IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2012-08-18

jaeger <-- the sed "fix" here works around the gdbm bit though there's still the missing00:02
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frinnstjaeger: yeah i see it too04:26
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RomsterYes, you are right appears to be Offline!06:29
Romsterthere is goes again06:29
Romsterand it's back again06:38
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frinnstpedja: virtualbox-bin has a md5sum issue10:15
frinnstNEW       3ce33328d23bf16bf9589fa36aa010cd  60-vboxdrv.rules10:15
pedjafrinnst: I'll check that out, as soon as I get yet another coffee :)11:32
teK_I can confirm it, too11:33
pedjaweird.I get 'timestamp is foo seconds in the future' message when I push to contrib64.11:41
pedjaheh, ntpd restart solved that.11:44
pedjaupdated .md5sum pushed to contrib64.11:50
jaegerdoh, forgot to add the resolv_assert patch to multilib glibc, time to rebuild it again13:08
frinnstthe next-toolchain really broke virtualbox-bin14:19
frinnstunable to run the binaries14:19
pedjatoolchain for 2.8?14:27
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frinnstanybody else running the 2.8 toolchain for x86_64? feel like giving vbox-bin a try?16:24
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