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sepenI will remove xorg-font-artwiz-aleczapka from opt, it was maintained by Lucas but now its unmaintained and also used the old path: usr/lib/X11/fonts, does anyone disagree?04:49
sepenRomster: you have a port called opt/xorg-font-msttcorefonts which is also using usr/lib/X11/fonts, maybe you can review this port and move it to xorg?04:50
sepenRomster: also seems that current version is 2.0 (
teK_sepen: a post on the ML won't hurt, otherwise: sure05:29
sepenteK_: about dejavu fonts?05:29
teK_forget it05:30
sepenI recently used [notify] for dejavu05:30
frinnstsepen: any specific reason we still use libungif when the development seems to have shifted over to libgif?06:14
frinnstmight be worth looking into for 2.806:16
sepeniirc, you mean the ticket opened by Danny?06:16
frinnstit's pretty much a drop in replacement06:16
frinnstdunno if there's a ticket for it06:16
frinnstwell yeah, my point is the same :)06:17
frinnstlibgif is still in development while libungif seems to have died off once the issue romster pointed to expired06:18
sepenDanny filed this ticket along ago, after I adopted the port06:18
sepenATM I can't remember why we're waiting for06:20
frinnsti run 4.2 at the moment06:38
frinnstbut as i said, probably worth looking into for 2.806:38
sepen^^ 5.0.0 in development here06:39
sepenI'd like to keep binaries like gif2raw, etc.06:39
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Romsterhmm my attitude in bug reports back then was more frustrated -_-07:19
Romstershould i even move font related ports to xorg repo? when they arn't part of freedesktop?07:24
Romsterseems sepen has already but i'm still not certain that's a good idea.07:36
jaeger I don't think ports in xorg need to be part of freedesktop08:14
jaeger'xorg' is crux's designation08:14
Romsterbut where does it end if more than just freedesktop stuff (ignoring libdrm) do we start to also move ports out of opt/contrib that rely on xorg to work too08:17
Romsterprt-get fsearch ".oft$" ok i get results prt-get fsearch "\.oft$" no results despite useregex yes08:19
Romsternever mind it's otf not oft -_-08:20
Romster/usr/ports/opt/xorg-font-msttcorefonts/post-install: line 3: fc-cache: command not found08:26
Romsterxorg-font-msttcorefonts [post: ok]08:26
Romsterhow can post be ok if there is a error -_-08:26
jaegerIt errored successfully :)08:27
teK_command || true08:27
Romsternope i didn't do that.08:33
jaegerthanks for picking a mirror in belgium, freebsd08:34
Romsteryou in belgium?08:35
jaegernot even close08:35
jaegermidwest US08:35
Romstersometimes further away mirrors are faster08:35
jaegerThis one is not :P 253kB/s08:35
Romsterwhich makes no sense other than closer ones are over capacity.08:36
Romsterwhen i have time and am motovated i'm going to build a system to generate metalink files for crux distfiles.08:36
jaegerRomster: xscreensaver could use a bump, 5.15 -> 5.1909:00
Romsterman i need to review all my ports again...09:07
jaegerI'll send a patch if you like, save some effort09:07
Romsteri was on top of them all at one stage.09:07
Romsternah no need if it's jsut a version bump09:07
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jaegeryeah, no footprint diff, just a bump09:10
Romsterbeen slack on updates.09:13
Romsteri just not in the mood most of the time after work. ya know feels more effort than when it did when i wasn't doing full time work with computers.09:14
Romsterjaeger, done09:23
Romsternp just chime if you spot others there will be more. i'll start updating more stuff again in the coming weeks.09:28
Romsteri could watch the screensaver for hours there cool, i jsut wish i had that on my windows box at work. perhaps i really need a crux box there too for messing around on.09:28
jaeger <--- for your windows box09:29
Romsternot as many but better than the stock one will install at work09:30
jaegerdamn it, I need to update grub2 already, been meaning to do that for ages09:34
Romsterhehe just the effort thing puts ya off or lack of time.09:35
Romsterwonder why i never packaged rssavers09:35
jaegerI just keep forgetting to do it09:36
Romsteri forgot that existed but i knew the name but had forgotten about that.09:36
jaegerI had rss-glx packaged for years09:36
Romsteroh is that it's name09:36
Romsteryeah i got that port in contrib but samething or different...09:36
jaegerwow, chrome is doing something really interesting with the portdb09:37
jaegerheh, looks like the one in contrib was originally my port, that's funny09:37
jaegerhaven't thought about it in ages09:37
Romsteryeah :D09:37
Romsterseems i was a port whore for a long time and grabbed a bunch of stuff.09:38
Romsterthat's one major rendering failure.09:41
jaegeryeah, it's probably being retarded about my font updates09:41
jaegerIt's probabliy because the fonts got moved but these still exist09:43
Romsteri had fun earlier today kept loading continuously on IE7, ok i tell customer lets install IE9.... oh i need to install SP2 for vista first an you come back in a few hours? ok few hours later sp2 for vista and ie9 on site works.09:43
Romsterbut i got another machine at near the same time that needed vista sp1 to install newer office...09:44
Romsterdon't people ever update there computers anymore.09:44
Romsteri just moved them fonts.09:44
Romsterprobably an idea to rm -r /usr/lib/X11/fonts09:46
Romsteri've been thinking if i should touch them files in the Pkgfile then have the post-install remove them bfore running them commands, so if anyone removed the port them files would be removed as well.09:47
Romsterthough i think jue would say that's too much effort and rm is easy enough to use.09:47
Romsteri got sepens tool pkg-not that will tell me what files aren't tracked by pkgadd database.09:48
Romsterpkg-not /usr/lib/X11/fonts/ |wgetpaste -s dpaste09:49
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterhmm that's pretty bad considering i don't use that path anymore...09:49
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frinnstdidnt we use cloog/ppl for gcc for a while in 2.8?15:30
jaegernever in 2.8 (I think) but we tested it before creating the 2.8 branches15:31
frinnstanybody remember why we didnt go with that?15:32
jaegerbecause it's a huge pain in the ass to get the proper versions together... it feels like upstream doesn't even care about maintaining it15:37
jaegerdocumentation isn't correct on which version is required, etc.15:37
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jaegerhrmm... ok, I know my / is on /dev/sda2 and I know the 'ahci' module provides the support for that device... now I need to figure out a way to programmatically discover it22:39
jaegerso far I've not found an easy link in /sys22:39
jaeger# lspci -k -s $(readlink /sys/block/sda | sed -e 's,/host.*,,' | cut -d/ -f4) | grep -i "in use:" | awk '{ print $5 }'22:55
jaegerthat's ugly.22:55
jaegerI'm writing an "automated as I can make it" mkinitramfs script for CRUX, for what that's worth. hopefully will have something useful to test tomorrow, done enough for tonight23:14

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