IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2012-08-19

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Romsteri've been out this weekend back now but not alot of time04:34
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pedjaall the cool kids are running 2.8 these days, it seems :)06:19
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Romsternot me yet08:17
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frinnstRomster: he said all the09:26
frinnst*cool* kids09:27
mavrick61Hi all. I made some comment about problem with access in crux channel.09:27
Romsterhi charlie i read it09:29
jaegermavrick61: thanks for the update, hope you figure it out soon :) I hate problems like that, hehe09:46
mavrick61BGP / OSPF routing is very good when it works, but when it becomes problems when the entire system is affected. BGP router loses all external routing paths (~ 416,000), the IP packets do not know where to go. After a while crashes Quagga10:15
jaegerfrinnst: I only started thinking about a 2.8 multilib yesterday, wasn't really planning on bothering with 2.8 before10:21
mavrick61The cause can be due to: 1 Error in Quagga locally. 2 Error in connection between our ISP to their BGP. 3rd Errors in hardware memory or power. 4th Or any qugga OSPF router that sends out false routing paths / interfcae10:24
jaegerSo how do you decide where to start looking? heh10:24
mavrick61So it's not so easy to pinpointing the cause.10:25
mavrick61We start to see if any other OSPF router, in the lokal system, have some conf error or sending wrong OSPF info.10:26
jaegerwhy do I have libpthread-stubs-32 in core-multilib? /scratchhead11:01
* teK_ waves to mavrick61 11:18
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prologicheh I'm still running 2.6 on my desktop :/18:15
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jaegerheh, bit old19:01
Romsterjust think of all the security venerability's!21:30
Romsterprt-get sysup major breakage from 2.6 too.21:30
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