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frinnstteK_: any thoughts re. backup?04:05
teK_I've had a *busy* week, maybe this weekened04:18
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frinnstjaeger: 20:51 <kzak> frinnst: oh, you have regular /etc/mtab  file (no symlink to /proc/mount) and the mtab does not contains the root..13:59
frinnst<kzak> frinnst: somewhere in your boot script you have to add /bin/mount -f to add the mountpoint to the mtab file13:59
frinnst20:52 <kzak> frinnst: or ideally use symlink rather than regular file for the mtab13:59
jaegerI read that using a symlink is NOT proper somewhere14:05
jaegerthat it breaks things like -o user to mount, etc.14:05
jaegerI have not tested it myself14:06
jaegerhrm... that almost works except now it shows both /dev/root and /dev/sda5 as mounted at / on my laptop, for example14:08
jaegerI'll try adding mount -f / to /etc/rc14:09
jaegerok, that does fix the mount and df output14:10
jaegerfeels hackish14:10
jaegerI guess it's better than not having the output14:10
frinnstmaybe a symlink might be worth testing?14:10
frinnst21:08 <frinnst> but you suggest a symlink?14:11
frinnst21:11 <kzak> frinnst: yes -- some extra userspace mount information maybe be stored in /run/mount/utab -- for example nfs  attributes or user= option. For the rest is better to follow kernel.14:11
jaegerI wish there were proper documentation on which method is actually correct14:12
frinnst21:12 <kzak> frinnst: the symlinks is the current standard -- for example regular mtab is completely unsupported on systems  with systemd init14:12
jaegerstandard according to who/what?14:13
jaegerIs there something in the kernel documentation about it, maybe?14:13
jaegerI'll check with a symlink, too14:22
frinnst21:18 <kzak> probably nowhere :-(  .. time to write blog14:24
frinnst21:19 <kzak> it's always problem to maintain mount information in userspace14:24
frinnston my question if it was documented somewhere..14:24
jaegerhrmm, ok... thanks for asking them14:25
jaegerwell, that made it so I can't log in... will have to figure out what went wrong there14:30
jaegerfortunately easy to fix14:35
jaegerwell, at least easy to undo :)14:35
jaegerthis is weird as hell, somehow /proc is being unmounted even when I remove that line from /etc/rc14:51
jaeger <--- thoughts on this version? The "# Mount local filesystems" section15:00
jaegerI also commented /proc and /sys out of /etc/fstab15:01
jaegermount hides rootfs but df still shows it15:02
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frinnstyeah I also made it so i couldnt log in :)16:50
frinnstyou should apparently use /proc/self/mounts16:51
frinnst/proc/mounts is a symlink to that node16:51
jaegerI wonder why it matters... if /proc goes away neither is worth shit :D16:53
frinnstwhy the fuck wont proc mount?!17:13
frinnstI cheated and just brute forced a symlink over the old mtab :)17:14
frinnstnow *i* have 2 /17:14
jaegerone /dev/root and one that's the real device?17:15
frinnstno, one is just "rootfs"17:15
frinnstrootfs                   103G   32G   67G  33% /17:15
jaegerthat's in df, though, does mount show it?17:16
jaeger15:02 < jaeger> mount hides rootfs but df still shows it17:16
jaegerthat's what happened on mine17:16
frinnstah, yeah17:16
frinnstsame here17:16
jaegervery odd17:16
frinnstbut i guess that's to be expected, since we actually *do* mount / twice without unmounting first17:17
frinnstno, sorry. we do call remount17:17
jaegeryeah, I'd expect it to replace the original entry in mounts or mtab or whatever17:18
jaegerthe distinction between /dev/root and /dev/sdwhatever is what makes me wonder17:18
frinnstbut you get a /dev/root?17:19
frinnstand i just get "rootfs".. that's odd17:19
jaegerwell, before doing the mount -f /dev/root showed in the mount output17:19
jaegerwith df I see rootfs17:19
frinnstah. ok17:19
jaegerafter adding the -f /dev/root doesn't show up anymore in mount17:20
* frinnst is cheating and reading the slackware init-script17:24
frinnstthey do use -f for /17:24
frinnsttheir process is pretty much identical to ours17:25
frinnstremount rw, remove old mtab* and create a new one, mount / with -f17:26
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