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Romsteri wouldn't mind if we could move xorg fonts to --with-fontrootdir=/usr/share/fonts seems rather pointless on the current path as it is now.05:09
Romsterhmm not sure about xorg-server 1.13.0 i see some strange things at configure05:10
Romsterhecking for directory for misc files... ${FONTROOTDIR}/misc05:10
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jueRomster: played a bit with 1.13 tomorrow, it needs version 1.4 of libxrandr and randrproto05:29
juebesides that it seems to work fine05:30
jueeven though I'd suggest to wait a bit with an update, might be an option as well to stick with 1.12 for 2.705:31
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frinnstdo we have a policy for kernel headers and kernel version for glibc? 3.4 is the latest -longterm kernel08:46
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Romsterthat was a weird glitch i paused a video in xine and then when i unpaused it it ran double speed then locked up the desktop.09:22
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juefrinnst: nothing I'm aware off, but in the past we used the latest available and keep that even if during the development cycle a new kernel has been released11:15
jueso, keeping the 3.4 headers would be within that scheme11:16
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sepenI'm not sure if was reported before, but I have problems with new util-linux-ng11:21
sepenmount[80]: segfault at 0 ip b789fef4 sp bf82cf10 error 4 in[b7892000+2e000]11:21
sepenproblem dissapeared after switch back to 2.21.111:22
sepenalso I can't login with 2.2211:23
sepenmaybe due to --disable-{login,su,sulogin}?? any idea?11:23
juesepen: no, we are using the login/su stuff from shadow11:24
sepenand what about libmount?11:24
sepenrc stopped on this line: /bin/mount -a -O no_netdev11:25
sepenso no /proc /sys /tmp /dev/pts /dev/shm is mounted11:25
juehmm, that's bad11:26
sepenno idea if I missed something, just I did a simple sysup && rejmerge11:28
juelibmount is not new to 2.22, the biggest difference is that /bin/mount from 2.22 is using libmount now11:28
jueit doesn't help you, but 2.22 works for me on 4 different boxes without issues11:29
sepenI could imagine that, I'm sure you pushed it after test11:30
sepenbut the fact is that failed here and its solved after switch back to 2.21.111:30
sepenI can reboot and try again, but after the rc line failed I should mount manually all those filesystems11:31
sepenlet me try, bbl11:32
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frinnstdid it work?11:38
juesepen: is this a system with udev?11:38
sepennever played with mdev here11:39
sepenmdev is running on my laptop11:39
juehmm, strange11:40
jueif nothing else helps you can build util-linux with --enable-deprecated-mount11:40
sepenbut thats really strange, see that11:41
sepenI used CRUX 1 at boot prompt11:41
sepenthen I mount manually /proc /sys /tmp /dev/shm /dev/pts11:41
sepenlater I started /etc/rc.d/net11:42
sepenand if I try with the command that failed, that is 'mount -a -O no_netdev' it worked11:42
sepenthis command should mount all in fstab but _netdev11:43
sepenmy fstab seems ok to me:
sepenand was not modified in long time11:44
sepenand the result of # strace mount -t -o no_netdev:
juehave you tried it without the cdrom,dvd and sdb1 entries?11:51
sepennot for now, still researching but I'm going to try, thnx11:53
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sepenjue: thanks! ;D it worked11:59
sepenanyways I don't like that util-linux-ng doesn't have backwards compatibility for fstab11:59
juewell, I'd say you have a bug ;)11:59
sepenhmm I think is the same bug or similar than the one was reported in the link I pasted here12:00
sepenbut instead of 2.21.x -> 2.22 with 2.19 version12:00
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sepenproblem was exactly this line: /dev/sdb1          /media/usb    auto      rw,user,gid=100,defaults  0   012:17
sepensegfault paste
juesepen: please report the bug upstream12:53
juesepen: #util-linux on irc12:54
sepenok, but now I need to go out, bbl13:48
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frinnstno problem sepen :D16:41
sepenfrinnst: the other win?16:46
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Romsterwhat's the info on xorg-server 1.13.0 do we upgrade or stick to 1.12.x until after 2.8 is done?21:39
Romsteri'm still testing but just wondering.21:39
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