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frinnstjaeger: reverting to util-linux 2.21 solves it, as you might have guessed03:37
Romsterbug reported to ML?04:38
frinnstnot by me04:54
pitillo_hello jaeger, have you thought in adding newer xhci device support too or does it conflict with ahci/libata?06:21
pitillo_I think someone else noticed it some time ago too06:21
Romsterthat's for usb3 right?06:23
pitillo_Romster: I think there is something related with sata too, in my case I did the install in another machine to get a kernel working on a newer motherboard (I thought it was related to xhci, as it wasn't able to see the hard disk connected06:28
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Romsteri see no references other than for usv306:37
RomsterSCSI is for sata06:37
Romsterthough that's renamed to libata now.06:38
pitillo_I didn't deep much more about that problem, as far I didn't see my HD detected, I moved it to another mother board and built there a kernel for the new one06:38
pitillo_I'll make more tests on sept... too much things to do in sept...06:39
pitillo_sorry for the noise then06:39
Romsterbe sure you don't use the generic driver with the chipset specific driver for disk controller.06:39
Romsteri've seen clashes with that.06:40
pitillo_well, I made the tests directly from multilib iso and it wasn't able to see the hard disk (playing with boot options too)06:40
Romsterapic and ahci06:41
Romsterbios set to ahci or ide mode.06:41
pitillo_those were the ones I thought they should be enought, but they weren't and adding xhci support was enought to see it06:41
pitillo_they are setup on ahci mode...06:42
Romstererr strange06:42
Romsternew one on me.06:42
pitillo_sure it was strange, as I did the install on another machine finally and moved the disk again to the newer one06:42
* Romster shrugs06:57
jaegerxhci is for usb3, yes, not drive controllers07:02
Romsteras i thought.07:03
Romsterpitillo_, must have some other issue going on.07:03
pitillo_it's possible, I'll dig a bit more on september again with current rc or stable (if gcc reaches 4.2)07:12
pitillo_sorry for the noise07:12
Romsterno problem07:13
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jaegerpitillo_: if you want to send me the lspci output from the machine that didn't detect the HD I'll look at it and see if something's missing07:57
jaegerfrinnst: yeah, reverting fixed it here as well... I only noticed it due to the mkinitramfs script, heh08:01
frinnstsomehow it prevents df from displaying /08:24
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Romsterhmm can't have that on the 2.8 iso hopefully some solution or newer version will fix that.08:40
frinnsti've asked about it on their irc-channel.08:40
Romstersome how i think there reply is who uses that init anymore use systemd08:40
Romsteri sure hope not but that seems to be the trend.08:41
frinnstnow, dont be like that :)08:42
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jaeger101m45s to build firefox on a single-core 2.0GHz AMD64, good times09:44
frinnstdid you try chromium?09:47
jaegernot yet, I imagine it's worse09:47
teK_it is09:48
jaegerthat was with 1GB RAM and "make -j2" for what that's worth09:48
teK_webkit should take longer than an hour on that machine09:48
pitillo_jaeger: I'll try to share it... atm the machine is powered off until september more or less10:03
pitillo_btw, thank you very much for all your work10:03
jaegerno problem :)10:05
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jaeger <-- updated the initramfs output a bit, now shows which modules it's loading11:12
jaegerIt's also a bit smarter now about which modules it includes... before it was pulling in basically everything in /proc/filesystems, now it checks to see which are actually mounted first11:14
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frinnstsepen: mpup2 looks stable btw15:44
pitillo_win 216:30
* frinnst hands pitillo_ a /16:34
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horrorStruckdo we have some guidelines on daemon scripts? I've seen few different "styles" so it may be nice to have a standard on that (if there isn't already). not a top priority issue for sure but anyway...20:38
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horrorStrucki'll try to prepare some template if you guys think it's worth doing.22:15

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