15:37
teK_total size is 7938204188  speedup is 1003.4315:37
teK_and maybe we should freeze mysql during the rsync15:37
jaegershould also maybe set up a nightly mysql dump or something, perhaps15:38
jaegerjust in case15:38
teK_or this15:39
jaegerI've got a decent mysql backup script if you want it15:40
teK_that would be great15:40
jaegerok, let me find it... only have one mysql server here15:40
teK_otherwise I'd just have mysql stopped the beast, rsync, restart (maybe copy the database files, restart mysql and sync them)15:40
teK_take your time15:41
frinnstjue is away for a week or so, right?16:05
teK_he is16:05
teK_got it16:06
frinnsthm, sudo 1.8.5p3 was just a compability fix16:06
teK_he wouldn't mind either solution ;)16:06
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jaegerhope this VPS upgrade goes smoothly18:34
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jaegerteK_: ok, send me a pubkey when you want, got some space available now19:16
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