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frinnsthey. i think they released util-linux 2.22 :)07:49
juefrinnst: yeah, just one second ;)07:50
frinnsthehehe no worries07:50
juefrinnst: btw, firefox with --enable-system-sqlite works fine for me07:51
frinnstyeah here too07:51
jaegergood morning07:57
jaegerjue: I get the ck4up mails now but you usually have the updates done before I see them in the morning, heh07:58
juegood morning08:05
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juejaeger: what do you think, should we upgrade our gcc in 2.8 to a newer snapshot?08:29
jaegerI have no objections. There are enough changes that I should build another RC anyway, I think08:32
juethat would be great, I'll try the latest snapshot, which is 2012090108:36
jaegerok, sounds good08:36
jaegerI'll try it here as well08:37
Romsterrenamed util-linux-ng to util-linux in 2.8 too?08:40
Romsteri havne't looked at 2.8 yet little time.08:41
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juesepen: btw, running lm_sensors 3.3.2 and pm-utils 1.4.1 since quite some time here, no problems08:55
juehmm, I think it's time to move the nouveau driver from my private repo to xorg?08:56
sepenjue: thanks I'll update them08:56
juesepen: thank you :)08:57
sepenjue: I have a few days something bad, tomorrow is my last day of work at the company I've been for around 6 years08:58
jueoops, sounds not good08:58
sepennah, spain!08:58
sepennext week I will start to rearrange my work and hobbies08:59
juehope you'll find a new and better job soon ;)08:59
sepenjue: in spain, to make money you have to be a banker or politician08:59
sepenjue: many thanks guy09:00
sepenhmm could I use 2.8-rc0 to update my current 2.7 at home or should I wait for new gcc update? for now I only tested it on chroot(safe-crux) and vmware09:07
sepenas expected it worked fine, but I want to try an update for a full desktop box09:08
juewell, I think it's question of time, if you can wait for rc1 it would save you some updates09:10
juejaeger: ok, if I commit something to setup-helper?09:11
juethe additions we need for firefox09:12
Romster=======> ERROR: Md5sum mismatch found:09:14
RomsterMISSING   ffa2720ea09bc70023c4ad4cd3d0667d  sudo-1.8.6.tar.gz09:14
RomsterNEW       3d400e84c3a1e2164171db8d54b11aab  sudo-1.8.6.tar.gz09:14
Romsteryou did get the right file or did they just change the file now.09:15
Romsteri downloaded that like 20 minutes ago.09:15
jaegerjue: fine by me :)09:16
jaegersepen: rc0 is safe to use in my experience but as jue said, you'll spend less time compiling if you wait for rc1 :D09:17
sepensounds ok to me09:18
Romsterthere might be a rc2 yet too.09:18
jaegergrr... stupid SAS HBA keeps telling me it's been reconfigured09:19
Romsteri guess we'll stick to this udev version until that udev fork is more mature?09:19
jueRomster: I hate that, same name but different content :(09:20
Romsterjue, yes indeed i call it silent file changing09:21
Romsterand it's a bitch09:21
Romsteri haven't finished my version checker to include modified file times yet with sums. to detect those but heck you only just did that commit not that long ago...09:22
Romsteri'm concerned if the signatures match the dev09:22
sepenmaybe they only removed .git or .svn stuff, heheh09:23
jaegerIt might be confused because there are 3 LSI 1068E controllers in the machine, not sure09:25
jaegernormally that's handled quite well by their BIOS09:25
Romsteri would expect them to have  makefile target to make dist that would test that all needed files minus junk is there. but then they could make a mistake in the makefile still.09:26
Romsterjaeger, all different PCI ids though, surely driver can figure out what one.09:27
Romsteras you address each pci socket with it's own id.09:27
jaeger <--- not IBM server but this is likely the problem09:27
jaeger2 of them don't have a boot order09:27
jaegerI need to go reconfigure the multipath cabling anyway so I'll fix that while I'm there09:28
Romsteroh it's in the boot loader there code not linux09:29
juesepen: no, he forgot to add a file09:30
Romsterwell i guess a warning is better than no warning jaeger09:30
jaegeryeah, it's the BIOS giving the error before the OS loads09:30
jaegerin this case solaris 11, not linux09:30
Romsteroh right no experience with solaris09:31
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jaegerjue: the 20120901 snap is working great for me here11:56
juejaeger: yeah, same here12:18
jueI'll commit it12:20
jaegerok :)12:28
juejaeger: IIRC you are about to replace grub with grub2?12:49
jaegerI was planning to, yes12:51
jaegerDo you have an objection/comment/change?12:52
jueI stumbled about it while looking at FS#694 which is a request to include syslinux on the ISO12:52
jaegerah, ok12:52
jaegeryeah, syslinux and grub2 would be a good combo, I think12:52
jueI don't use grub, but would suggest to switch to grub2 as it is the stable and maintained version now12:53
jaegergrub1 doesn't even work properly with the new kernel or glibc, not sure which12:53
jaegerI'll get it switched in the 2.8 tree12:54
juegreat :)12:55
jueif we are it, have you seen FS#764?12:55
jaegerI need to double-check that the mkconfig tools work properly12:56
jaegeryeah, that's already taken care of in the 2.8 tree and updated ISO12:57
juecool, I'll close the ticket than12:57
jaegerlet me check to make sure but I think it's there12:58
jaegeryeah, it's in12:58
jaegerlooks like sepen already maintains syslinux so that's just a matter of adding to the ISO13:05
juefrinnst: not 100% sure, but I think we have to use --enable-system-sqlite instead of --with-system-sqlite13:19
frinnstyeah you're right13:24
frinnstgood catch :)13:24
juerecognized that because I saw no test for SQLITE in the configure output13:24
frinnstyeah not linked against our sqlite13:27
frinnstpushed a fix13:39
jaegerok, pushed grub2 to opt and tweaked the packages.opt in the ISO14:08
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