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frinnsta s d f01:51
frinnstfucking iso-make ate my entire tree01:51
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frinnstjaeger: have you looked at what causes this? iirc, the makefile tries to unmount stuff then delete, but deletes even if the unmount fails01:52
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juefrinnst: thanks, missed the update cause our ck4up rule for bin86 was outdated03:50
juefrinnst: looks like your patch for x86_64 is still needed, it wouldn't hurt to apply it always if you prefer that?03:52
frinnsteh, no i dont mind :=03:54
Romsterdoes anyone need intel-gpu-tools ?03:57
Romsteri see it's released a new version in xorg but it's not packaged.03:57
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jueRomster: never heard of it, do you have more infos?04:40
frinnstTools for development and testing of the Intel DRM driver04:43
frinnstdunno how useful that is to a non-developer04:43
RomsterVariety of small tools for testing intel graphics.06:37
Romstersorry i went out to darts.06:37
Romsterguess that can be ignored, i don't have intel unless someone request that port i'll leave that be.06:38
jaegerfrinnst: as far as I could tell it happens only when the bootstrap fails and then you start a new one without unmounting. I don't know why the unmount itself fails, because of course it's hard to troubleshoot when all the files disappear :(06:40
jaegerfrinnst: we can probably fix it by adding some mount-checking logic to the makefile, I'll look into that06:41
Romsterset -e no help? or is this a Makefile06:41
jaegerit should work, the problem is that when this happens all the files are gone06:41
Romsterbut if umount fials i'l return error and then it'll stop with set -e06:42
jaegerworth a try, maybe06:43
juejaeger: do you get mail send to
jaegernot at the moment, you're the only person in that alias07:55
jueoh, that's not so nice ;)07:58
jueadd yourself, please07:59
jaegerI think the server just went down while I was doing so08:00
jaegermaybe not... the website is still up but my ssh session has slowed to a crawl08:00
jaegerok, got it08:01
jaegerjue: what's your thought on the mount weirdness?08:02
jueIMO it's a bug/regression in mount08:09
jaegerI agree on that, but what do we do about it? wait for a fix or try to patch, etc.?08:09
jueas frinnst has reported the bug upstream I have the hope the Karel Zak will fix it, though nothing seen in their git until now08:11
jueI've treid to build util-linux with the old mount, --enable-deprecated-mount, that works as expected08:13
jaegerok, so we have a couple options, at least08:14
jaegerno rush, though, still waiting for gcc 4.7.2 for 2.808:14
jaegerAny objections to replacing grub with grbu2 in 2.8?08:14
jueno, go for it08:14
jaegerer, grub208:14
jaegerI'll ask alan about it, too, since he's the grub maintainer in opt08:15
juemaybe we should consider using a sysmlink to /proc/self/mounts instead of a real /etc/mtab08:17
jaegerI'd love to know the "official" correct way to do it08:17
Romsteri'm still using lilo that'll still work on 2.8?08:18
jaegersearching around on the net reveals a lot of both symlinks and normal files and everyone's convinced that the other way is wrong08:18
jueyeah, me too08:18
jaegeryeah, lilo is fine08:18
Romsterdon't see any reason to switch when it works fine for my needs.08:18
jaegerNobody asked you to :D08:18
jueRomster: I'm a big lilo fan ;)08:18
Romsterseems most prefer grub thesedays08:18
jaegerI'd say most in crux prefer lilo but I could be wrong08:19
* Romster high fives jue 08:19
Romsterme too.08:19
jaegerI prefer grub myself but I feel like an outlier in that08:19
rmullI think I'm going to switch away from grub to something else.08:23
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frinnsti've yet to really try grub2. I did run grub1 for a couple of years. syslinux might be worth trying out. grub2 feels like the emacs of the bootloaders :)10:02
jaegerI'm fine with leaving grub 0.9x in the tree if someone wants to patch it to work with a recent system, but I'm not interested in doing that work since I use grub210:03
frinnstno, let it die10:50
frinnst9:46 <kzak> frinnst: hi, the problem with remount should be fixed now (in git tree)14:17
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