IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2012-08-30

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jaegerSadly my FreeBSD ZFS server turns out to be a failure in production08:03
jaegerGoing to try a solaris replacement08:03
frinnstoh, whats the issue?08:04
frinnstseems openindiana are having some problems too
jaegerI'm not sure what the root of it is, perhaps an incompatibility in the SAS expanders with FreeBSD... I know they work well in solaris (at least opensolaris)08:05
jaegerAnyway, the problem is that when a drive fails it locks up ZFS functionality08:05
jaegerCan still SSH into the machine and connect to its samba shares, etc., but you can't do anything with the zfs and zpool commands08:05
jaegerIt works great until the failure, at least08:05
frinnst<jaeger> It works great until the failure, at least08:06
frinnstbest quote yet :D08:06
jaegerwow, he's really bitter about OI08:07
jaegerDefinitely time for him to step away, heh08:07
jaegerfrinnst: yeah, I thought it was funny at the time :D08:08
jaegerAnyway, I blame the SAS expanders, they're kinda wonky08:12
jaegerSun/Oracle J4400s08:12
RomsterO_O seems like one of rants08:14
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