IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2012-08-26

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juefrinnst: build of epdfview is broken with cups 1.6.x, I'd suggest to use the patch from LFS which includes our current patch, the sed for <glib.h> and a fix for cups 1.6.105:13
jueI've tested the patch with cups 1.5.x and 1.6.x, works well for both versions05:14
frinnstah, nice05:54
frinnstnot run into that error yet myself05:54
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frinnstare you gonna push cups 1.6 to 2.7?06:02
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juefrinnst: probably, though 1.6 needs two new additional ports, cups-filters and qpdf, but the update worked for me without troubles06:31
frinnstok, I'll push the patch for 2.7 too07:38
frinnstuh, who maintains contrib/vpnclient ?07:49
frinnst# Maintainer: Rene Lengwinat, rugek at dirtyhack dot net <- not a name i've come across before07:49
frinnstteK_: nmap is still missing its depends on: line07:50
frinnstregarding vpnclient, looks like the port has fallen through the cracks. just an initial import in 2007, then nothing else08:03
frinnstpurge it, perhaps?08:03
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jaegerrugek is a name I'09:16
jaegerI've seen on IRC, but it's been a while09:16
frinnstnew bin86, old source has been removed :(13:27
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