IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2012-09-04

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frinnstdeus_ex: footprint missmatch on firefox-java-plugin02:17
frinnstoh wait, who's maintaining that? me?02:17
frinnstseems like a free-for-all :)02:18
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sepenfirefox-java-plugin? ok06:15
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jaegerDid I miss anything interesting over the weekend?07:10
frinnstnss/nspr will need to go on the iso07:18
frinnstmozilla is broken..07:18
frinnstwell, something good might have come of it. made me revisit, after the suggestions of others, to link against more system wide libs07:22
frinnstsuch as apng (adding the patch) and sqlite07:22
jaegerwhat's apng?07:25
jaegerah, animated?07:26
frinnstcurrently we use the libpng bundled with firefox07:27
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Romsteri raised the questions and got firefox to compile when i played around with it.07:54
sepenwhat do you think about giflib for 2.8 iso?08:15
jaegerI have no opinion on it08:18
sepenI have no special interest just someone proposed it08:26
frinnstconsidering libungif is deprecated in favor of giflib08:33
Romsteri'd liek to move to giflib i made a bug report of that ages ago and so forgot about it08:47
jaegerAs long as it works I have no preference.08:48
Romstermaintained instead of being left to rot was the main reason wanting to move.08:49
Romsteri can't remember what uses that now08:49
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rmullI have a giflib port in the rmull repo FWIW10:42
frinnstsepen has a port ready. dunno if he pushed it to 2.8 though14:03
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