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frinnstright teK_ we got a new IP for the backup server
frinnstshould work now02:31
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teK_screw youo frinnst :D08:48
teK_* and your towels08:49
teK_504M used, woot?08:49
teK_frinnst uses nano :>08:50
teK_oh and now I got banned I think, oops :p08:54
teK_will retry later08:54
teK_and I'm too stupid to use ssh; will try later D:09:36
frinnstteK_: lol09:43
frinnst504mb  - ext4 crap?09:44
teK_my HDD is dying10:57
teK_NOT the OCZ but my WD30EURS (3TB caviar)10:58
teK_any recommendations for a new one; and: will I get it replaced due to my 3 year warranty?10:58
jaegercheck its serial number online for RMA10:59
teK_yeah it says in limited warranty but my question is if my errors (paste follows) wil suffice to get it replaced11:07
jaegerWhy ask us instead of WD? :)11:08
teK_I just wanted to know if anybody has experience with WD+RMA11:08
jaegerusually the HD companies will want you to download and run their diags on the drive11:09
jaegerwhich will spit out an error code or something you give them11:09
jaegerdefinitely looks like it's failing, though11:09
teK_because of the failed self tests?11:10
jaegeras well as the error log11:11
jaegernp, though I'm sure they'd want you to run their diag software before RMAing it11:14
teK_Warning: Returning a WD hard drive in an envelope, will void the warranty.11:15
frinnstIm starting to have some issues with my new 3TB seagate too11:42
frinnstbtrfs: bdev /dev/sdd errs: wr 10, rd 66, flush 0, corrupt 0, gen 011:43
frinnstdont think btrfs errors are valid for a RMA though :/11:43
frinnsti've heard some clicking sounds11:43
frinnstteK_: arent av-gp sensitive to some types of workloads?11:45
teK_dunno, they have an explicit 24x7 usage clearance11:45
teK_the WD Portal lets me specify SMART Errors and defect sectors as a RMA reason11:45
teK_I downloaded their diagnostic tool and will start that as soon as my son finished playing settlers 711:46
Romsterstress test the disk if it bitches alot you got a valid report for RMA11:46
frinnstRMA on drives that contain data feels a bit so-so11:46
teK_it's a fully LUKS crypted disk11:47
Romsternuke the header data gone in that case.11:47
teK_and I will order a new one first, push the data and then dd the hell out of my old drive11:47
teK_dd will be fun as it will cough up a lot of ATA errors11:47
teK_so seagate cannot be recommended either?11:47
teK_WD would even first send a new drive before I return the old one. Which is kinda awesome11:48
teK_send .. first11:48
teK_bad english++11:48
frinnstyou cant recommend any vendor, they all fail :)11:50
frinnstso, samsung is no more as a hdd manufacturer? I see samsung drives under the seagate support page11:53
Romsterwhat did sawgate buy samsung?11:54
Romstersamsung drives failed more often than seagate and wd's did anyways11:54
teK_sawgate. that's a good one :>11:55
frinnstwhy are seagates smart values for stuff like raw read error rate so fucked?11:59
Romsterraw values only make sense to drive manufactures12:04
Romsterexcept in a few cases like pending bad sectors... etc.12:04
frinnstteK_: did you try a backup yet?12:19
teK_My son is playing the settlers..12:21
teK_and I tried but ssh refused to read ~/.ssh/config12:22
teK_so rsync caused authentication failures that caused your firewall to lock me out :p12:22
teK_will retry when he finished conquering the enemies of the crown12:23
jaegerteK_: on a side note I figured out a decent way to do the pull thing as a normal user using sudo12:52
teK_+ rsync?12:56
jaegeron the server side you allow the user to run rsync without password via sudoers12:58
jaegeron the client side you do 'rsync --rsync-path="sudo rsync" blah blah blah'12:59
frinnsttek what? locked out?14:39
teK_it refused connections for a while14:40
frinnsthm, that shouldnt happen14:40
teK_oops ;)14:40
teK_seems as I locked myself out of too, WTF14:41
teK_it won't accept my private key anymore14:41
teK_[tek@basra][~]%         ssh-add ~/.ssh/crux                                                                                                                 :(14:41
teK_Enter passphrase for /home/tek/.ssh/crux:14:41
teK_Identity added: /home/tek/.ssh/crux (/home/tek/.ssh/crux)14:41
teK_== password ok14:41
teK_[tek@basra][~/nobackup/contrib]% git pull14:42
teK_Enter passphrase for key '/home/tek/.ssh/crux':14:42
teK_== not so ok14:42
teK_frinnst: mind sneaking into my ~tek/.ssh folder?14:42
teK_damn crap -_-14:42
frinnsteverything is owned by root:root in your .ssh14:43
teK_fair enough :O14:43
teK_but authorized_keys is not empty14:44
teK_whats the time stamp on that file?14:44
frinnst 0 Aug 16 15:47 authorized_keys14:44
frinnstits empty14:44
teK_I'm full of shit :P14:45
teK_jaeger: do you have root access?14:45
teK_as frinnst doesn't, iirc14:45
frinnstor tilman perhaps?14:46
frinnsthaha it would have been so awesome if only tek had root14:46
jaegerneed your key fixed?14:46
teK_now this makes me look bad :>14:47
teK_now I know why14:54
teK_a) the backup did not work14:54
teK_b) the auth_keys file is empty14:54
teK_well.. :P14:54
* frinnst saves the log14:57
teK_I typed sudo -s instead sudo -i14:57
teK_wow, how noobish!14:57
teK_one you do it right, it will work. fantastic.14:59
teK_I think --numeric-ids needs root privileges15:10
teK_otherwise evertyhing on the destination will be owned by the user crux which is.. bad15:10
teK_the other option would be to use a tar-file but this will strike out the low-traffic rsync option15:11
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teK_and I don't have local root exploit for your kernel at hands *hint hint*15:49
frinnstwhat, need to run it as root?17:18
teK_do you agree that it's bad to backup everythin as crux:users?17:22
teK_they only way to include the original {u,g}id is to pack everything in a tar file and transfer that to your server striking out the bandwidth saving rsync option17:24
jaegerwell, another option is to run it as root and to rsync to an rsync module target instead of ssh17:41
jaegeror use the sudo setup and pull17:41
teK_which meant additional setupwork for you17:57
teK_pulling must happen as root then?17:57
teK_I guess17:57
teK_if we take the route with sudo I'd prefer to put a script on instead of allowing full sudo-ed access to rsync17:59
teK_I'm ok to pull as root; frinnst?17:59
teK_we could even use the script as a trigger to do the mysql mumbo-jumbo and locking in case we don't want the servers to pull at the same time ;)18:00
jaegerstopping and restarting or freezing mysql seems odd to me, I'd advocate syncing a mysqldump backup file instead18:06
teK_read: execute jaeger's mysql script ;)18:07
jaegersorry, I forgot we already talked about that18:07
jaegerI'm old18:07
jaegeranother less efficient option on the server side would be to do the tarball thing, then rsync the finished tarball18:10
jaegerrsync would only send the tarball differences so it would still be efficient on the client side18:10
jaegerer, I guess the other way around, the server side, if the backup is instigated from crux.nu18:10
jaegeranyway, takes up more space and CPU on the server18:11
jaegerinstead of allowing unrestricted sudo access perhaps it could be allowed with the exact command18:13
teK_I still like the script idea because it's more easily adaptable18:18
teK_but well.. ;)18:19
jaegerhrmm.. for some reason slim stopped working18:19
jaegerIt says something about trying to close the log which is already closed18:21
teK_btw what are you using for automounting, my GF complains that she cannot use her usb stick :>18:21
jaegerif I start it manually it will work... hrmm18:21
jaegerRight now I don't have an automount solution18:21
teK_I have an idea on that one. What was the last slim-related change?18:21
jaegernothing :/18:22
jaegerI rebooted and it worked this time... I wonder if there's a timing issue or race18:23
teK_my /etc/mtab was not updated causing me to wipe an entire partition with virtualboxes..18:24
teK_the partition was set in /etc/fstab18:24
jaegerdoh :(18:24
teK_seems that I wipe data quite often these days *g*18:25
jaegeryay for backups :D18:25
teK_good time to a) setup a webshop for a customer b) do backups on crux.nu18:25
jaegeryay, got smb mounts in mate working... maybe I'll figure out the automount crap next18:45
jaeger(not holding my breath)18:45
jaegerteK_: I wonder if fakeroot could somehow be used instead of sudo for the backup stuff18:46
teK_maybe^Wof course systemd could do it18:46
teK_how should it.. the owner/group field has to be manipulated. Which is in fact not freely doable ;)18:46
jaegerI guess it would probably only work if you were making a tarball18:47
teK_rsync has the option to store ownership info in extended FS attributes18:47
jaegernot really changing things on the filesystem18:47
teK_yes the tarball solution works fine for me @work18:47
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rmullRomster: Any plans to make a webkit-gtk3 port?19:57
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Romster<teK_> seems that I wipe data quite often these days *g* <- watch out !!!21:34
Romsterrmull, at some point need testers21:34
rmullRomster: Okay cool21:40
Romsterfeel free to test21:52
Romsteralso when i'm feeling better and i have spare time21:52
Romsternow back to work later21:52
jaegerit can't be both, heh21:53
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