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Romsterfrinnst, ugly but you could shove nspr and nss builds into the firefox port03:50
juefrinnst: not a big issue at all, maybe we should try to use more system stuff? If we build sqlite with SECURE_DELETE firefox can use it and would reduce size/build-time of firefox?04:27
Romsterperhaps a little sqlite3 doens't take that long to build04:30
Romsteralso what's up with firefox needing a apng patch for libpng04:30
Romsterwasn't mng meant to deal with animation not some png extension04:30
juebuilding sqlite isn't that fast04:30
Romsterguess i have the luxury of ccache -_-04:32
Romsternot all source files get altered between version changes.04:32
juearound 33 sec here with -j104:32
Romsteryou call 33 seconds some time :P04:33
Romstershame that xulrunner is only used by firefox and the external bundle one is a older version than the one shipped with firefox. as not all firefox versions require xulrunner to be rebuilt.04:34
RomsterIMO firefox bundling everything is a pain.04:34
Romsterchromium is no better either.04:34
Romsterwhy not something that is webkit based on the iso instead?04:35
Romsterif they want firefox they can build it themselfs.04:35
juewell, I mentioned sqlite mainly because nss depends on it anyhow, so it really would make sense if firefox use system sqlite too04:36
Romsterthen nss on sqlite and firefox depends on sqlite makes sense. if no one is against secure delete in sqlite.04:38
jueRomster: what's better with webkit? IMO it's the same pain04:38
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Romsternot having to rebuild the front end and back end every release. independent projects.04:38
jueas of the sqlite docu SECURE_DELETE is only a very small performance overhead04:39
Romstersure why not add that then.04:40
juewe had that in the past, but mostly/evertime xulrunner was the part to update, so the litte gain not to have build firefox was not a big win04:41
Romsterwhat's the stance on patching libpng with apng support so firefox can use system libpng too?04:41
jueno idea about that04:41
juehave to run now, back in some hours04:41
Romster apng patch on arch04:42
_mavrick61-j #fn~#linux-sensors06:22
Romsterthat's ok :)06:37
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frinnstjue: yeah.07:04
frinnstbut mozilla might just "drop support" for upstream libs.. just as they did with cairo07:06
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jueRomster: I don't care what arch is doing, but gentoo and LFS are using the apng patch too, so using it should be save07:43
juefrinnst: maybe we should use the apng patch as well, at least for 2.8?07:44
Romsteri we did firefox can also use system libpng07:46
Romsterbut that's not official to libpng though some firefox extension, that others argue why use apng when there is mng.07:46
Romsterwondering what your opinion is on that matter.07:47
Romsterbecause others are using it doesn't mean we should too. and since your the smart one when it comes to these things.07:51
Romsterand i know crux is against adding features though patches.07:52
Romsterkeeping as close to upstream as possible.07:52
jueI don't have a strong opinion wrt libpng; both ports, firefox and libpng, are maintained by frinnst, so he has finally to decide what's best07:58
frinnstyeah, good idea08:08
frinnstnot really looked into apng since i took over the port08:09
frinnstthe apng patch seems to work just fine08:57
frinnstrebuilding firefox with system sqlite08:57
frinnstmeh, woke up with a headache after ~11hrs of sleep. attempting to heal it with coffee09:01
Romsterover sleeping does that.09:21
frinnstyeah, sucks09:36
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joe9is there any way to get this patch into the crux ports: ? /usr/ports/core/openssh is the package09:50
juejoe9: no09:52
juejoe9: at least IMO09:52
joe9jue, can I send you a patch. can you put it in?09:52
jueas I said, no09:53
jueI'm not willing to add libedit to core just for openssh09:55
joe9jue, just wanted to check. ok, thanks.09:57
juejoe9: np09:57
frinnstno, ssh-copy-id should be added before anything else :D10:00
joe9frinnst: what does that do?10:00
joe9i added libedit to openssh in my repo.10:00
joe9frinnst: just read up on it. sorry for the bother.10:10
frinnstheh, nevermind.. just a simple joke :)10:15
* frinnst slaps teK_ 10:15
frinnstadded apng patch for libpng in 2.810:33
frinnstif anybody wants to play10:33
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juefrinnst: works the firefox-with-system-sqlite build?12:11
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frinnstyeah, firefox works great. I guess the issue is how does other ports work with secure_delete?12:21
jueI guess it doesn't have any impact at all, but will try to do some tests tomorrow12:25
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horrorStruckFWIW I'm using secure_delete since one month without any issue22:45

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