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frinnstright teK_, so what's needed? ssh access and ~15-20gb storage?03:02
teK_and a shiny and good morning to all of you03:19
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cruxtek sux03:23
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teK_I was just being kind03:24
teK_and this is what I get; eternal flames to hell ;__;03:24
frinnstssh-copy-id ?03:36
teK_I'd send you a public key03:39
teK_if that's ok03:39
teK_and yes 15-20GB should be fine03:40
frinnstjust need to get port 22 open from the outside03:40
teK_I estimate our _real_ disk usage to be just under 10GB (/ and /home)03:40
teK_thanks a lot03:40
frinnsti've given it 25gb03:40
teK_that's icecream, don't get me wrong!03:41
frinnstof course it is..03:41
frinnstshould be open soon03:57
frinnstonly allows incoming 22 connections from crux.nu03:58
frinnstwhere can i find the pubkey?03:59
teK_I have no access to the server right now04:02
frinnst :)05:01
Romsterwhat the hell. does this mean that you can't umount /usr anymore.05:34
Romsterother than that dumb systemd removing support for that.05:34
Romsterafaik arch does not use systemd05:34
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frinnstRomster: yeah it does, sort of07:23
frinnstit will with future releases07:23
horrorStrucklooks like they officially decided to do the switch
horrorStruckby the way, what's the status of your systemd port frinnst? it's been already two weeks since you spoke to me about this project in pm07:43
horrorStruckooops, i was not supposed to mention that here?07:47
frinnstlol? what?07:47
* Romster gets out the axe07:49
Romsterwho said what now :P07:49
Romsteri fear we are on a losing battle.07:49
horrorStruckbut we're not alone at least07:49
horrorStrucklet's hope ubuntu never gives up upstart so they may work on udev, LFS, gentoo are releuctant to this change, slack also i think07:52
jaegerI'm not too worried about it, honestly. mdev seems to do enough for my purposes and failing that, static /dev works fine07:52
horrorStruckyes you're right07:53
jaegerI'm sure udev will become unusable soon simply because it's abandoned07:54
jaegerbut I don't plan to switch to systemd :)07:54
horrorStruckthat's lennart most secret wet dream at least07:54
Romsteryeah but i'm concerned that other programs will require udev/systemd to function.07:55
Romstermy worst nightmare.07:55
horrorStruckisn't it the case for gnome already (not sure)?07:55
Romsteryeah and arch said they kicked out gnome and hoep systemd wouldn't be used for kde.07:56
Romsternow arch decides to go evil07:56
horrorStruckarch has died long time ago, i used to use (and like) it07:56
Romsterif arch is following upstream packages what's this symlink lib crap?07:57
Romsterand sbin bin...07:57
horrorStruckthe initscript guy is a lennart fanboi07:57
Romsterthey say one thing but do another.07:58
horrorStruckwhatever is posted on gets implemented in days07:58
Romsterstatic dev seems fine, might have to redo all my hard disks tough as i got mdadm/lvm setup08:00
horrorStruckthey adapt their "values" to whatever they are doing.08:00
horrorStrucklove that quote from exherbo: "All design goals must be phrased in such a way that it is hard to use them as slogans to justify stupidity."08:00
horrorStruckexactly what arch is doing08:01
Romsterwhere doomed :D08:03
Romsterunless everyone revolts.08:03
horrorStrucksoon to be doomed08:03
jaegerHonestly I'm surprised udev hasn't been forked yet08:03
frinnstmost ppl seem to be cheering for systemd08:04
frinnsthorrorStruck I will probably have a look at creating a systemd port this weekend, just so find out exactly how it works :)08:04
Romsterthing is if we don't follow we'll be left behind and if we do follow we are another zealot.08:04
horrorStrucki dont even want to have a look at the software give the attitude of lennart, i hate this guy with passion08:04
horrorStruckfrinnst: awesome thanks :D08:05
jaegerI wonder if evdev even builds without udev anymore08:06
horrorStrucki think not08:07
frinnstjaeger: nope08:15
jaegeryeah, I gave up on automounting in MATE because of udisks208:15
frinnstbefore the xorg merge the version we used did but romsters version did not08:15
horrorStruckso... should we blame Romster :P ?08:32
jaegerhe updated the ports, he didn't write the driver :P08:34
horrorStruckthanks for killing my vodka inspired best joke of the day :(08:36
horrorStruckjust curious, do we know the no of people who subscribed to crux ML?08:41
jaegerteK_ could find that info on the ML admin pages08:45
horrorStruckwould be interesting to know, teK_ if you dont mind. TIA08:46
frinnstoh great my dyndns hostname expired08:57 is nice if i may09:03
Romsterfrinnst, didn't you setup ddclient?09:05
frinnstI did, just forgot to run it for about a month09:06
Romsterit should run automaticly every 25 days or sooner if ip changes09:06
Romsteradded to services array09:07
frinnstyeah if you start it09:07
frinnstbut i forgot to add it09:07
frinnstthus the fucker expired :)09:07
Romsterre-register it unless some one stole it.09:07
frinnstexpired earlier today09:07
frinnstnah, dont care09:07
frinnstjust broke temporarily09:07
horrorStruckbtw, xf86-input-evdev 2.7.3 has been released earlier this week09:24
Romsterwonder why that wasn't on my scan list09:28
Romsterbeen feeling too out of it i'm still feeling like crap.09:29
Romsterwhy am i not seeing the notifications i am on the ML09:33
Romsterthat fontforge email is a bit late -_-09:37
Romsterok my filters was messed up somehow.09:46
Romsteroh wait that's 2.8 from a merge.09:48
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teK_311 people for the general crux ML14:41
teK_jaeger: horrorStruck14:41
teK_and we have a 1337p337@... :>14:42
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jaegerso cool!14:45
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frinnstteK_: hmm, no dice with the server I set up?15:13
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frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/systemd#188-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.15:29
frinnstI feel dirty15:29
jaegergo take a shower15:29
frinnstwow, It is really broken with a separate usr partition15:30
frinnstwhat the hell is wrong with these people?15:30
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teK_frinnst: will do the 1st sync tomorrow  because the machine with my crux-Keys is still not available15:34
rmullIs crux moving to systemd?16:40
frinnstteK_: i tried ssh'ing from to the machine I set up. seems the ports not open.16:52
frinnstso dont blame me!16:53
teK_I'd never blame you17:15
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horrorStruckteK_: thanks for ML stats20:40
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